You're Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places, Denver. It's Wednesday.

WE'RE THE WORST DATING CITY EVER At least according to Brian Howie from The Great Love Debate podcast. They are recording here at the Denver Improv tonight, so you can go and watch guys and dames up on stage talking about how bad it is to date in Denver. I've got Brian on today at 1 to discuss! Buy tickets to the show by clicking here.

A COLORADO BEER SELLS OUT AND WE SHOULD REJOICE FOR THEM I realize that when your favorite little craft brewery grows up and is wildly successful and then sells to an international beer conglomerate it can feel like a betrayal. But look at at this way, New Belgium Brewery is at least being bought by an international company who makes good beer....even if it's Japanese. I love a good windfall story for a home grown company. Just be happy for them, k?

NO, WE'RE NOT INTERESTED IN BEING CALIFORNIA'S RHYMES WITH WITCH Governor John Hickenlooper royally screwed Coloradans on the way out of office by turning over our energy policy to bureaucrats IN CALIFORNIA. And then Governor Polis doubled down by signing on to California's stupid vehicle standards so a Californian will decide what kind of cars we drive. I'm not kidding or exaggerating, and now a lawsuit has been filed about it. And it's not just that, do you know who nearly ENTIRELY funded the campaign to bring the National Popular Vote to Colorado? CALIFORNIANS. Stay out of our state, we don't like you, Californians. Read about it here.


IT'S OKAY, IT'S NORMAL TO HAVE A FAVORITE CHILD A few weeks ago actress Jaime King posted a photo of her with her "favorite son" and the internet did not take it well. Now a therapist from New York says it's normal to have a favorite child, but definitely not healthy to admit it. I think most of us realize that we feel more in tune with one child than another, but just keep it to yourself.

DEMOCRATS LEARN TO LOVE DARK MONEY And this article isn't surprising as so-called "dark money" is going to be a part of politics for a very long time. Now we know that Democrats benefited greatly from one specific fund that boosted Democrat causes and candidates by a good chunk.

HEY, DRUGGIES ARE STILL DROPPING NEEDLES ON THE CHERRY CREEK TRAIL! And this can't be true because there are needle disposal boxes all over the place and yet, there are dirty, disgusting unsanitary needles all over what used to be a beautiful trail through downtown. Oh, and we have needle exchange sites too! We probably need to spend more money make drug addiction convenient and easy, that should do it.

TRUMP IS OUTSPENDING OBAMA BY A LONG SHOT and I am sick and disgusted even reading this story. The fact that the deficit is hovering around a trillion dollars a year makes me sick. The fact no one seems to give a crap makes me sick. And the only thing that will have me voting Republican this election cycle is that Democrats aren't even PRETENDING to care about bankrupting the country with their new giant spending plans. Republicans at least pretend to care. We are so screwed.

I KNOW MANNYS ARE A THING, BUT NOT FOR ME If you are a man who loves children and wants to care from them as a nanny, good for you. But I'm not going to hire you because of stories like this, which happens with enough regularity that it ruins it for really nice men who want to pursue that avenue. Don't get me wrong, it happens with women too, but much less frequently as a percentage of child care situations. This is just horrible and I hope this man rots.

ERIC SWALWELL SHOULD KEEP THIS IN MIND IF HE GOES ON THE LAM Just to continue yesterday's conversation about "swalwelling", one man's loud fart lead cops right to him.

I'M VERY DISAPPOINTED IN CHIK-FIL-A As they caved to leftist pressure and are now not giving money to organizations THEY'VE BEEN TOLD ARE ANTI GAY. Two of those organizations are the Salvation Army and Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Shame on you when you're rolling in the dough and supported by the very people who probably hold those organization near and dear. They can do whatever they want, but this is just unnecessary.

THE WORLD NEEDS AVERAGE FOLKS TOO, CHINA The notion of designer babies is not in the future, at least not in China. Parents there are using a DNA test of their newborns to determine whether or not they will be prodigies. Uh...what? It's a totally untested field that I would expect to see here soon.

A DOCTOR PUTS SOMEONE IN SUSPENDED ANIMATION AND THEN WAKES HIM UP Dude. This is like science fiction level stuff here. A doctor in Maryland was part of the first team of people to put someone in suspended animation and then successfully wake him up. Dude.

I LIKE GRONK BETTER DANCING THAN TALKING And he danced. Boy did he dance.

CAMO FOR COWS IS NOW A THING But this is pretty dang cool. Japanese scientists wondered if they could look to zebras for a solution to biting flies on cows. Say what? They postulated that biting flies had a harder time landing on striped animals, so they painted zebra stripes on cows and took notes.

THIS CAN'T REAL. CAN IT? NAH. MAYBE. If this is true I hope it strips whatever shoddy credibility Hollywood may have left. According to Entertainment Weekly, a Hollywood executive wanted Julia Roberts for the lead in...wait for it...Harriet the historical drama that tells the story of completely African-American Harriet Tubman. Read this from the article:

“I was told how one studio head said in a meeting, ‘This script is fantastic. Let’s get Julia Roberts to play Harriet Tubman,'” Allen explained. “When someone pointed out that Roberts couldn’t be Harriet, the executive responded, ‘It was so long ago. No one is going to know the difference.'”

Does it even matter that this was 25 years ago? I'd love to think so, but color me skeptical.

THE MOST MEEK AND MILD MAN EVER WAS SHOUTED DOWN ON A COLLEGE CAMPUS I've met Art Laffer one time and the most appropriate word I can think of for the Reagan era economist and creator of the Laffer Curve is "unassuming". He's an economist for goodness sakes. Now he's been shouted off stage by an angry mob after being invited to speak at Binghampton University where the students find his booking agency problematic. FREE SPEECH is alive and well on college campuses, eh?

A RUSSIAN MOM LETS HER SIX YEAR OLD DRIVE AND SHE DOESN'T CARE WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT IT Because the mother was openly defiant after posting the video of her six year old driving her car OVER THE SPEED LIMIT. Part of me admires her lack of giving a crap but I also think she's nuts.

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