It's a Cars for Christmas Tuesday!

WILLIE B IS GIVING AWAY SOME CARS FOR CHRISTMAS! And I am a HUGE Willie B fan and in awe of what he does every year with Cars for Christmas. After footing the bill for this giveaway for YEARS he finally set up a charitable foundation so you can donate and help make someone's entire LIFE better with a donation. Find out more by clicking here!

ADAM GOLDBERG, PET PHOTOGRAPHER! Get your pet photo at three Colorado events by clicking here!

I SWEAR TRUMP THINKS UP NEW WAYS TO MAKE HIS OPPONENTS And him tweeting out this morning that he is the victim of a "lynching" is just another one of those things.

INFLUENCERS ARE LYING TO ADVERTISERS AND CLIENTS AND EXPECT THE FTC TO STEP IN SOON I take my relationships with my advertisers and listeners VERY seriously. It has been really interesting to me to watch the rise of "influencers" as an advertising vehicle. Influencers are those Instagram and YouTube people with a huge number of followers or viewers who make a CRAP ton of money for each mention of some product. Now the Wall Street Journal is saying what I already suspected, and that is that influencers are lying to advertisers and their followers and I'm guessing the government will step in very soon and make them follow the same rules WE have to follow in radio. Be careful of who you associate with if you are buying influencers to promote your business! Or just use me.


HICK DIDN'T SAY THE RIGHT THING ABOUT IMPEACHMENT AND HIS RIVALS POUNCED! He hesitated for about three seconds while checking to see what his opponents were going to say before meekly raising his hand. Watch it here. The question? Has Trump committed an impeachable offense? I actually think Hick was right when he said "Well we don't know" but don't let that stop the others from taking the obviously popular position.

THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I WAS TALKING ABOUT YESTERDAY WITH MAYOR PETE Black people are not down with being gay. And Mayor Pete is gay and information from a focus group with black folks says that's gonna be a problem for many of them.

TWO UCONN STUDENTS ARE ARRESTED FOR SAYING MEAN THINGS And I'm not exaggerating at ALL about this. Two students were videotaped walking through a parking lot saying something racially motivated (I have no idea what) and an investigation ensued and the idiots WERE ARRESTED for violating a CLEARLY unconstituational law against ridiculing other people based on race. Yes, it's a thing. Read it all here.

I KNOW WHAT'S ON DAVE'S CHRISTMAS LIST It's an invisibility cloak! It's going to be a thing! Dave is stoked! No word on the cost, but I'm saving up now.

THINKING OF WORKING IN A HAUNTED HOUSE? MAKE SURE YOU HAVE GOOD INSURANCE Because people who do these jobs often end up getting hurt themselves by people coming through the scary attractions. I've seen it happen.

IF SAYING YES MA'AM AND YES SIR ARE WRONG, I DON'T WANT TO BE RIGHT And apparently there are some who believe that good manners are "offensive". So much so that there are stories about children being PUNISHED by teachers for using good manners. I get it that not everyone has manners, but when someone WAS raised right, they should not be punished. Get over yourselves, jerks.

SPEAKING OF SOUTHERN MANNERS This is a funny column about a man reconsidering his upcoming marriage because his wife-to-be BURPED in front of him. His mother never did it, so he was SHOCKED when his wife let fly.

AND NOW, TAKE GRANNY'S ADVICE WITH YOU to wrap up our Southern Section of the blog.


A FORMER MAN STILL BREAKING WOMEN'S CYCLING RECORDS. YAWN. You have to wonder if this trans woman knows this is like being valedictorian of summer school?

YES, ALL OF THIS ABOUT BASEBALL IS TRUE Dave and I have lamented the changes that have made baseball far less interesting but Joseph Epstein says it far more eloquently here.

GUN CONTROL FAILS MISERABLY IN MEXICO Just as it fails pretty much everywhere. Mexico has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the world, and yet their murder rate is soaring. I'm sure there is no connection.

YOU CAN BUY CHRISTMAS STORY DECORATIONS AT HOME DEPOT! and if I hadn't already bought a nine foot inflatable Saint Bernard, I'd so be doing this right now.

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