Let's Talk Some Nerdy Budget Stuff for Wednesday

NO ONE IN DC CARES ABOUT THE DEBT OR SPENDING OR ANYTHING and I'm going to chat with Romina Boccia from the Heritage Institute about why this is a very, very dangerous thing. She's on at 1.

NO, KATIE HILL ISN'T SOME VICTIMIZED SHRINKING FLOWER and the coverage of her abuse of power, weird sex crap and subsequent resignation from office isn't some slut shaming witch hunt. I've had enough and I'm going off.

SPEAKING OF POLYAMORY, IS IT CONSTITUTIONAL TO BAN POLYGAMY? And here we go. Since gay marriage redefined marriage it was only a matter of time before polygamy made it's case for legalization. Just read this.

MEN ARE FALLING APART AND IT SHOWS IN LIFE EXPECTANCY This is not good news, but honestly, it's a an easily fixable problem. Life expectancy for American men has dropped, but for three main reasons: suicide, drug overdoses and fatness. All of these things are reversible. Every single one.

GDP ISN'T GREAT, BUT IT'S NOT TOTALLY SUCKY IT came in at 1.9% which was better than expected.

WANT TO WATCH PORN IN AUSTRALIA? SMILE! Australia is considering a plan to force people to submit to a facial scan before they can access certain websites like porn or gambling sites. I would imagine this would cut down on porn consumption considerably. They are trying to figure out a way to prevent children from accessing those sites and would cross reference the scan with a drivers license photo. Is this a good idea?


NO YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY WILL NOT BE "SUSPENDED" And if someone calls and says yours is going to be, hang up, it's a scam. Please alert the elderly people you know.

THE FIRST AMENDMENT IS LEGITIMATELY UNDER ATTACK When you have a former editor of Time advocating for a hate speech law and questioning whether or not the First Amendment is really a good idea after all. Read it here.

I LOVE HIGH-SCHOOL-SWEETHEARTS-REUNITE-AND-MARRY STORIES! and this is a good one, sixty-three years in the making.

HEY DENVER CHARTER SCHOOL PARENTS, YOU MAY WANT TO READ THIS BEFORE YOU VOTE Because your ability to choose the best school for your child is at risk as the teachers unions move to cement complete control of the board in this election cycle. And those Democrats who used to support school choice? They don't like it now.

FOR THOSE OF YOU ASKING WHEN THE CDOT EX DIRECTOR IS COMING BACK ON Go ahead and check this column out about Shoshanna Lew. She was hired as a total political crony appointment, is totally in over her head and CDOT is in a bad way. But I'm sure it will be fine.

THE NEW YORK TIMES MADE SURE TRUMP GOT NO CREDIT FOR THE KILLING OF ISIS LEADER And they did so in such a petulant way that I hope they reread it and were slightly embarrassed for themselves. Who am I kidding, they high fived and moved on.

HOW OFTEN DO YO WASH YOUR JEANS? Denim experts say going weeks, or even months is okay. I've done that.

SPOTIFY GIVES KIDS THEIR OWN STREAMING MUSIC CHANNEL And I love this. I am often shocked at how graphic much of today's popular music is when it's not on the radio (Ariana Grande, I'm looking at you) so if I can get the Q a channel free of such nonsense mark me down.

YES, JOE BIDEN USED HIS ROLE AS VP TO HELP HIS SON And I'm putting this here for what fresh hell Monday.

NOW A SUPER FUNNY DOG SNEEZE and the owner laughing about it is just as good.

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