We've Got Some Nerdy National Popular Vote Stuff On Deck for a Thursday!

THE NATIONAL POPULAR VOTE WOULD DESTROY THE REPUBLIC And super nerdy guy Robert Hardaway, law professor University of Denver and author of Saving the Electoral College: Why the National Popular Vote Would Undermine Democracy joins me today at 1 to talk about why this thing must go down IN FLAMES in Colorado. Buy his book here!

THE REPORTING ON THE TRUMP STUFF SURE DOES MAKE IT SEEM LIKE PEOPLE IN THE WHITE HOUSE ARE NOT FANS OF TRUMP Because they are leaking about EVERYTHING under the sun. First there is the piece in the Washington Post that tries to make it seem like VP Mike Pence was in on the whole going after the Bidens thing, even though his office has issued staunch denials that he knew about the ask in the first place. When you read the actual article, the leakers say things like he "should" have been given a transcript. He "likely" would have heard about the call. Then there's the article about the odd ellipsis use in the transcript of the call. The implication is that there were things removed or not transcribed. The White House says they just indicate a trailing off of a sentence, something Trump does ALL THE TIME. All of these anonymous White House sources certainly do give cover to the President moving things to a secret server. Dude really can't trust anyone.

AND THEN TRUMP DOUBLES DOWN By asking China to open an investigation into the deal Hunter Biden cut in China while he was there with his dad Joe. But at least he made this ask in public, which is better? Maybe? Gah, I've got nothing here.

THEY MAY BE SLOW BUT THEY ARE SO POLITE YOU DON'T CARE How much time do you spend in drive thrus these days? Patrons are spending more time in line than they used to, and boy howdy is Chik-Fil-A slow. But their workers are so dang nice no one cares. Find out how your favorite stacks up.

THIS IS THE MOST REMARKABLE THING AND THE ULTIMATE CHRISTIAN MOVE I'm not sure I'd be as gracious at Brandt Jean was at the sentencing of his brother's murderer. Just watch this.


WANT TO BE GAY? THERE'S AN APP FOR THAT well not REALLY but a Russian man is SUING Apple because he says he was turned gay by a cryptocurrency app he downloaded from the Apple store. I know you're thinking WHAT? because I sure was, but check this out:

In a complaint published on Wednesday, Razumilov says he received 69 GayCoins on a cryptocurrency payment app he downloaded onto his iPhone in 2017.
The unknown sender of the coins reported wrote a message in English for Razumilov which he interpreted as "don't judge without trying". Razumilov said in his complaint: "I thought, indeed, how can I judge something without trying it?"
And so, because of this message, he said he began having same-sex relationships.
"I can say after the passage of two months that I'm mired in intimacy with a member of my own sex and can't get out," the complaint continues.
Razumilov explained: "I have a steady boyfriend and I don't know how to explain it to my parents."

Part of me admires his moxie but this truly insane. Read the whole thing here.

ANTI SEMITISM IS NOW COOL AGAIN OFFICIALLY Because now pop stars who visit Israel, which by the way is the cradle of Christianity and full of holy sites related to the Christian religion, have to APOLOGIZE for going there. At least Demi Lovato did when her idiotic fans gave her crap for her recent trip. Seriously. She apologized. For going to Israel. We've lost our damn minds.

THIS ARTICLE POINTS OUT THE OBVIOUS: TOO MANY PEOPLE ARE TALKING TO OTHER PEOPLE ABOUT CLASSIFIED STUFF This is a really good article about people talking in this White House to people they shouldn't. It's pretty non partisan and explains the actual procedures about classified information. The person who spilled to the whistleblower broke the law. Maybe he should move to Russia with Edward Snowden?

NYC'S EDUCATION DEPARTMENT IS TOTES RACIST AGAINST WHITE PEOPLE New York City schools have a racism problem and it's against white people. A fourth employee has filed suit against the Department of Education alleging bias and discrimination against white folks.

FRANCE NEEDS KNIFE CONTROL! A man walked into a Paris police station and stabbed and killed four people. The perpetrator was an employee who had no history of any sort of problems. It must be the knife!

TAKE MY MONEY NOW AND SEND ME CLOTHES This technology is AMAZING because I hate to shop for clothes and this thing promises to measure me and let me virtually try on clothes. GAME ON.

AND NOW, MONKEYS IN SPACE with one of my other favorite comedians Reno Collier


FLIGHT SHAMING IS A THING NOW AND I WISH SOMEONE WOULD DO IT TO ME You read it right, now annoying environmental busy bodies are taking their road show to the airport to make people who fly feel bad or something. They can suck it. Some people are buying it and getting sucked into not flying as much to prove how green they really are. Whatever.

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