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MY GUEST SAYS YES WE CAN CUT HEALTHCARE COSTS AND NOT SACRIFICE QUALITY Sean Masaki Flynn looked to what's working in Singapore to offer a data driven analysis of how we can fix our healthcare system and dramatically cut costs without a huge government takeover. You must buy this book and share it with everyone you know and you don't want to miss Sean at 1pm today. Buy his book NOW by clicking here.

WHY ARE DEMOCRATS SO DESPERATELY AFRAID OF ANYONE WHO MAY LEAN REMOTELY RIGHT? and I only say this because of stories like this one about the Democratic debates and their concern with a moderator from Politico because he's covered the GOP in the past. From a column in The Federalist:

According to NBC, DNC officials say Alberta’s past hinders his ability to co-moderate a debate meant to better inform Democratic voters. But Politico sees Alberta as a nonpartisan journalist. They don’t see his coverage of the GOP or publication in National Review as black mark against his credentials.
In May, the DNC barred Fox News from hosting a debate, claiming the news outlet was “not in a position to host a fair and neutral debate.” Yet again, the DNC is showcasing their fear of conservative thought. They want to shut down a moderator who knows a few more things about Republicans than others do. They did it with Fox News, and they’ll do it again with Alberta.

These seems completely ridiculous for a couple of reasons. One, at some point they are going to have to talk to people on the Right, or who lean right, or who are pro-life moderates or whatever. Two, what do they really think this guy is going to do? Maybe correct a candidate after an answer? My bad, that was Candy Crowley to Mitt Romney. But even after that egregious moment, the Republicans STILL did debates on left leaning networks ANYWAY. Stop being such weenies and do the stupid debate.

HERE'S ANOTHER NATIONAL NEWS STORY ABOUT THAT THING THAT HAPPENED ACROSS THE STREET And I am on record as believing the station on this matter. I find the whole thing distasteful and a stain on my industry.

WHY DOES MSNBC HATE ANDREW YANG? They just keep ignoring him even though he's polling higher than many of his opponents.

THIS MONKEY IS THE STUFF NIGHTMARES ARE MADE FROM It seems this poor monkey was born with a human face, and an upset human face at that, and now he can't find a mate. He needs to find a visually impaired monkey I'm thinking.

THAT SMELL? EXCUSE ME, I SWALWELLED Rep. Eric Swalwell is denying he dealt it. Watch this video and decide for yourself. FARTGATE is ON.

Dude totally ripped one. And from now on, when someone lets one fly, please say, "dude, did you swalwell?" Let's make this is a thing.

YOU MAY WANT TO POSTPONE YOUR TRIP TO PAKISTAN As it's prominently featured on this new list of places you don't go to unless you want to die.

YOU DON'T NEED A LOT OF FRIENDS, YOU JUST NEED GOOD FRIENDS There is a lot being said about loneliness and it's negative consequences and this inspired one researcher to study whether having a lot of friends makes you happier. What he found was that the number of friends was unimportant, it was the quality of those relationships that was. He also found that younger people with their vast social media networks of "friends" had lower well being levels than older folks with tight knit circles. Take that, whippersnappers!

WHY WOULD YOU BE SO HORRIBLE FOR NO REASON? This is just awful on so many levels. A couple have a child with significant health challenges and they were advertising for a fundraiser to care for this newborn. Some ugly, miserable, awful, angry person added a sign next to the sign the dad put up that said,

What the hell people? Is this what we've come to? Why? Just don't go to the fundraiser you heartless scumbag.

WHAT'S THAT TURKEY DINNER GONNA RUN YOU THIS YEAR? The Thanksgiving Inflation Index is out and it's gonna cost us about $50 to make Thanksgiving dinner for 10. What I find the most interesting about this story is that 20% of us say we are ordering OUT for Thanksgiving. More power to you, but I'm not sure it would feel like Turkey Day without the three days of leftovers.

A NASCAR BARRIER HAS FALLEN TO A BLACK WOMAN! And I LOVE everything about this story! Brehanna Daniels became the first WOMAN and woman of color to change a tire in a Nascar pit crew and that's really awesome. This is a HIGHLY physically demanding job. Check it out.

NOW POLITICS IS RUINING UNO! UNO, PEOPLE! The makers of the super fun card game Uno are releasing a special "non-partisan" edition of the card game without red or blue cards, which could trigger a political fight. If this is where we are, I'm seriously considering leaving the country.

APPARENTLY SOUTH DAKOTA WAS JEALOUS OF NEBRASKA when Nebraska announced it's new marketing slogan, "Honestly, it's not for everyone" we had a good laugh and wondered how much they paid some agency for something so stupid. South Dakota was like, hold my beer. They've announced their new anti-meth campaign and it's...well it's not good.

I WOULD BE BEYOND ANGRY IF THIS WAS ASSIGNED TO Q IN HIGH SCHOOL I had to read Allen Ginsburg's Howl when I was in college. It's foul and dirty and considered the masterwork of the pedophilia supporting beat poet. When I was in college, we were WARNED before we were assigned it that it was dirty and foul. A high school teacher in Steamboat not only didn't warn students, he didn't warn parents before he taught the poem. But that's not all. From the Fox News story:

Ryan Ayala, the teacher who crafted a lesson around the poem "Howl" by Allen Ginsberg, apologized in a letter to the Casons saying it was the "most offensive" material covered in his class, after he didn't get parental consent requiring students to fill in blanks such as "f---ed in the a--" and "c--t" and other lewd language.
The poem was in a book approved by the school board, but it had the words considered offensive censored. Ayala had students fill in the censored parts of the poem.
Skylar explained feeling guilty and shameful as her teacher asked them about the symbolism of the phrase "granite c--k" during a classroom discussion. In another assignment students were asked to review a song that talked about sexting and offering sexual favors to a teenager, something that "blindsided" school officials when they found out about it from Cason.

My husband would have to held back if ANYONE spoke to The Q that way.

OH VEGANS, THIS IS WHY PEOPLE HATE YOU I don't care if you don't eat meat or animal products. I truly don't. But just when fast food places are trying their best to accommodate you idiots you have to go and sue because they don't accommodate you enough. Again, this is why people hate you.

THERE IS A ZERO PERCENT CHANCE THE LONE TREE CITY COUNCIL WILL VOTE THIS DOWN Because if they kill a proposed In-N-Out burger place by Park Meadows, the In-N-Out Mafia will burn their houses down. Not literally, but there may be rioting.


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