No Beer for Me Today So What Fresh Hell is This Tuesday is Born


MOTIVE SHOULD MATTER, AS IT DID FOR HILLARY Remember when James Comey said Hillary Clinton, who put classified information on an unsecure server, didn't MEAN to break the law so she shouldn't be held accountable? One Senator is now saying that Trump's motive in asking for Ukrainian help investigating Hunter Biden's role with an oil and gas company matters. Read this, it's a rather interesting way to look at these proceedings.

THE ORDER TO HOLD BACK UKRAINIAN AID CAME FROM THE WHITE HOUSE At least that's what was testified to by an official at the State Department who was tasked with taking phone calls from her Ukraine counterparts asking where the aid was. This conflicts with what Trump and his supporters have said, which is Ukraine didn't know there was a hold on the aid. Does this matter? Not sure yet.

THE FIRST PUBLIC IMPEACHMENT HEARINGS ARE TOMORROW and you can watch them live at CNN has a rundown of what the circus will look like here.

MICK MULVANEY WILL NOT TESTIFY The Acting White House Chief of Staff will NOT appear before the House, in violation of a subpoena. He had been trying to sue to get some clarification from a judge over which held more weight: an order from the White House not to testify or a House subpoena to testify. He's now going to follow WH orders and stay home.

HOLY COW, JOE BIDEN'S RIGHT ON THIS ONE As he's attacking his current main rival he made the point that Elizabeth Warren's Medicare for All plan is elitist because it assumes people are incapable of making their own choices as to what is in their own best interest when it comes to health insurance. He's 100% right about this.

THIS AI CAN PREDICT WHEN YOU'RE GOING TO DIE BUT DON'T ASK ANYONE HOW Because how the algorithm works isn't exactly clear. And here's the kicker: it does so by viewing a perfectly simple EKG. Whoa. Read it here.

COSTA RICA WANTS TO STOP PEOPLE FROM TAKING WILD ANIMAL SELFIES And it's not just about people in the wild, they are trying to put a stop to people disrupting the wildlife for a selfie. I can't wait to see the wildlife when we go there in March!

SPEAKING OF COSTA RICA We've got a couple of spots left on the Mandy Connell Adventure and you can join by clicking here!

I'M GOING TO HAVE TO GET THE Q's OPINION OF THIS As she is a Scooby Doo FANATIC. I'll have a full review asap.

DANG IT, NOW I WANT A COUGAR To live in my house with me. And I mean an ACTUAL cougar, not a sex starved older woman.

A JEOPARDY CONTESTANT GETS TO ALEX TREBEK On his final answer a Jeopardy contestant just wrote: "What is we love you Alex!" and the host was visibly moved as he fights pancreatic cancer.

GOOD GRIEF UK STUDENTS ARE DUMB And they match their US counterparts on college campuses who don't support free speech. This is the end. The communists have won. Students are advocating for limits on what they can say, safe spaces and banning speakers they disagree with. We're toast.

YES, ENGLISH MATTERS A LOT And it shouldn't be controversial to say so. I'm talking about this column from yesterday's blog today.

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