Our Sports Memorabilia Guru is BACK so Find Your Old Baseball Cards!

YOU'VE GOT MEMORABILIA QUESTIONS, WE'VE GOT ANSWERS The first time we had Brian Fritz on the show we seriously could have taken calls the entire show. He's a memorabilia expert, there is a show this weekend so he's back to tell you if what you've got is worth anything. Find out more about the show and go see Brian by clicking here. Find Brian on Instagram @mtnridgecollectibles or call him at 720-800-3400.

I AM PRETTY SURE I DON'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT MONEY SHAMING That's a thing now, at least when you are extremely successful and have a huge Instagram following like Kylie Jenner. Don't know who she is? She's part of the Kardashian-Jenner clan who has made a billion (and I'm not exaggerating) dollars selling makeup and skin care to her following. She likes fancy cars. She posts pictures of her fancy cars on Instagram. She posted a picture of her new $3 million Bugatti Chiron and the Money Shamers pounced. They added helpful comments like "“How can people justify buying more cars then they possibly need when there are people out there who can’t eat!” or “Like I get it’s your money and you earn it but HOW do you justify not doing good with it I just don’t get it. The money you spent on this you could of [sic] fed a village for a year at LEAST.” She deleted the post. Which she should not have done. She should have shamed back, but that's just me. I'll explain how.

WHEN YOU'VE LOST THE FOX NEWS POLL.... A new Fox News poll shows some unsettling news for President Trump. Now a majority of Americans FAVOR Trump's impeachment AND removal. We all know that polls are simply NOT reliable anymore, but this set the President OFF via Twitter. He's trying to kill the messenger here. I'm not sure a continued tantrum is the best response, but he's gonna do him. The sad news is that politicians most certainly pay attention to the polls, and if he keeps losing ground in these polls some Republicans will certainly turn on him.

MATT LAUER IS NOT MAKING THINGS BETTER And the woman who has accused him of raping her anally at the Sochi games is now accusing him of victim shaming for defending himself. I did not know until I read this story that this woman CONTINUED AN AFFAIR with Lauer AFTER this incident. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND THIS. I'm not saying she deserved to be hurt like this, but GOOD GRIEF why would you continue to sleep with him after???

CBS HAS THE WHISTLEBLOWERS INITIAL MEMO And in it, the whistleblower expresses concern in part because the call was "crazy" and "completely lacking in substance related to national security." Okay, if that's true, than EVERYTHING that occurs in this impeachment inquiry should be made fully public. If this is an investigation into whether or not President Trump used his office to ask a foreign government to find dirt on a political opponent there should be no behind closed doors meetings. Also, the only way to find out if this was just politically motivated is to do an actual and complete investigation into whether or not Hunter Biden benefitted improperly from his father's role as VP. Because if there is no "there" there, Trump is in trouble. But if there IS corruption, it was fair game.

I'M PRETTY SURE THIS ISN'T HOW YOU DO CHURCH BINGO A Jersey woman was arrested for cheating at church bingo. I'm pretty sure these charges are the least of her worries in the long run.

WHAT WOULD GUY ON A BUFFALO DO? Jomo and the Possum Posse are BACK!

Y'ALL I KNOW THIS WOMAN I don't ACTUALLY know HER but I KNOW her in some form and she's hilarious.

UNIVERSITY USES SEGREGATION TO FIGHT RACISM And I can't even make this up. This is the sub headline:

The University of Sheffield Student’s Union in the UK has banned white people from attending a meeting about anti-racism.

Yep. Read it here.

ONE MAN'S TRAINER GOT HIM BANNED FROM FAST FOOD RESTAURANTS And it worked. The man lost 280 pounds in one year. WOW.

IF I WERE GONNA HAVE A CELEBRITY INVITATIONAL And I'm not saying I am, but I'm not saying I'm NOT, who should I invite? Local celebrities, celebrities who call Denver home, etc. and can you hook a sister up?

EVEN SOCIALISTS NEED GOOD HAIR And AOC is spending accordingly.

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