When Does Life REALLY Begin on a Friday!

WHEN DOES LIFE REALLY BEGIN? A huge part of the abortion debate has always been "when does life begin?" My guest today decided to ask people who they would most trust to answer this question, they said biologists and so he asked biologists. 96% of them said at conception. Dr. Steve Jacobs joins me at 1 to discuss this recent article about it.

TIME FOR A LISTENER FOCUS GROUP! You guys know about the Mandy Connell trip every year. Well we're planning 2021 already (I can't WAIT to tell you where we are going!) and while talking to our man Charlie at Cruise and Tour travel we were trying to decide where people in Denver REALLY want to go. So I'm going to ask you guys and I want to know! The sky is the limit and I mean that because we're not going to space.


WE NOW HAVE A CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION INTO THE ORIGINS OF THE RUSSIAN COLLUSION STORY Which is much different than the previous administrative review. Now John Durham has subpoena powers and can convene a Grand Jury to file charges. Is this really happening? Will any high level people be held accountable? I am over here popping popcorn and waiting to find out.

BE HONEST, YOU'D HIT THIS. I WOULD. KFC is working on some sort of Frankenstein's monster chicken and donut sandwich and I'll be in line if you need me.

HOLLYWOOD CELEBRITIES WANT YOU TO FIX YOU CARBON FOOTPRINT AND IGNORE THEIRS And I'm talking about the biggest Hollywood enviros out there. Leo DeCaprio? Meghan and Harry? Bill Gates? They all fly private and have carbon footprints that make ours laughable. Hypocrisy, it's what's for dinner.

GOOD NEWS IN TEXAS TRANS TRIAL! I told you yesterday about the insane case where a jury gave sole custody to a mother who had decided to make one of her 7 year old twins into a girl. There's more to it, but not much. The judge in the case has ruled a bit differently and given the father his rights back by making him an equal parent with equal access and time with the boys. So now the mother can't begin the hormone therapy she wanted to give the SEVEN YEAR OLD BOY to make him a girl. She needs mental help if you ask me.

SANCTIONS ARE BAD UNLESS ISRAEL IS THE RECIPIENT But this is only if you are Rep. Ilhan Omar, noted anti-Semite member of Congress. She wrote and Op-Ed for the Washington Post decrying sanctions as useless. But she also LOUDLY supports the Boycott, Divest Sanction movement against Israel. I'm shocked. This is my shocked face.

AND THEN THERE WERE NINE In the next Democratic debate anyway, as Senator Amy Klobuchar qualifies for the Georgia verbal contest by hitting 3% in polling. Think of all the candidates out there who can't even hit 3% but are still laboring under the illusion they have a chance *coughMichaelBennetcough*.

THIS REP. KATIE HILL STORY IS COMPLETELY NUTS And it's the first real big time female sex scandal to hit the House of Representatives and it's JUICY. Seems Ms. Hill brought one of her young female staffers into a threesome type arrangement with her husband, took naked photos hitting the bong showing off her Iron Cross tattoo before she cheated on both her husband and her girlfriend with someone else. Dang girl, I guess she just wanted to make the FIRST female House Ethics complaint the most spectacular complaint EVER.

OH MY GOD, DAVE COULD DIE!!! But I'm still making him go through a Haunted House this weekend. I'm relatively certain he'll be fine, but the possibility DOES exist that he could be scared to death.



THIS IS A GREAT EXAMPLE OF HOW BADLY STATES MANAGE DANGEROUS MENTALLY ILL PEOPLE And it's out of Kentucky where a dangerous mentally ill man was released after committing a terrible crime because he was found to be incompetent to stand trial. He went out to brutally attack and rape an 8 year old girl and he may not face charges for that one EITHER. Fix this, Kentucky. Fix it, now.

EVEN IF YOUR KID ISN'T GOING TO COLLEGE THERE ARE LOTS OF GOOD JOBS OUT THERE FOR THEM And USA Today has a really cool story about the skilled trades and the shortages they are facing and why is a great time to learn a valuable skill instead of spending a crap ton on college.

MIKE PENCE CALLS OUT THE NBA FOR KOWTOWING TO CHINA And of course China is all mad but Vice President Pence is totally right. Read it here.

IT'S TIME TO BE SCIENTIFIC ABOUT CLIMATE CHANGE And Dr. Judith Curry, who has been a thorn in the side of the AGW crowd for years, lays down some science for you to consider.

YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME? I'VE GOT A PODCAST FOR THAT! I interviewed my brother John Gafford about our childhood for the Chit Chat Club and it's amazing we didn't die. You can listen for funny stories and family secrets by clicking here. Or by just listening here:

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