How Political Parties Change for a Wednesday Blog!

YES, THE POLITICAL PARTIES CHANGE OVER TIME And political pundit and smart guy Michael Barone has written a new book about it. How America's Political Parties Change (And How They Don't) and he's on with me today at 2 to discuss it. Buy the book here!

WHO WON LAST NIGHT'S DEBATE? Yesterday I said that I think Mayor Pete would be done after last night's debate, but lo and behold, many are saying he won the night! I actually think the only reason pundits are saying he did well is they are beginning to realize that the front runners are advocating policies that are non-starters in a general election. The big loser last night was Joe Biden, who rambled on about record players and black people and raising taxes before he cuts them or something. And Liz Warren caught a lot of heat for her refusal to admit what we all know to be true, which is she is going to have to raise taxes on EVERYONE to pay for Medicare for All. m

BETO THREATENS "OTHER CONSEQUENCES" IF YOU DON'T COMPLY WITH HIS GUN GRAB And he's not really being open with WHAT those consequences might be. I am beginning to think this guy just isn't very smart. I can't wait for him to be done, I keep hurting myself rolling my eyes.

IS THE CURRENT POLITICAL SITUATION IN THE US THE EQUIVALENT OF POST WW1 ENGLAND? Don't laugh, I was watching a show about the Windsors last night and the royal family faced a crisis after WWI. So many monarchies fell to overthrow they were worried they would be next. So they set out to distract and win over the disaffected people of the Empire and I was completely taken aback and how similar circumstances then were to today's. I'll explain.


DOCTORS THINK THIS FLU SEASON IS GOING TO BE ESPECIALLY DEADLY As the strain in Australia this past season was the most deadly in some time. Read about it here and then go get your flu shot.

TOM PAPA IS IN TOWN THIS WEEKEND And I'm trying to get him on the show but here's some comedy for you in the meantime.

ON SECOND THOUGHT, THE HOUSE WON'T VOTE ON IMPEACHMENT INQUIRY AFTER ALL Because Nancy Pelosi is trying to give cover to Democrats in swing districts who want plausible deniability in their next race. Of course she came out with some sort of blabbity blah about not wanting to give the appearance of giving in to the White House, but we all know why she won't do it.


THE FEDS MAY TURN THE OTHER WAY ON POT, BUT MUSHROOMS ARE ANOTHER STORY The DEA raided the home of a 27 year old psychedelic mushroom advocate and dealer and confiscated a whole bunch of mushrooms and computers and other stuff. They did NOT arrest Kole Douglas Milner, yet anyway, but I can't imagine he won't be facing some charges soon. One of the most interesting parts of this entire story is HOW the DEA found Milner in the first place, which you can find here.

WHEN A 96% CONSENSUS ON AN ISSUE DOESN'T MATTER It's the abortion debate, of course. Everyone should read this article on how a man decided to poll biologists on a simple question: when does life begin. And astounding 96% of them agreed that is was upon fertilization of the egg. This is worth your time to read.


AT RISK FOR ALZHEIMER'S? GET SOME EXERCISE! Because it has actually been shown to slow the disease progression. Read about it here.

NOW SAN FRAN RESIDENTS ARE BUILDING THEIR OWN WALLS TO KEEP OUT HOMELESS DRUGGIES Because city services couldn't get the job done, one San Fran resident built a wall to cover the opening of an alley that was rife with drug dealing and use and defecation. This is what Denver could be seeing if they don't get tough on this problem.

IT'S NATIONAL BOSSES DAY! Okay, I know what you're thinking, EVERY day is bosses day, amiright? Today is the official day for our bosses though. This story gives some helpful tips for creating a better relationship with your boss.

THOSE BRITISH TOURISTS WHO SAY THEY WERE TRAUMATIZED BY OUR BORDER PATROL Are lying. They say they "accidentally" ended up in the US from Canada after swerving to avoid an animal on the road. Let's check the tape! They are lying. But why?

WANT TO BE IN AWE OF NATURE? Then check out the winning Wildlife Photos of 2019.

NOW THEY WANT TO BAN BALLOONS! I'm not joking, the state of Massachusetts is considering a bill to ban balloons. You know, those delightful bags of air from children's parties? They want to levy fines if you even possess them. The enviros say they are bad for the environment or kill birds or something. So do cars. Ban those.

ASKING A CANDIDATE A DIRECT QUESTION IS NOW A CREDIBILITY KILLER If that question is to Liz Warren and it's "will you raise taxes on the middle class" anyway. Seriously, people are saying that.

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