Let's Talk Some Turkey and What Fresh Hell is This Monday!

THE KID'S TURKEY SHOOT IS UNDER ATTACK! I love the COFA Kid's Turkey Shoot. First, it's BB guns, which are awesome, and the "turkeys" the kids shoot are paper targets. So what's the problem? Stupid people who don't know anything are trying to make an issue out of this. I've got the usual suspects on today for our annual interview. Find out more and sign up by clicking here!

WHAT'S ON DECK FOR WHAT FRESH HELL IS THIS MONDAY? Some good stuff happened this last week.

  1. Beto is OUT. Thank goodness we won't have to hear his whiny apologies and gun grabbing ideas anymore. Here is the current crop of choices.
  2. Liz Warren is delusional and SNL noticed. Warren says she's going to pay for her Medicare for All plan with sunshine and roses but Kate McKinnon nailed it this weekend on SNL.


  1. (I tried to make this a 3 six times but the computer keeps changing it back to 1 so I'm going with it.) Bernie's health is now an issue. Why? Because he had a heart attack and by all accounts he consistently looks crazy enough to have another one. That's just what I'm speculating.
  2. Kamala Harris' campaign is barely treading water right now. If you looked at the polling data in the article linked just above you'll see that after surging to 11% support after the first debate Harris is barely registering at 2%. She's toast.
  3. Buttiegieg is moving up, but not with black voters. I mentioned that Mayor Pete could have a serious issue with black voters, who are not at all comfortable with a gay POTUS just yet. He's also had some race issues back home on South Bend and now he's struggling to connect with a very important part of the Democratic base.
  4. Andrew Yang is young and fresh and absolutely wrong about most things and should definitely not be President.
  5. Trump continues to upend how campaigns are run. And this lengthy article on how his campaign embraces the gaffes as marketing genius has me thinking it's going to be a long haul to beat this guy no matter who comes out of the primary.
  6. The Whistle Blower still wants anonymity but now that his name is out people are starting to note how partisan his entire history is.
  7. Republicans have rejected an offer from the whistle blower's attorneys to answer GOP questions...in writing.

I feel like that's enough for today.

ARE YOU A MORAL GRANDSTANDER? This study about people who share their political/moral beliefs in order to elevate themselves to a certain status within their chosen group is fascinating. Before you make your next snarky comment to pown the libs or cucks, you should probably see if you're a huge part of the problem.

HE MUST HAVE BEEN SALTY AFTER LOSING TO THE BRONCOS And now the Browns have cut Safety Jermaine Whitehead. But only AFTER Twitter suspended his account for a series of threatening and racists tweets directed at people critical of his performance for the 2-6 team. Now he's off the team.

ANOTHER FEMALE NEWS ANCHOR IS CALLED OUT BY A VIEWER And in his case his told her she looked "mighty big" on tv. She had some words for this lovely emailer. I wonder if male anchors get this from viewers?

NO, LATINOS DON'T WANT A NEW WOKE TERM But someone needs to tell them they lost the intersectionality Olympics and now must have their needs subjugated to the tiny fraction of people who don't want to use a made up gender neutral term. And a massively overwhelming number of Hispanic/Latino people do NOT want this. Sorry, kids, the transgender agenda must win!


IT DOESN'T MOVE FOR 101 YEARS AND NOW THIS I wish I could be there when this thing goes crashing over the falls because that's gonna be EPIC.

IF YOU BELIEVE THE NATIONAL ANTHEM IS OVERTLY POLITICAL I FEEL SORRY FOR YOU BECAUSE YOU'RE AN IDIOT and yet, that's what the New York Times is worried about here. From the asinine article so you don't have to read the whole thing:

Regardless of their intentions, Mark Clague,an associate professor of musicologyat the University of Michigan, said that in an era in which support of the anthem has become a “loyalty test,” it is difficult to frame its reintroduction to the airwaves as apolitical.
“It is somewhat provocative to bring the anthem to the fore in a new way at a moment of tension in this country,” he said.
Claguesaid it has been a politically charged song throughout American history. The lyrics that we are familiar with today, by Francis Scott Key, were written in 1814, after the United States unexpectedly won the Battle of Baltimore, which turned the tide of the War of 1812.Shortlybefore this triumph, the United States had suffered a series of embarrassing defeats, including the burning of the White House.

I told you it was asinine.

A SIMPLE BLOOD TEST COULD DETECT BREAST CANCER FIVE YEARS FASTER THAN WHAT WE'VE GOT NOW. This is a game changer because this cancer is highly beatable if caught early.

NO, THERE ISN'T AN EPIDEMIC OF VIOLENCE AGAINST TRANS PEOPLE And this story debunks that myth completely.

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