It's a Living: Traffic Reporter Edition on a Snowy Monday!

I'M GOING TO INTERVIEW JOHN MORRISEY! The entire time John Morrisey was my traffic guy (now I don't have any live reports during my show, only during the news) I wanted to have him on for It's a Living to talk about being a traffic reporter. Now with the schedule change it works! He's on at 1 to talk all things traffic!

DID DAVE DIE DURING THE HAUNTED HOUSE? Short answer, no. Long answer, because he didn't do it. More in a bit.

WE KILLED A BAD HOMBRE OVER THE WEEKEND And two things came out of the attack on a Syrian compound that killed the current head of ISIS. One, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is dead. And died "like a dog" by all accounts (which is an especially rich way to describe it as Muslims do not care for dogs at all). And the Washington Post really stepped in it with it's rather fawning obituary headline that set Twitter afire for the day. Twitter was HILARIOUS yesterday at #WaPoDeathNotices was trending and Twitter made up fake headlines for the deaths of other real life villains. Sometimes the people respond in such a way as to make a situation better, yesterday was one of those times.

A NEW BAD HOMBRE HAS ALREADY STEPPED UP and Newsweek is here to tell us it's not a big deal that al-Baghdadi is dead because he wasn't REALLY running things anyway. I need to get on the ISIS Press Release list apparently. Newsweek says the new guy has been running things for a while now and there shouldn't be a blip in the operation so stockholders shouldn't worry. Okay, I added that last part because this article makes it seem like we're talking about a corporation not a terrorist operation.

IT'S WHAT FRESH HELL IS THIS MONDAY and rather than post a bunch of links to a bunch of old articles, here is my summary of the last week:

  1. How is Joe Biden still winning, no one is excited about his candidacy and Dems are starting to worry.
  2. Hillary is thinking about maybe jumping back in.
  3. Trump got booed at the World Series Game.
  4. The Russia Investigation Investigation just turned into a criminal investigation.
  5. John Brennan may have some stuff to worry about with that investigation, find out more here.
  6. Elizabeth Warren is promising to say how she's going to pay for Medicare for All.
  7. Republicans crashed a closed door committee meeting on impeachment as a stunt.
  8. Trey Gowdy defends private hearings.
  9. Pete Buttegieg has a gay problem with blacks.

That's really it. You're welcome.

CONGRATULATIONS HOWARD ZINN, YOU'VE HELPED THE COMMUNISTS WIN As ONE THIRD of Millennials view Communism as "favorable". How stupid are these people? Very. Why are they stupid? Because history classes have spent their lifetimes telling them how bad America is without explaining about the MILLIONS of people who are DEAD because of communism. You can't blame them, but we all need to educate them properly.

A PERFECT EXAMPLE OF REVISIONIST HISTORY ABOUT COMMUNISM CAN BE FOUND HERE With this story on the glowing story about Che Guevera, noted mass murderer and revolutionary, in the Smithsonian magazine. And we wonder why people vote themselves tyranny.

REP. KATIE HILL IS OUT After she realized that there was no way to walk back her numerous sex and bong scandals that broke last week. She resigned.

PAT STRYKER CAN AFFORD TO GIVE THE STATE HER TABOR REFUND FOREVER And she's putting more of her money where her progressive mouth is by donating $500,000 to the Yes on CC campaign.

POPEYE'S CHICKEN SANDWICH IS COMING BACK And the relaunch date is November 3rd, a Sunday, which is when chicken sandwich rival Chik-Fil-A is closed.

IS $180,000 ENOUGH TO RETIRE ON? This caught my eye today and surprised me, honestly so I thought I'd share. It's a Q and A column and the question is whether or not a woman can retire with $180,000 in the bank. The answer is encouraging!


IT'S MONDAYS WITH MILTON And this one is about a simple question: why are people so willing to give up their freedom?

COULD CATHOLIC PRIESTS BE ALLOWED TO MARRY? The short answer is maybe. Due to a severe shortage of priests in the Amazon region the Vatican is considering letting married church deacons be ordained but only in the Amazon. This does seem to be a bit ridiculous to confine it to the Amazon, as I'm pretty sure God doesn't give edicts ONLY if they are convenient. And if not marrying came from God, well..... We'll see what happens.

WHY DOES RUSSIA CARE SO MUCH ABOUT SYRIA? This is a GREAT story on the history of Russia and the Middle East and why it all matters so much to Putin. You will much smarter for reading it.

COULD IT BE TIME FOR LGB TO BREAK UP WITH T? That's the question asked in this thoughtful column outlining the obvious divisions between gay people and transgender people. I've been waiting for it. This gay man says it's time.

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