Victims of Priest Sex Abuse Can Apply for Reparations

The Catholic Dioceses in Colorado have hired an independent administrator to hear claims and make payouts to victims who were abused by priests. Kenneth Feinberg, who ran funds for 9-11 and Aurora Theater Shooting victims, will run a fully independent program. People who make claims will be able to do so confidentially.

Feinberg says there's is no cap on how much money could be paid out. He says similar efforts in other states have seen individual payouts of $10,000 to $500,000 dollars.

Feinberg says compensation decisions are largely based on the nature of the abuse and how many times it happened.

There are 65 claims made against the church that are known to be outstanding but other claims could be filed in the coming weeks .

Feinberg and a co-administrator have the final say on payouts. The process will be monitored by an oversight committee headed by former U.S. Senator Hank Brown.

If claimants agree to a payout, they'll sign a release blocking them from filing lawsuits.

To find out how to apply .check out

Phil Weiser and Kenneth Feinberg

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