Ellen Hearts W!

ELLEN DEGENERES IS CANCELLED BECAUSE OF GEORGE W BUSH And I don't mean her SHOW, I mean HER. Ellen sat next to George W Bush at the Dallas Cowboys game this past weekend. People were hella mad and took the internet to voice their displeasure. Ellen had some words for them on her show.

Quick check of Twitter shows only hard core progressives are spittin' mad. Go figure.

WE'LL SEE HOW MANY TIMES TRUMP STOPS SOMEONE FROM TESTIFYING Because he's already stopped the Ambassador to the EU from testifying to his role in the Ukraine President matter.

WE'LL SEE HOW DEMOCRATS MANAGE TO BLOCK THE WHISTLE BLOWERS IDENTITY Which is BS completely, by the way. To use Adam Schiff's own logic at him: what are they hiding? Read about it here.

HERE'S A FUN STORY ON HOW WELL SOCIALISM WORKS! I wonder if they are taking people to those wonderful Cuban hospitals Michael Moore talked about in Sicko by horse drawn wagon? Cuba is facing a severe shortage of fuel. It's people have resorted to horse drawn wagons and cooking over charcoal to make do. Viva La Communism!

OUR TWO LARGEST COLORADO PAPERS BOTH HATE PROP CC As you heard Jon Caldara talk about yesterday, Prop CC sucks. Now BOTH of the states major papers have come out strongly against it for very different reasons.

NOW TOILETS ARE SOMETHING TO FIGHT ABOUT I'm on record as HATING gender neutral toilets. I've seen more disgusting bathroom seats in gender neutral toilets in the last year than in the previous 49 of my life. Now the debate is raging at the Old Vic in London, where they just remodeled to provide more toilets for women, but they didn't because all toilets are gender neutral. But the urinals are, of course, only for men.

ANOTHER GROUP OF OBNOXIOUS JERKS IS AFRAID OF WORDS And they shouted down the Acting Director of Homeland Security at a speech he was giving on immigration at Georgetown University. My question is why weren't these protesters simply removed? Arrested? Why is this being allowed to continue by the University? I put the blame squarely on Georgetown for this one.

FARMERS ARE GETTING IT ON MORE AND BETTER THAN MOST At least according to a survey from the UK.

THE SUPREME COURT WILL HEAR A NEW YORK GUN CASE AFTER ALL And this is a case the state of New York tried to make go away by removing the offending statute from the books. The Supreme Court has announced it will hear the case anyway, which is good news for gun rights advocates. You should read the background here.

JOHN STOSSEL INTERVIEWS TULSI GABBARD And she's very interesting. And very libertarian right up until Medicare for All.

COULD WE FIGHT LONELINESS IN SENIOR COMMUNITIES WITH ROBOTS? I sort of love this and hope they perfect it before I'm old.

HEATHER MACDONALD BOUGHT FENTANYL ON THE STREETS OF SAN FRANCISCO And wrote about it in this extremely compelling story. WOW. JUST WOW.

OF COURSE DOG OWNER LIVE LONGER Because they don't plot to kill their owners like cats do. People who had a heart attack were 33% less likely to die when they went home if they had a dog. #teamdog

HOW CAN 25% OF AMERICANS SAY THEY'VE NEVER EATEN A VEGETABLE??? A new survey about which veggies we like (Yay, corn!) and which we don't (sorry brussel sprouts) also showed that 25% of respondents say they've never eaten a vegetable. WHAT?? Who are these people?? I must know.

REMEMBER THE PRANK ABOUT EATING BABIES AT AN AOC EVENT? This is a GREAT column which delineates the insanity being espoused by climate alarmists. It's a great column written by the guy who did the Ted Talk I shared about nuclear power. You should read it.

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