Prop CC Must Die and The NBA Finds Out What Not To Do in China

WANT TO KNOW WHY YOU SHOULD VOTE NO ON PROP CC? I've got Jon Caldara from the Independence Institute on today to explain why you should vote to keep your own money on this Taxpayer Bill of Rights assault called Proposition CC. VOTE NO. Jon is on at 1.

TRUMP MAY HAVE TO GIVE UP HIS TAX RETURNS As a judge has ruled he is not immune from investigation while he is in office. The President is appealing.

THE NBA APOLOGIZES FOR UPSETTING FANS WITH POLITICAL COMMENTARY... IN CHINA. The General Manager of the Houston Rockets LITERALLY caused an international incident with one Tweet he sent out in support of the Hong Kong protesters. The Chinese market is HUGE for the NBA, especially for the Houston Rockets because of the success of Chinese Hall of Famer and former Houston Rocket Yao Ming. To say the Chinese government was NOT HAPPY is an understatement. They immediately banned the Rockets from being shown there and did enough economic saber rattling that the NBA fell all over itself to distance itself from the comments, the GM apologized and the Rockets began a full scale grovel. So even though the NBA is working diligently to demonstrate how oppressive things are here in the United States, they don't seem to mind how oppressive China is. How woke. The owner of the Brooklyn Nets, who is Chinese, gave a long history of why this particular topic is very sensitive to Chinese people here and it's worth reading. But let's not forget the Chinese suppression of free speech, imprisonment of political opponents, ethnic cleansing in concentration camps full of rape and other atrocities, and that point blank shot to the chest of a Hong Kong protester.

YOU KNOW THOSE GREEN WINDMILLS? THE TURBINE BLADES ALL END UP IN THE LANDFILLS My friend Shaun was telling me about how a bunch of wind turbine blades were being dumped into a landfill in Wyoming and lo and behold, he is correct! See the blades only last 20 to 25 years and they can't be recycled in any way so they just end up in a landfill. Don't you feel more green just knowing that?

LIZ WARREN CAN'T REMEMBER HOW SHE WAS VICTIMIZED AGAIN She used to be a Native American until she wasn't. Now she was fired for being pregnant, until a video resurfaces showing she was fired because she didn't have the required education for the job she was doing.

THESE ARE LIKE TIDE PODS FOR FANCY PEOPLE Don't have a glass to put your scotch in? Don't worry, we've got Glenlivet scotch blobs. They gave them a fancier name, but that's what they are.

THE DATING POOL IS GETTING SMALLER IF YOU'RE A WOMAN LOOKING FOR A DEGREED MALE More women are graduating from college than men. Which is fine, except women college graduates are looking to mate with MALE college graduates and the pool is shrinking. Dramatically.

DON'T WANT TO GET RAPED? STAY OFF TINDER It's official, the app used mostly for hook ups has been linked to higher levels of rape and sexual assault. An Australian study showed that men and women have reported being stalked, assaulted and raped by people they met on dating apps, and some of have been murdered. App at your own risk! It's Looking for Mr. Goodbar, 2010's edition.

MILLENNIALS LOVE THE STACHE And they are bringing them back! The Tom Selleck lover in me loves this, but at the same time, some of these guys need to look up "porn stache" before they grow them.




IF YOU HAVE TO ROB A BANK TO PAY FOR THE WEDDING MAYBE YOU SHOULDN'T GET MARRIED And that very thing happened in Texas and the woman saw her fiance robbing the bank on social media. I feel like this relationship won't last.

UH-OH, NOW COFFEE AND TEA ARE BAD FOR MIGRAINES At least three or four cups a day can trigger migraines in some people.

THANK GOODNESS LONGMONT HAS AN OVERLY IMPORTANT SENSE OF SELF Because the Longmont City Council is considering declaring a climate change emergency. What will that do? A whole bunch of feel-good, do-nothing steps would kick in. But Longmont would feel really, really good about itself!

BERNIE HAD A HEART ATTACK And he's returning to Vermont to recover. What does this mean for his run for President? I dunno, and I'm not sure if his campaign knows either.

DO YOU HAVE TO STOP EATING MEAT TO SAVE THE PLANET? You've seen the headlines about how if we all went vegetarian it would save the Earth, right? Is it true? A non-environmental wacko crunches the actual numbers here. Don't worry, you can eat your burger while you read it.

SHOULD THE GOVERNMENT ACT TO PROTECT RURAL GROCERY STORES? This is an interesting story about rural grocery stores closing. I've lived in rural areas where the nearest grocery store was 30 miles away. It's not ideal, but it's not the worst thing in the world, you just plan accordingly and well. I don't think it's the government's responsibility to "do" something but if they want to give tax breaks for local grocers in under served areas, I'd be down with that.

ILAHN OMAR FILES FOR DIVORCE FROM HER SECOND, NON BROTHER HUSBAND And I wish her well as she navigates this challenging event.

HERE'S THE HORNETS NEST OF THE DAY Could Mitt Romney be considering a primary run at Trump? I would consider voting for him. There, I said it.

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