It's a Climate Debate Tuesday! Plus Women and Men's Brains ARE Different

ALEX EPSTEIN IS TALKING ABOUT THE CLIMATE And he's got a big debate coming up with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr in Boulder that looks really, really cool. From the press release:

The Free to Be Coalition will partner with the CU Boulder Free to Be Club to host a lively discussion, “Should the World Radically Restrict Fossil Fuel Use to Prevent Climate Change?” on Monday, October 21, 2019. The event will be hosted in the Glenn Miller Ballroom from 7-9pm at the University of Colorado Boulder. RSVP or purchase VIP tickets at
The debate will feature Alex Epstein, an energy theorist, industrial policy pundit and author of "The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels”and Robert Kennedy Jr., an environmental attorney, activist and author of several books on science and the environment including “Crimes Against Nature”.  
The discussion will be moderated by Guy Benson, political editor of, a regular guest on NPR's "All Things Considered", and the host of the nationally syndicated 'Guy Benson Show', with Matthew Burgess, Asst Professor of Environmental Studies and Member of the Heterodox Academy moderating the Q & A.

I've got Alex on today right at noon to discuss it. You can click the link above to get tickets! Watch the stream live on Facebook here.

WHAT? MEN AND WOMEN'S BRAINS ARE DIFFERENT! And John Stossel explains things perfectly, as he's prone to do.

SHAME ON YOU, LEBRON, SHAME. Lebron James is a really decent guy. He's got a really phenomenal track record when it comes to creating great programs to help kids who need it and other causes. He's spoken out about political issues in the US. But he really stepped in it when he tweeted out that the Houston Rockets GM tweeted out about Hong Kong freedom out of ignorance. He's tarnished his brand on this one. But we're going to discuss it.

THIS IS NOT A DRILL, WE'VE REACHED PEAK POLITICAL CORRECTNESS AGAIN I know, I know, I've said it before, but read this tweet, which I am relatively certain is NOT a JOKE.

SHE'S TALKING ABOUT A BLIND SPOT, PEOPLE. Now that's offensive. Good grief, this is just stupid.

THE DEMS ARE DEBATING TONIGHT And here are the things I'd love to see them answer:

  1. If you were POTUS would you leave troops in Syria and if so, for how long and with what clear objective?
  2. How will you pay for all of your "free" programs?

I can't wait to see how Elizabeth Warren won't answer how she's going to raise taxes on the middle class.

RED MEAT IS BACK, BABY! As a team of doctors have now said there is no real evidence for the claim that we should cut down on our red meat consumption.

THE EQUALITY ACT THAT EVERY DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE SUPPORTS WOULD DESTROY GIRLS SPORTS Because it would force every school to allow boys who identify as girls to be allowed to play girls sports. And we know how well that is going where it's already happening. The answer is not well for biological girls.


THE WAITING IS THE HARDEST PART At least for a Dutch family who was hiding in a basement for an undetermined about of time waiting for the end of the world. You can't make this up. Read the weirdness here.

DIDJA FILE YOUR TAXES YET? Today is the deadline to file/pay if you filed an extension before penalties kick in.

THIS ISN'T GOING TO GO WELL FOR CHAPPELLE In Dave Chappelle's recent comedy special he called out a trans comedian by a GOOD way. Now that comedian is dead by suicide and I'm betting you right now they are going to try and blame Chappelle even though Daphne Dorman embraced Chappelle's name drop whole heartedly.

IF YOU EVER QUESTIONED YOUR PARENTING SKILLS THIS WILL MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER Because as long as you haven't used your six year old to help you pull a robbery you are higher up the parenting food chain than this jackass.

HERE IS A PODCAST YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO It's my interview with Denver radio legend and co worker Denise Plante from The Bull 106.7. Check it out for FREE by clicking here!

OH, AND LORI LYNN HAS A PODCAST ON SCARY STUFF And you should check it out here!

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