Want to Know About Prop DD to Legalize Sports Betting?

STATE REP. PATRICK NEVILLE IS TALKING PROP DD TODAY It's the one about sports betting which you can read here. I'm 100% in favor of this but not because of water stuff but because freedom. Rep. Neville is on at 1.

REP. TREY GOWDY IS ADVISING BUT NOT REPRESENTING THE PRESIDENT DURING IMPEACHMENT And I'm interested to see how this all plays out. According to some sources, Gowdy was asked to represent the President in the impeachment matter, but he declined. He has agreed to come on board as an adviser. If Gowdy quits, that's when I think Trump is in real trouble.

YOU MADE ANY NEW FRIENDS IN THE PAST FIVE YEARS? A new survey says that most Americans haven't made one new friend in the last five years. I'm terribly surprised but I'm curious as to how many of you are in this boat. I'm not because we moved her six years ago and have been building our friend group slowly since then.

BERNIE IS SLOWING DOWN AND CHANGING HIS CAMPAIGN STYLE SINCE HIS HEART ATTACK Bernie had a heart attack and now he's announced that he is slowing down on the trail. Bernie said this:

"I certainly intend to be actively campaigning," he said. "I think we can change the nature of the campaign a bit, make sure that I have the strength to do what I have to do."

I am going to do my interpretation of what we should expect from the Bernie campaign this year.

PHILADELPHIA IS NOW GIVING IT'S OUT OF CONTROL FANS A PLACE TO RAGE If you're a Philadelphia Flyers fan who went to a game only to watch them lose, this story is for you! There is officially a RAGE ROOM at the Wells Fargo Center. It's called the Dissassembly room and you can smash dishes and break things to have a really epic meltdown if you want. This from a city that used to have a jail in it's old football stadium.



ESPN HAS ISSUED A MEMO FORBIDDING DISCUSSIONS ABOUT POLITICS Oh HA if you thought I meant AMERICAN politics. I of course meant CHINESE politics. It seems an internal memo firmly instructed on-air talent to not mention the political background of the Rockets GM tweet about free Hong Kong. Huh. I guess they're afraid to offend the people of China. Huh.

AN ASPEN COUPLE GOT A MONTH IN JAIL FOR CHEATING ON THEIR DAUGHTER'S COLLEGE ENTRANCE EXAM The same scandal that caught up a couple of Hollywood actresses has landed an Aspen couple in jail for a month. Good.

THIS IS SO ME WHEN THE Q And I'm not kidding.

DID YOU HEAR ABOUT HICK'S FUNDRAISING? It was good, but Cory Gardner's was better. Weird how no one reported on that.

LIZ WARREN WANTS TO SPEND MORE MAGIC MONEY THAT SHE GETS FROM SOMEWHERE And this time it's to fight environmental racism or some such crap. I honestly don't even care enough to read this garbage anymore.

YESTERDAY WE TALKED HOMELESS IN SAN FRAN AND TODAY IT'S SEATTLE The once lovely neighborhood of Ballard is now infested with low level street crime and a City attorney unwilling to do anything about it. Businesses are moving out and the liberal Seattle Times editorial board is urging people to shake up the City Council with new blood and to demand more of the City Attorney. Read about it here.

FLY THE LITTLE TOO FRIENDLY SKIES! American Airlines had a bit of an issue when they had to notify passengers they had been exposed to Hepatitis A during a recent flight. It seems a flight attendant tested positive for the disease and passengers had to be warned. Whoopsie.

OUR DEFICIT IT OUT OF CONTROL AND NEITHER PARTY IS EVEN PRETENDING TO CARE ABOUT IT And I would LOVE for all of those Trumpets who called before the election to tell me that he was going to wrangle the deficit under control to call and apologize. The deficit has increased 50% since Trump came into office and is hovering around a TRILLION bucks in fiscal 2019. For shame, Republicans. For shame.

CALIFORNIANS ARE GOING TO BE IN THE DARK TONIGHT As PG+E shuts down power to almost a million people to avoid potentially maybe perhaps accidentally starting a fire when there are dry conditions and high winds. I think this is PG+E sticking to Californians because the state of California stuck it to them when they accidentally started a fire last year that was devastating. We'll see how this works out.

MATT LAUER HAS BEEN ACCUSED OF RAPE IN A NEW RONAN FARROW BOOK And it's pretty horrible. The details are here.

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