No Soup for You and a Special Kind of Crazy Today

THE WINE YOGI IS BRINGING IN SOUP AND THE BOOZE THAT LOVES THEM TODAY I LOVE SOUP. Very, very much. I also love when the Wine Yogi Kristal Alfonso comes in and brings souper delicious snacks (see what I did there?) and beer or wine or both to try with them. Today is such a day. Listen to The Wine Yogi podcast by clicking here or find her new blog by clicking here!

HAT'S OFF FOR THIS BIT OF ACTING TO MAKE A POINT Alexandria Ocasio Cortez had a town hall and what appeared to be a very disturbed woman stood up and demanded that AOC embrace eating babies as a way to fight climate change, which we only have a few months to avert, by the way. Watch the exchange:

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is obviously wildly uncomfortable and appears visibly concerned for the woman as she continues to ramble. When I first read the headline I assumed that this was some sort of riff on Jonathan Swift's A Modest Proposal where he suggests eating babies to make a point. Then I watched it and this chick looks NUTS. So I thought maybe she was just a truly crazy person. But alas, my first instinct was correct. It was a pro-Trump PAC who set it up to make a point. And I must give them this.

As a side note, if you listen to the above video long enough I swear your hands will begin to hurt. Go ahead, I'll wait.

THE JOKER IS POISED FOR AN EPIC OPENING WEEKEND As it scored really big with it's Thursday "preview" day. At the same time, stories are all over the place talking about the threat of violence hanging over this film. Are those two things connected? Could MORE people be planning on attending opening weekend BECAUSE of the threat of violence? I find that gross somehow.

THIS IS AN UTTERLY FASCINATING ARTICLE ON SEX AND MONOGAMY YOU SHOULD READ There is a pretty good bit of research about marriage and poverty and how simply waiting to get married to have children gives you the best chance not to be poor. But this article takes that a good bit further and demonstrates how sex isn't just behind closed doors but has significant impacts on our society at large. Just read it.

SHOULD YOU BE ABLE TO SUE IF SOMEONE BREAKS UP YOUR MARRIAGE? In six states you can do just that. A North Carolina man was awarded $750,000 from his wife's lover when his marriage broke up. I understand the roots of the alienation of affection laws are totally sexist, but I'm not totally opposed to this in theory. I'll explain.

PEOPLE ARE WORKING and unemployment is super low and the number of people who are employed is super high. Let's have a moment to celebrate this good news! Okay, it's over, back to bickering.


BETWEEN THE BADMINTON RACKETS AND THIS I AM GOING BACK TO BED Now I find out that there are people who made a MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR by posting videos of themselves gorging on various foods. I'VE DIED AND WOKEN UP IN CRAZYVILLE.

AMERICAN LOVE FOOD and this guy is really funny.

THE WASHINGTON POST CALLS REP. ADAM SCHIFF A BIG FAT LIAR And I've grabbed this analysis of the Washington Post story (which you can find here but it's behind a paywall) of the Fact Check that the Washington Post's Glenn Kessler did on Congressman Adam Schiff's statement that his committee had not been in contact with the whistleblower. Just as Trump walks around handing out ammunition to his enemies, expect the Trump team to fire away with this. Because the cover up is always worse than the crime.

I'M WITH BEN SASSES ON THIS ONE The Congressman ripped apart two things: Trump asking the Chinese communists to investigate anything and Rep. Adam Schiff and his conduct. I'm in his camp 100% on both of these.

YES, CONGRESSMAN KEN BUCK IS RUNNING AGAIN I had heard rumors from well-placed sources that Rep. Buck was thinking of stepping down. He has announced the opposite.

IF NOTHING ELSE WE SHOULD THANK TRUMP FOR SHOWING US HOW THINGS REALLY OPERATE's Nick Gillespie writes about how Trump is a gift because he is simply doing what all others have done before him, he's just not very good at hiding it. He's right.

AND NOW, A FLYING DRAWBRIDGE For no other reason than I think it's hella cool.


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