It's a Living is BACK, Baby! And on a Thursday Even!

IT'S A LIVING: GRAVESTONE CLEANER EDITION We haven't done It's a Living in a while and for those of you new to the show it's a segment we do about people with weird or unusual jobs. Today we've got a guy who cleans headstones, and it's really, really cool. You don't think about how to take care of a headstone but he does. Derek Luna joins me to talk about it at 1! Find his number here!

WHY ARE FEMINISTS SO ANGRY ABOUT HOUSEWORK? This column asks that question, but I have to say I don't agree with ALL of this guy's snark. It's VERY frustrating to be a working woman whose husband doesn't do ANYTHING around the house, but I get his overall point that a marriage is not 50/50 but 100/100. I want to talk about this today.

I'M SUPER EXCITED ABOUT OUR NEW BORDER WALL! President Trump is trying to say he was kiddingly saying we were building a wall in Colorado, but I watched the speech and I think he was not kidding, he was just wrong or misspoke. But if he wasn't wrong, I'm STOKED that we're finally going to do something about those New Mexicans smuggling their version of green chili into our state! BASTARDS! I am saying that kiddingly. I would liken this whole kerfuffle to the Obama saying he was in all 57 states, which as we remembered was ignored by his supporters and laughed about for years by his opponents. Such is political life.

WE SAY WE WANT CIVILITY BUT ONLY IF THE OTHER SIDE CAVES I just started digging into the actual poll itself, but this article does a nice job giving the highlights (or lowlights, depending on your level of pessimism). In new polling data, 7 in 10 Americans believe we are on the cusp of a civil war. What does this even mean? We also say we want MORE civility but we also want OUR SIDE to "stand up" for our values and not cave. Those things cannot exist at the same time. We'll break this down today even though it isn't "What Fresh Hell Is This Monday".

THE GAY MAFIA IN THE UK SHUTS DOWN A BRAND NEW CHIK-FIL-A And I've just decided to call out totalitarianism in all it's forms, so I'm calling them out. The first Chik-Fil-A in the United Kingdom opened up and the Gay Mafia went to work to harass the owner of the building they rented to force them to not renew their lease when it expires in six months. Well played, Totalitarian A-holes! You robbed Britain of the most delicious chicken sandwiches ever. An by the way, who only has a six month lease???

EATING RAW MEAT IS BETTER FOR YOU THAN NOT WASHING YOUR HANDS AFTER POOPING And I'm not sure why I feel smug reading this but I do. And I may go ahead and eat some raw meat today just to roll the dice. Just wash your hands, people!

IDIOT JURORS DECIDE A MAN MUST LET HIS 7 YEAR OLD SON CHANGE GENDERS And it was a case of sparring parents who are not divorced. The psychologist mother has decided one of her twin boys is transgender and must be allowed to start hormone blockers immediately at AGE SEVEN. She believes this even though roughly 90% of children with gender issues resolve to their biological sex and hormone blockers can cause infertility and major emotional issues. Could you imagine if your 7 year old daughter came to you and said, "Mommy, I don't want to have children ever" and you rushed to get her a hysterectomy? This is nuts but a Texas jury ruled in favor of the mother and against the father who wants some counseling and other stuff first. Trangender mania needs to be more fully examined before we let children do this to themselves. The governor of Texas has asked for an investigation into this battle and ruling.

FLORIDA MAN IS AT IT AGAIN AND I'M NOT TALKING ABOUT THIS ONE But I can't be the only to read about man sexually assaulting a stuffed Olaf doll in a Target store.


IF YOU THOUGHT THE COUNTRY WAS GOING TO BE OKAY I'D LIKE TO DISPEL THAT MYTH Because now we have a survey that shows a MAJORITY of Americans want to scrap the First Amendment. You read that right. This is what happens when you enjoy so much freedom that you take it for granted and want to allow bureaucrats to decide what is hateful and what is not. Because that's what scrapping the First Amendment means. Welcome to China!

NOW MAXI PADS ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO REMIND PEOPLE THEY ARE FOR WOMEN and Always has now removed the traditional Venus symbol of the circle with the stick going down with the cross because it may offend trans men who menstruate. I put that in italics to recognize exactly how stupid it is.

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