A Lovely Idea for Clean Speech and Weird Food for a Friday

COULD YOU KEEP IT CLEAN FOR A MONTH? There is a movement coming from the Jewish community here in Colorado to clean up our speech. Rabbi Leban is on today to talk about Clean Speech Colorado, which has been going on the entire month of November. Sure we're late to the party, but there's always time to spread kindness to the world, amiright? Check out the website here. The rabbi joins me at 1.

MY FRIEND MANDY WENT TO JAPAN And because she's a bit warped she bought a whole bunch of weird Asian snack food and I'm going to make Dave try all of it at 3:30.

THE PRESIDENT SAYS HE WANTS A TRIAL And he said it this morning on Fox News. Is this a good idea? I don't know, but honestly, I've learned not to bet against Donald Trump in any circumstance.

THE NEW TESLA TRUCK LOOKS LIKE A MORE ANGULAR PONTIAC AZTEC And now I'm wondering if there is a tent that pops out of the back. In addition to being butt ugly the truck is also NOT bulletproof as the company maintained before a small metal ball broke one of it's "unbreakable" windows. What idiot is going to buy this thing?


Tesla Truck


Dave's Cheesecake Recipe

WHY DID HICK PAY HIS LEGAL BILLS OUT A TAXPAYER FUNDED ACCOUNT FOR SOMETHING ELSE? Now Republicans are asking for an investigation into why this happened. The this:

The Denver Post Wednesday that $43,390 in taxpayer dollars has been paid to Denver lawyer Mark Grueskin, who was made a special assistant attorney general and appointed to handle the ethics case in October 2018 against the former governor. It’s not uncommon for outside counsel to be appointed for the defense of state officials.
The legal fees, however, were paid to Grueskin from funds received from the 2003 Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act, the Post reported.

That seems odd, doesn't it? We'll see what happens.

IF YOU'RE NOT WORKING, YOU'RE NOT TRYING As Colorado's unemployment rate is at a record low of 2.6%. This is pretty much full employment in our state. If you don't have a job, you have no one to blame but yourself.

NEW JERSEY IS ABOUT TO KILL THE GIG ECONOMY And they will do so in the name of protecting the very workers who use the gig economy to their benefit. New Jersey has started to levy fines to Uber for not treating it's drivers like full time employees, although Uber drivers absolutely meet the standard of independent contractor I'm aware of. Just like California, government is trying to regulate things without understanding how and why these arrangements work for the people involved. But it's New Jersey, so there's that.

STD RATES ARE SKYROCKETING AND YOU WON'T BELIEVE WHAT CITY LEADS THE NATION Actually you will believe it. Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and Syphilis are on the rise in the US, and in a big way. This is the most interesting part of this article to me:

The report also noted that certain states have higher STD rates than others. For chlamydia, Alaska, along with the District of Columbia, have the highest rates in the nation, while West Virginia has the lowest rates. Mississippi and the District of Columbia have the highest rates of gonorrhea, while Vermont has the lowest. The District of Columbia and Nevada have the highest syphilis rates, while Vermont has the lowest.

It's only appropriate that the city that houses our elected officials has the highest rates of venereal disease, isn't it? Read the whole article here and please be careful if you're catting around.

NORWAY IS CONCERNED ABOUT BECOMING SWEDEN And this article does a very fair job of explaining how Norway, which has controlled the influx of migrants from Muslim countries better than Sweden, is not seeing an uptick in violent crime, much of it being perpetrated by those from the immigrant community. There is concern that what has happened in certain areas of Sweden is going to happen in Norway. But if you dare to bring it up, you're racist, of course.

#METOO KILLED THE VICTORIA'S SECRET FASHION SHOW and I honestly have no dog in this fight because I am so past caring what Victoria's Secret has to offer, but I figured it was only a matter of time before someone decided that rail thin models traipsing down the runway almost naked was a bad idea. And now they have.

I CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF PS22'S CHORUS And this is Landslide, one of my favorite Fleetwood Mac songs ever.

I'VE DECIDED TO SHARE WITH YOU MY SECRET TO GETTING THINGS DONE IN OUR NEW OPEN OFFICE Just play this and put on headphones. You're welcome. It will make you have to pee more.

THIS IS A GREAT COLUMN ON THE OVERUSE OF THE WORD BADASS And if you are offended by reading bad words, please don't click here. It's really about how young angry feminists (and honestly it's starting to feel like there is no other kind) have made the term "feminist badass" something of an overused joke. It's really, really good.

IS THIS IT FOR BIBI? Benjamin Netanyahu has been indicted in Israel. He's been charged with bribery, fraud and breach of trust. Will he resign? He's under no requirement to do so, but how can you put a sitting president on trial? Oh wait... This is why we have impeachment in the US.

I KNEW IT! OUR BRAINS GET FULL! This study tried to figure out why time passes so much more quickly when we're old versus when we're young. The long and short of it is our brains get fuller as we age and fewer things "stick". I've long suspected this to be true.

SOMETIMES THE INTERNET IS FUNNY Like the Jeffrey Epstein didn't Kill himself memes, sometimes the internet can be very funny. The new I'm Gonna Tell My Kids business is pretty funny on Twitter right now.

THE IMPEACHMENT HEARINGS SEEM TO BE BACKFIRING FOR DEMS RIGHT NOW As public opinion is moving towards AGAINST impeachment now. Whoops.

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