Sunsets: The Best Part of the Time Change

In Denver, the best part of the time change might be the chance to see a great sunset from an office high-rise building.

But AAA Colorado says the seasonal shift in our sleep patterns, combined with new lighting conditions during morning and evening commutes, significantly increase the risk of a car crash for several weeks. 

"Shorter days mean many of us will commute home from work in the dark," said AAA Colorado spokesman Skyler McKinley. "That's a problem, in part, because we've gotten used to nearly eight months of daylight during the evening commute. That all changes now. Sunset is one of the most challenging times to drive, as your eyes must frequently adjust to increasing darkness."

AAA recommends that motorists prepare for night driving by reducing speed and increasing following distances, ensuring that headlights and taillights are operational, and getting plenty of rest before driving. 

-Photo credit to Stephanie Oursler, Iheartmedia building, Denver


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