We Aren't Doing Right By Our Boys and A Leaker Gets Fired

WE NEED TO TEACH OUR BOYS THE WAY THEY NEED TO LEARN and I'm talking about in early childhood. I've got Frances Wardle on today to talk about his book Oh Boy! Strategies for Teaching Boys in Early Childhood. We need to stop trying to teach the boy out of our younguns. Frances is on at 1. Get the Kindle version of the book here! Buy a hard copy by clicking here.

THE HUNTERS BECAME THE HUNTED AND THEY DIDN'T LIKE IT I flipping LOVE this story so much. Though I do have sympathy for the now out of work person brave enough to throw a major news organization under the bus. I had the story a couple of days ago with the leaked video of ABC News anchor Amy Robach lamenting the fact that she had the Jeffrey Epstein story three years ago and her bosses killed it. Now there is an addition. From Yashar Ali's Twitter feed:

So to be clear, a whistleblower who leaked a video showing that ABC News had a story about well connected sexual predator pedophile and KILLED IT because they were afraid of losing access to the Royal Family was fired FROM A DIFFERENT COMPANY after ABC News called them up and ratted this person out. Still NO WORD from ABC News about why they let a pedophile continue to operate with impunity so they could interview Will and Kate but they had time to get someone fired from a rival network. And all of this is occurring as they REFUSE to name the whistleblower in the Trump case because whistleblowers MUST BE PROTECTED. I can't make this crap up. I have words on this.

HOW SAD A PAPER CAN'T WIN A CREDIBILITY CONTEST WITH TRUMP The Washington Post release a huge scoop yesterday that allegedly President Trump asked AG Bill Barr to hold a presser exonerating him in the Ukraine call and Barr refused. Now Trump is calling the whole thing a total lie and made up. Sadly for the Washington Post their track record of running with stories from anonymous sources that later turn out to be totally wrong makes me have to believe Trump on this one because if Barr had said no, we would have heard about it just like we heard about Jeff Session recusing himself. Trump doesn't take no lightly.

DIA IS GOING TO REMAIN A HOT MESS FOR FIVE YEARS AT LEAST And I have to tell you, I have zero confidence in the team to get out of this mess. If you haven't been to the airport lately, it's a disaster. And since we fired the company we hired to do it and now have to pay them somewhere around 200 MILLION BUCKS to go away, I think you understand my concern in the leadership on this issue. DIA CEO Kim Day says, "There will be some pain" during the process. She also says they will stay within the $770 million dollar budget and the airport has taken over management of the project. I'd like to ask who on her team has managed an almost billion dollar construction project before. We deserve to know that at a minimum.

GREAT PLACES TO SKI CHEAP If you're willing to drive a bit these budget and local friendly mountains will do the trick.

THE BLACK FRIDAY DEALS ARE STARTING TO DROP And this story about Target's Black Friday deals has links to Amazon, Walmart and Costco in it so you can begin planning.

KIM KARDASHIAN IS WONDERING WHEN TO STOP DRESSING LIKE A HOOKER And I find this refreshing. For years she has been a punchline of sort for me because of the vapid nature of everything surrounding her. But now she's asking if as a 40 year old mother of four she should put some clothes on. I think she's growing up. Good for her.

ARE WHITE PEOPLE ALLOWED TO WATCH THIS CHANNEL? The Black News Channel is taking flight in January. What is it? It's a channel that will be dedicated to news and information useful to black people. I'm genuinely curious, especially because JC Watts is behind this and I like him. I'll check it out if I'm allowed to.

I LOVE THIS BABY AND WANT TO CUDDLE HIM NOW Because he loves a head scratcher as much as I do.


EVERYONE IN THIS COUNTRY SHOULD READ THIS And if you've never read I, Pencil by Leonard Read you need to stop what you're doing and read it here now. Why? Because it:

so succinctly, persuasively, and effectively illustrates the meaning of both Adam Smith's invisible hand—the possibility of cooperation without coercion—and Friedrich Hayek's emphasis on the importance of dispersed knowledge and the role of the price system in communicating information that “will make the individuals do the desirable things without anyone having to tell them what to do.”

that's Milton Friedman's intro, by the way. It's one of those simple stories that makes it easy for even children to understand some of the most powerful tenets of capitalism and free markets.

REVERSE EATING IS GROSS AND MUST BE STOPPED It's happening at NBA games as they take video of people eating and show it backwards on the big screen. It's SUPER gross and unflattering and if they did it to me I'd be PISSED. I would guess that this threat will prevent people from eating at games and revenue will drop. At least it will if there is any justice in this world.

MARINES HAVE GONE SOFT IN THE RAIN Because they long standing ban against using umbrellas in the rain has been lifted.

BILL GATES WON'T VOW TO SUPPORT THE WOMAN WHO WANTS TO TAKE ALL HIS MONEY There is nothing shocking about the world's richest man not wanting to pledge his support for a candidate who demonizes him every chance she gets. After expressing his displeasure at Elizabeth Warren's wealth tax he declined to say he would support her against Trump. Shocking.

THIS VIDEO IS NO BULL Although I take umbrage with the notion the bull was angry. Maybe he was just bored. Maybe it was a dare from another bull. You don't know, Fox News. Watch for yourself.

THE NEW JAMES DEAN MOVIE SHOULD BE OUT SOON And you read that right and I'm talking about THAT James Dean who has been cast in a new movie. Sure, he's dead, but that won't stop him, as they are going to reanimate him using CGI.

WHAT ARE THE MOST TAX FRIENDLY STATES FOR RETIREES? Florida and Arizona didn't even make the list. But who wants to retire to Delaware?

ONE SEATTLE HOMELESS HOUSING EXPERIMENT GOES WRONG WHEN RESIDENTS THINK THEY CALL THE SHOTS This is an interesting story about one tiny house community built as transitional housing in Seattle to get homeless people off the street. Although other communities have had good success with this model, the residents in the Northlake community essentially took the place over and locked out case workers and city officials, who are paying the bills for the whole operation. Now the city is going to shut this tiny house community down. There is an interesting lesson here.

OH, AND THIS PODCAST IS ABOUT THE MOST INSULTING LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE EVER And I'm not exaggerating when I say Ernst & Young should be very, very ashamed of themselves. Listen to it here or wherever you consume your podcasts!

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