10 Years Ago: The Balloon Boy Hoax

10-years-ago it played out live not just in Colorado but across the nation and the world. The Balloon Boy Hoax.

Richard Heene of Fort Collins frantically called 9-1-1 to report his six-year-old son, Falcon, had climbed into an experimental helium filled balloon in the family's backyard. He said it was being tested and became untethered and had floated away.

The call touched off a chase as the flying saucer shaped balloon floated over the Eastern Plains pursued by National Guard helicopters. It traveled over 50 miles during 90 minutes of flight before coming down 12 miles northeast of Denver. There was no boy inside.

Falcon Heene was found hiding in the attic of his home.

In a TV interview, Falcon spilled the beans that :we did this for the show."

It was thought his parents would face felony charges for the stunt but Richard Heene pleaded guilty to a minor charge that sent him to jail for just 90 days.

Balloon Boy

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