More Climate Science Garbage and Unvaccinated Kids for a Tuesday!

IF YOUR KIDS ARE IN PUBLIC SCHOOL AND DON'T HAVE THEIR VACCINATIONS Don't be surprised if your school district decides to send them home. Three school districts decided this year to follow Colorado law and exclude kids who are unvaccinated from school. I am perfectly fine with this. I am also perfectly fine with parents not vaccinating their children. But they don't get to have it both ways. Now Boulder Valley, which has the states highest rates of unvaccinated kids, Littleton and Brighton school districts are telling parents to come get their kids if they aren't up to date on all vaccinations.

WHAT IS THE TRUMP ECONOMY? My favorite economic nerd Steve Moore is on to talk about it at 1.

SCIENTISTS SAY WE MUST CONTROL POPULATION AND GIVE UP MEAT TO SAVE THE EARTH And the paper in question was lead by a guy who studies gray wolves. I tried to click through in this article to see who the other scientists are, but alas, the link won't work. The scientists that I could check included three guys who work in the same department at Oregon State, a woman sociologist and a guy who models climate impacts on native species and populations. And I grabbed one stat they use about deforestation to check it and found that they show massive deforestation worldwide,when in reality, we have more trees than we had 35 years ago. This is why I have a hard time buying into these scare tactics. Because they lie.

MEXICO'S NEW PRESIDENT IS OFFERING HUGS TO THE DRUG CARTEL THAT MURDERED A BUNCH OF WOMEN AND CHILDREN Okay, not in so many words, but he's catching heat over his non-confrontation strategy with the violent cartels that operate unfettered in some sections of Mexico. Now AMLO as he's called has the blood of three American Mormon women and six of their children on his hands. This story is awful but perhaps it will lead to significant changes? Nah, I'm just kidding. Mexico is a hotbed of corruption and violence.

THEY NEEDED A STUDY TO PROVE THIS? Hey guess what? People will lie to get laid. And they actually did a study on this. And guess what? It's not just men who lie.

WHY I LOVE RAND PAUL, PART #205703 He has the stones so many others in the Senate don't.

BUT IT'S NOT JUST THE WHISTLE BLOWER THE NEWS MEDIA WON'T NAME ABC News anchor Amy Robach was caught on a hot mic talking about the fact she had the Jeffrey Epstein story three years ago, and ABC killed it.


A FOUR DAY WORKWEEK INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY 40% and I say we ALL GET ON BOARD with this! Share this important story with your boss today.

CANDY CDEBACA HITS A WALL ON THE DENVER CITY COUNCIL At least when it came to her ambitious suggestions for the budget this year. They all got shot down handily by the rest of the Council. CdeBaca took the rejection in stride.

I LOVE THIS STORY ABOUT A MIDDLE SCHOOL THAT BANNED PHONES It's in Durango and guess what? The students haven't died from having to leave their cell phones in their backpacks all day. I KNOW, RIGHT??? I am going to suggest this at my daughter's middle school because yes, I am that parent. If you aren't familiar with the Wait Until Eighth program, check it out here. We just have to do better by our kids.

WILL ANYONE CARE THAT HUNTER BIDEN'S NAME WAS DROPPED IN STATE DEPARTMENT EMAILS? If we had a media which did it's job, the answer would be a resounding yes,'s more likely no. A records request that required a lawsuit to fill shows that a lawyer who worked to get the corruption investigation of Burisma Holdings, the company which paid Hunter Biden a crap ton of money, mentioned Hunter Biden's name as a reason to stop the investigation. The tangled web around this just got way more tangled and I'm sure this will all play into any sort of impeachment trial in the Senate, which is why there likely won't be one, especially if Joe Biden is looking like the Democratic nominee. This will not go away.

AN INFLUENTIAL STUDY ON PSYCHIATRY FROM THE 70S WAS A LIE And it was one of the studies about mental hospitals that was used to empty them out throughout the 70s. In the study, a psychologist coached eight mentally stable "patients" to lie about their mental state. He said they were over medicated and confined to mental hospitals for as long as 59 days. A woman researching the study now believes that the doctor made the whole thing up.

THIS IS AN EPIC COLLISION OF GAY RIGHTS AND THE TRANS AGENDA And the story is out the UK where a group of lesbians formed a group to affirm that they want to be known as people who are same-sex attracted. This is not playing well with the super woke folk who have to make sure everyone knows that gender is a made up construct or some such garbage. I'm popping some popcorn to watch this one.

WHAT'S A LITTLE BLINDNESS IN THE EFFORT TO COVER YOUR ENTIRE BODY WITH TATTOOS A young woman who has spent almost 40 grand tattooing her entire body briefly went blind AFTER TATTOOING HER FREAKING EYEBALLS. I realize I may just be old but I find this whole things just really ugly.


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