It's the Living: Lola's Bakery Edition!

IT'S A LIVING IS GETTING DELICIOUS TODAY! This is a special edition of It's a Living because young entrepreneur Alexaundra Farias is on to talk about taking the leap and leaving her longtime job to make Lola's Bakery her full time gig. Find out more about Lola's and order goodies by clicking here.

HEY LADIES, YOU SHOULD COME TO THIS FUN EVENT NEXT TUESDAY NIGHT! The Colorado Women's Alliance is having a post election shindig and yours truly will be there! Jodi Inman is popping on for a few minutes at 12:30 to talk about it. Find out all the details and RSVP and I mean TODAY RSVP by clicking here.

THE DENVER FILM FESTIVAL ROLLS ON AND DAVE SNAGGED ONE OF THE DIRECTOR'S FOR US! Louise Woehrle, filmmaker, has a new film out called Stalag Luft III: One Man's Story and you can go see it

NERD ALERT, NERD ALERT Someone sent me this story about people recording famous songs in Klingon. I can't stop listening.

DENVER SUCKS FOR FINDING LOVE AND BOTH SEXES ARE TO BLAME This according the Great Love Debate podcast and they should know. They criss cross the country talking about love and relationships and they say Denver sucks. Read this bit of harsh:

In describing Denver’s dating scene, Howie comments, “Denver sees itself as an active city, which is true. They are actively getting worse at dating and relationships. Denver men? The epicenter of bad bro culture — bearded, unkempt, and disinterested — content to lead to an existence built around pot, porn and Playstation — all washed down with overrated craft beer.And the city’s women are equally part of the problem, convincing themselves that their confused style of nose rings, bad tattoos, and Lululemon make them too edgy to relate; spending all waking hours at a co-working cafe plotting their “conscious coaching” empire, loudly declaring themselves too important to date.”

I totally laughed out loud at the accuracy of this. Once again, thank you God for my awesome husband so I don't have to navigate this crap now. I'm trying to get Brian on the show to maybe get some guidance to get us out of this morass.

A COLUMBIA PROFESSOR RESIGNS BECAUSE COLUMBIA HAS BECOME LIKE COMMUNISM And he should know, as an escapee of communist Serbia. Andrei Serban is a world-renowned theater and opera director and was until recently a professor at Columbia University. After 27 years at the school, he resigned his position because he felt the political correctness at Columbia had reached a point of absurdity. Just check this out from

Challenged by the host who said he was exaggerating, Serban said, “It’s about political correctness…that is now like a chronic disease, like a jaundice affecting America.” He then told a story about what happened when the department needed to hire a replacement for a professor who had left the school:
“We were summoned, all of us, the professors of the acting school of which I was the school director, and they told us we need to form a hiring commission because we needed a new professor because one of us retired…and the dean of the art school told us that we are too many white professors, too many heterosexual men and it would be best to hire a new educator, a woman preferably a minority, and if she is gay it would be just fine, and if it’s a man it would be preferable someone who is Latino or black. And of course she said, it can’t be someone like you Andrei because you are a man who’s been married, a heterosexual man who has children…
“And then I asked…what if the best candidate happens to be by far the most qualified to be a professor to teach these students who are spending a tremendous amount of money on tuition, what is going to happen if the best candidate for the job is white, who is married and has a family? And I was told ‘No, you cannot select this candidate.'”
Serban added, “I was talking as a principle, after which it turned out that someone who was very, very qualified wasn’t hired, and they hired somebody else who was a gay, black person.” Summing up the experience, Serban said, “I felt like I was living under communism again.”

Sounds about right. What I wonder is when all the white men on the Left are going to figure out THEY are the problem and leave their lucrative jobs so they can be filled with disadvantaged minorities who check the right boxes.

WILL WE EVER REPEAL THE DEATH PENALTY IN COLORADO? I realize this is a touchy subject for many, me included. I am not in favor of the death penalty. I am pro life and don't think the government should be allowed to kill people even if they TOTALLY deserve it. Too many (156) death row inmates have been EXONERATED of their crimes, some of them AFTER they were put to death. That number is too big for me. There is a big push to do away with the death penalty in Colorado, but Rep. Rhonda Fields, whose son and daughter-in-law-to-be were murdered by men currently on death row, is not going to go along with this. I don't blame her and I feel incredibly sympathy for her as a mother, but I also think about the families of men who were put to death for doing nothing wrong.

DONALD JR. PUT HIS FACE IN THE WOODCHIPPER KNOWN AS THE VIEW You know when someone asks me what the Ladies Chit Chat Club Show is about I always say it's like The View only without the bitchiness. This is a perfect example of that bitchiness.

REMEMBER KIDS, IT'S PERFECTLY FINE TO CALL A WOMAN THE C WORD AS LONG AS SHE'S CONSERVATIVE We have another great example from Twitter, this one directed at one of the smartest women I know Amy Oliver Cooke from the Independence Institute. There is a VERY BAD WORD in the following Tweet, but we need to remember how to be civil like the ladies of the View were telling Donald Trump Jr., right?

LIZ WARREN'S HEALTHCARE ADVISOR ADMITS THE MIDDLE CLASS WILL BEAR THE BURDEN OF HER PLAN And for those of you who were somehow thinking the rich were going to pay for your healthcare, read this.

Y'ALL ARE ACTING LIKE DAMN FOOLS OVER A CHICKEN SANDWICH Look, I like a good chicken sandwich as much as the next person but people are fighting over the Popeye's chicken sandwich like it's more than just a stupid chicken sandwich. If this is you, you are an idiot. If you get into a physical fight as an adult that doesn't involve saving yourself or your family from imminent death, you are an idiot.


But I guess all bears are friendly because I found this one too.

I JUST LOVE THIS SCHOOL CHOIR And PS22 does such a beautiful job with these covers. I like this better than The Pretenders version.

I MUST HAVE THIS CALENDAR Of adorable golden retrievers photographed in all sorts of cool locations like a train platform.


YOU KNOW HOW YOU CAN TELL IF A CAT IS VEGAN? The cat's owner will surely tell you. This is an article about whether or not feeding carnivorous cats a vegan diet is okay. Most vets say absolutely not. And why would you even HAVE a pet if you're worried about animals? THEY AREN'T TOYS FOR YOUR AMUSEMENT.

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