I Never Knew Impeachment Hearings Could be So Boring for Thursday

GOOD GRIEF THOSE HEARINGS ARE BORING I tried you guys, I really did. I watched highlights (although that takes some liberties with the word highlights) and tried to put my own feelings aside to judge things fairly. Using that standard, I still am not sure a crime has been committed. The witnesses are not super compelling because they weren't on the call, they are all operating on hearsay. I watched Devin Nunes and Jim Jordan from the GOP and Adam Schiff and the Democratic counsel's questioning of Ambassador Taylor. You can watch them here:

Do with it what you want, but I don't think any of this is changing anyone's mind.

IT'S A LIVING: SALT IMPORTER EDITION! I use fancy sea salt from faraway places, but I've never given much thought to how it got to my store shelves. Our guest today for It's a Living brings that salt to us. Rick Grice joins us at 1 to discuss it. Find his website by clicking here.

A DENVER BUSINESS OWNER IS BEING FINED FOR NOT CLEANING UP POOP THAT THE CITY OF DENVER IS LETTING HAPPEN Seattle has come to Colorado with this story. A Denver business owner has a bunch of homeless people attacking his staff and pooping on the side of his building. What does the City of Denver do? They FINED HIM for not cleaning up the poop outside his business. What did they do the homeless people? Nothing that I can see. I have words on this today.

COULD COLORADO'S MAGAZINE BAN BE OVERTURNED BY OUR SUPREME COURT? I honestly don't love the recent rulings by Colorado's Supreme Court on things like the hospital provider fee (WHICH IS TOTALLY A TAX), but hope springs eternal that they will take their cues from the Supreme Court and undo the magazine ban on magazines over 15 rounds. We'll see.

NO, THE SALVATION ARMY IS NOT ANTI-LGBT And I love this story about singer Ellie Goulding making taking the time to find out the truth when she was attacked by the LGBT Mafia for working with the Salvation Army. The Mafia repeated the tired and worn trope that the Salvation Army is anti-gay, and the Salvation Army cracked back by pointing out that they serve EVERY person in need, with no regard for race, religion, sexual orientation or gender. I'm glad they fought back and I'm glad Ellie Goulding is now going to honor her commitment.

NO MAN WOULD HAVE TO ANSWER A QUESTION LIKE THIS And in the era of girl power and #metoo the fact that Wolf Blitzer on CNN brought up Kellyanne Conway's husband and her marriage to get her reaction to her husband's, who is a critic of Trump, appearance on MSNBC. Kellyanne wasn't having any of it. I don't recall James Carville being asked about what his wife said when they were on opposing sides. Watch the exchange here and watch Kellyanne call out Wolf's dishonesty.


UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA STUDENTS ARE SOFT LITTLE SNOWFLAKES and now they President of UF's student council may be recalled because emails show that he worked to bring...wait for it... DONALD TRUMP JR. TO CAMPUS! OH MY GOODNESS they shouldn't just strip him of his title, he should be killed. Of course I'm kidding, but how far away are we from an angry mob of idiots doing just that?

A BILLION HERE, A BILLION THERE AND PRETTY SOON WE'RE TALKING REAL MONEY Our federal government spent $134 BILLION more than it brought in in ONE MONTH. This at the time when tax revenues ARE AT RECORD HIGHS. We do NOT have a tax problem, we have a spending problem. That's a little more than 3 million bucks PER MINUTE.

WE'RE ONE STEP CLOSER TO THE HOLADECK As scientists figure out a way to bring 3-D images into the tactile world. This is cool.

WE AREN'T SLEEPING WELL AND WE DON'T KNOW WHY and it's getting worse as we go. More Americans are having trouble falling asleep and STAYING asleep. Why? No one is sure, but smart phone usage could be part of it.

CORRUPTION HAS FLOODED VENICE You remember in The Sopranos how the New Jersey mob controlled construction? Well it's even worse in Italy and now the city of Venice is flooded because the flood management barrier that was already supposed to be built has been held up by cost overruns and corruption. The mafia is the reason.

NOTHING BUT THE FACTS, EVEN THOUGH WE DON'T KNOW WHAT THE FACTS ARE This is not surprising but still unnerving. Americans are finding it increasingly more difficult to find factual information they can trust. And the divide is pretty sharp along political lines. Too bad our news media has eroded their credibility so badly that no one trusts them anymore either.

NARWHAL THE PUPPY IS STILL SUPER CUTE Even though he has an extra tail coming out of his forehead.


HERE'S WHAT YOU NEED TO WATCH ON DISNEY PLUS RIGHT NOW From the Wall Street Journal. You're welcome.

TOO SOON FOR CHRISTMAS? ONE HOA SAYS YES And they are getting COAL in their stockings. Actually I get it and the homeowner should have known he was in a gestapo-type HOA before he put them up. But it is very grinchy to tell the guy to take them down because it's too early.

CAPITALISM ROCKS! ESPECIALLY FOR THOSE ON THE GENDER SPECTRUM WHO NEED HAIRCUTS Some people apparently find a normal salon too scary so now a Denver salon has created a gender free hair space for just such folks. Or something. Good for them and if a normal barbershop feels unwelcoming you've got your new go to!

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