Viva Las Vegas Baby!

YOU REALLY SHOULD BE THE BEST YOU YOU CAN BE! And Michelle Zellner can help! She's like a health and fitness superstar and she's on today as part of our Be a Better You series. Buy her really great book by clicking here! She's also going to be at Athleta doing a cool talk on nutrition and you can find out more by clicking here.

I'M IN VEGAS AND IT'S A FREE FOR ALL Meaning you guys do the work. I'm sure you can come up with something.

WILL SHE OR WON'T SHE? Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has a decision to make. Is she going to call an official vote to OFFICIALLY begin an impeachment inquiry? If she doesn't this is purely political. If it's not political, she needs to get everyone on the record.

WHY DOES DAVE SEND ME THESE STORIES???? This one about a guy with a spider in his ear has me freaking out at every minor tickle.

AND BETO GOES A BRIDGE TO FAR ON GAY MARRIAGE This was one of the many things people said would happen if gay marriage was legalized. Beto O'Rourke is now saying that churches should lose their tax exempt status if they don't consecrate gay marriage. He can suck it. This is a shameless pander to the gay lobby. And I will fight it tooth and nail even as I supported gay marriage the same way.

BUT SO DID ALL THE OTHER DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATES And says it best when they say that the Democratic candidates assured LGBTQ voters that they would most assuredly punish anyone who didn't love gay people and do whatever it is they want.

I'M GONNA DO ALL THREE OF THESE WHILE I'M IN VEGAS No I'm not because I'm not an idiot, but here are three most annoying things tourists do while travelling.

I BET YOU DON'T KNOW LIZZO But you really, really should. She's a singer with a big heart and big voice and a big body to go with it.

I HAVEN'T WATCHED THIS WHOLE TULSI GABBARD INTERVIEW YET But the snippet I shared earlier this week makes me want to check more. Don't worry, I'm not voting for anyone who is in favor of Medicare for All, but she is interesting.

LET'S NOT FORGET THAT THE ORIGIN OF THE RUSSIA INVESTIGATION IS STILL BEING INVESTIGATED And this is an interesting story about how the image of one of the players of the whole thing is being systematically rehabbed by the news media. It's very, very curious.

JUDGE BARBIE IS A THING NOW and I think it's kind of cool, although no girl ever clamored to put her Barbie in a shapeless black robe. But good on ya, Mattel, for giving girls unrealistic body types to strive for as they make their way to the bench.

WHERE ARE THE WEALTH SHAMERS FOR AOC? Yesterday I had a story about Kylie Jenner taking down an instagram shot of her new $3 million Bugatti after commenters shamed her for not feeding a village or something. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez was shamed for getting a $300 haircut and her response? To double down and then ramble on about wealth inequality or something. Why didn't she to go to Fantastic Sams and then donate the rest to someone at the bottom end of the scale? It's a fair question now apparently.

WE COULD BE RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER FROM THE WORLD'S FIRST CYBORG A terminally ill scientist has decided he's going to attempt to become the world's first cyborg. It's totally crazy and awesome and I wish him well.

THE ABUSE OF EMPATHY AND CANCEL CULTURE This is a really interesting article about how we are using "empathy" as an excuse to punish people for things they did. It's the underlying current that carries "cancel culture" along. Really good read and you can find it here.

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