We Get Our Hour the Government Stole Back This Weekend!

TO BE CLEAR, I HATE THE TIME CHANGE WITH THE POWER OF A THOUSAND SUNS And that's even true this weekend where we get our hour back from the government they stole last spring. We must stop this. Several legislators have run bills to just PICK ONE TIME OR THE OTHER but they die in committee. JUST PICK A TIME ZONE AND STAY THERE. And here is a helpful article about all the horrible things that happen to us when we change the time.

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I'M TALKING ALL SERIOUS WITH ROB TODAY Before of the day because Rob is involved in a wonderful organization that helps veterans struggling with Post Traumatic Stress get their lives back by hopping on a motorcycle and taking to the open road. It's the Motorcycle Relief Project and their fundraising gala is coming up and you should go. Buy your tickets (or a table like I did) by clicking here. I'll see you there! He's on at 3:30 to discuss

HERE'S A FUN OLDER STORY ABOUT UKRAINE HELPED HILLARY CLINTON and I only post it because in light of what we know now about the whiste blower being a Ukraine specialist who worked with Joe Biden during the election, it seems valid to remind people that Ukraine DID interfere in our election, only in favor of Hillary. Could it be the whistle blower came forward to cover up the Obama administration's use of a foreign government to interfere in a US Election?


WHERE ARE WE GETTING ALL THESE PEOPLE IN COLORADO? Bad news natives, you're officially outnumbered. Even worse news natives, a lot of the people coming here are coming from California, Illinois and New York, three of the states with the most incompetent governance. This is actually really cool as it tells us where people in Colorado were born before they got here.

THE GOVERNMENT NUTRITION GUIDELINES ARE ABSOLUTE GARBAGE And I am not going to rest until you all know it. They were created by the food lobby, reinforced based on NO science and have made our entire nation super fat. Please read this.

PROPER DIET AND EXERCISE COULD HOLD ALZHEIMER'S AT BAY And new research shows that cognitive decline can be improved by following a good diet and getting more exercise. From the Wall Street Journal:

Researchers monitored cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar levels because they are linked to an increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease. And the study tracked patients’ body fat and muscle mass; studies show the memory center of the brain, called the hippocampus, gets smaller as belly size gets larger, says Dr. Isaacson. Patients were assigned exercises based on their body metrics. Other recommendations included targeting stress reduction through activities like meditation, and encouraging brain stimulation by learning a new instrument or foreign language.

This is very interesting and sort of reinforces the notion that Alzheimer's may be a disease of inflammation, which is far more pronounced in people with crappy American style diets and no exercise.

FOR A COUNTRY ALLEGEDLY HEADED TOWARDS AND IMMINENT RECESSION WE SURE DID MAKE A LOT OF JOBS And absolutely blew away the expected job growth. The last two months of numbers were also revised UP. The only segment that didn't do well was manufacturing, and I'm guessing a lot of that is trade war related. Here's hoping we can cut a deal with China soon. From CNBC:

“This report is yet another sign that the economy is still strong right now and adds to a list of indicators that are looking optimistic of late,” said Steve Rick, chief economist at CUNA Mutual Group. “The vigor of this labor market, along with a more positive housing market and solid Q3 GDP, should offer some welcome reassurance.”


I HAVE NO IDEA WHY I LAUGHED AS HARD AS I DID AT THIS ONE THIS MORNING But a cat with styrofoam caught in it's teeth got me going.

LIZ WARREN IS STILL LYING TO THE AMERICAN PUBLIC ABOUT MEDICARE FOR ALL And she is still saying she will do it without a middle class tax increase. Through a combination of confiscatory tax levels on American corporations and just taking money from the very rich she says she's going to pay for Medicare for All, which she says will cost the same as what we are already paying. This is the most ignorant plan I've ever seen. If she thinks corporations won't just raise prices on EVERYTHING to pay their new sky high tax rate, she's insane.

INCREDIBLY GOOD NEWS FOR CYSTIC FIBROSIS SUFFERERS Cystic fibrosis is a terrible, insidious disease that eventually robs it's victims of the ability to breathe. It is fatal 100% of the time and most people with CF don't make it out of their 30s without a lung transplant. Now the FDA has approved a three drug cocktail that seems to work! This is amazing news!

BURNOUT IS REAL AND HAPPENING AND I HOPE YOU DON'T HAVE THIS Because one-third of us battle job burnout every week.

GET PAID TO GET THE FLU? I'd consider it, especially because it's worth a little over three grand. But since I'm 50, I'm one year too old. Find out more here.

DOUGCO VOTERS, READ THIS ABOUT SCHOOL BOARD PROMISES Because this election matters a LOT. Read it here.

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