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CONGRATULATIONS MAYOR COFFMAN MAYBE? Former Congressman Mike Coffman has declared a razor thin victory in the Aurora Mayor's race although his opponent has yet to concede. This election was a total mess and Coffman said this to the Aurora Sentinel:

“Quite frankly, in all my years of politics, I don’t know of an election with as many mistakes at as many different levels as this election,” Coffman said. “I think there really needs to be a deep dive after the fact into this election.”

He is absolutely right about that. Election irregularities like those in this election should be treated with a high level of scrutiny from an outside auditor and when recommendations are made by such an auditor the suggestions need to be followed to the LETTER. This is ridiculous.

DUDE, THIS IS JUST AWFUL AND THIS GUY NEEDS TO SIT THE REST OF THE REGULAR SEASON Did you see this nonsense last night in the Thursday night game?

That is borderline criminal assault with a deadly weapon. I wonder how the NFL handles this one.

NON-SMOKERS GET AN EXTRA SIX DAYS OFF AT ONE COMPANY Because the non smokers rightly complained that they were working more hours than their non smoking counterparts. So one Japanese firm is giving non smokers another six days off to even things out. This is more about getting smokers to quit than catering to non-smokers but hey, it seems like a win-win for everyone.

THE GOLDEN GIRLS ARE ON TOUR! I realize that three of them are dead and stuff, but The Golden Girls are hitting the road in puppet form! If you don't understand how obsessed I am with The Golden Girls we even did a podcast about it on the Ladies Chit Chat Club Show which you can find here or any podcast platform you use! Here's a little taste to whet your whistle.


MAYBE A WILD ANIMAL AS A PET ISN'T SUCH A HOT IDEA I can only assume that the deer was not thrilled with the collar and decided to vent his spleen by venting a dude's spleen.

THE FED CHAIR KNOWS WHAT I KNOW and that is that huge deficits like the ones we are currently running are NOT sustainable. He said so in a House committee yesterday and he's 100% correct. Read more here.

DAVE DIDN'T REALIZE WOMEN WERE AS SICK OF MEN AS MEN ARE OF WOMEN At least the women who might buy a male sex robot are anyway. Male sex robots may replace the real thing as women are increasingly independent and don't believe they need the company and hassle of an actual dude. And sex robot companies will be here to help!

ARE YOU SMARTER THAN A NINE YEAR OLD? NOT THIS ONE. A nine year old student is getting READY TO GRADUATE FROM COLLEGE. And not with some stupid nonsense degree, he's getting a degree in electrical engineering. When does he get to have a childhood? Or does he even want one. I always feel odd about stories like this.

MILLENNIALS ARE LOOKING TO THE STARS TO RELIEVE STRESS and I totally get why millennials would go to astrology for answers. I did when I was their age. I think it's appealing because when you don't have answers for life's big questions you search for them wherever you can. I still like Rob Brezny's astrology. Do I make big life decisions based on astrology? No I do not, but it's fun.

A STUPID TOILET PAPER RULE GIVES A PRE-SCHOOLER CONSTIPATION And I get a school trying to limit toilet paper waste (you kids who make a mitt, I'm looking at you) but a four year old was hospitalized for constipation because she was so terrified of breaking the rule. Poor little non-pooper.

ARE THESE CELEBRITY AGE GAPS WEIRD? I THINK THEY ARE. I'M JUDGING. This article is about huge celebrity couple age gaps. This is nothing new but I do NOT believe that Don McClain landed a Playboy bunny based on his stunning good looks and personality.

TWINKIES ARE BACK, IN CEREAL FORM AND I'M PRETTY SURE THIS IS A SIGN OF THE APOCALYPSE. Judge for yourself, the internet has not been kind.

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