I'm a Little Too Excited to Talk To Comedian Matt Falk

MATT FALK IS THE KIND OF COMEDIAN THE WHOLE FAMILY CAN WATCH And I LOVE him so I called him up in Canada and he's going to be on the show today and I am STOKED! Here is the bit that literally made me convulse with laughter.

SECRETARY OF STATE MIKE POMPEO IS PUSHING BACK AGAINST CONGRESS Even if you are 100% in favor of an impeachment inquiry I sure hope that you would want it to be done by the letter of the law and the book so to speak. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a press conference Wednesday that not only was he on the phone call with Ukraine in July, he is also pushing back against Congress at least partially because of the way they are trying to intimidate State Department employees. Watch it here.


This is just a preview of what is to come. President Donald Trump is not going to roll over on this or anything else. We shall see...

I WISH BERNIE A SPEEDY RECOVERY BUT THIS PRETTY MUCH ENDS HIS CAMPAIGN Bernie Sanders is in the hospital where he underwent surgery to relieve a blockage in his arteries. His campaign has been trucking along but I think this pretty much ends it. He stands no chance of getting the nomination at all. None. And this just reinforces the notion that he's a tired old man.

IF BOOKING HOTEL ROOMS AND NOT USING THEM IS BRIBERY, WE NEED TO GET HILLARY CLINTON ON THE PHONE One of the things being looked at by House Democrats is whether or not President Trump is being bribed by groups booking rooms at his hotels and then not using them. One Democratic Congressman said this is "raw bribery". Okay, if THAT'S raw bribery, what were the donations to the Clinton Foundation? Check out this article on how donations crashed after Hillary lost in 2016, but pay attention to the obvious HUGE spikes when she was running for POTUS. You think THAT is a coincidence? I sure don't. This is far more of a smoking gun to me then people booking rooms and not showing up. It's really funny to me that no one bothers to ask questions about money unless a Republican is the one making it.

PROP CC IS A MASSIVE LOSER AND IF I COULD VOTE NO MORE THAN ONCE I WOULD If you don't understand how important the Taxpayers Bill of Rights is to keeping Colorado's government in check, just look at Prop CC, the ballot measure that takes your TABOR mandated tax refunds to curb spending away FOREVER. Not for a little bit, FOREVER. If government was in dire straits, they could just repeal TABOR, right? But they aren't. Budgets have grown and the new Trump tax cuts are actually getting Colorado even MORE of your money because they voted not to change the law to benefit the taxpayers here but themselves instead. They can go pound sand if you ask me. Jon Caldara writes a dandy of a column about it here. This column reminds you of what happened the last time government lied to Coloradans about keeping their money.

IS IT OKAY IF IMPEACHMENT PUSHES ALL OTHER ISSUES ASIDE? This is where I think the Democrats need to take a moment. People want action on things they deem important. Gun control is important to a LOT of people, and after a summer of several mass shootings, it seemed like the iron was hot. Now, not so much. Why? Because IMPEACHMENT. Now some are wondering if this is ever going to get done. As well they should. Not that I mind, but if this mattered to me I'd be super annoyed.

ASIAN STUDENTS GET SCREWED BY HARVARD AND A DISTRICT JUDGE I fully expect to see this case at the Supreme Court at some point. Harvard discriminates AGAINST Asian students in it's admissions policies. They admit they require Asian students to have HIGHER grades and that they score them lower on "likability" to insure that too many Asians don't get in. A district judge upheld the program. We'll see what the Supremes say.

COULD THE DAYS OF THE FOUR PEPPERONI PIZZA BE OVER? And by four pepperoni pizza I mean FOUR SLICES of pepperoni on my alleged pepperoni pizza. That happened to me and when I called to complain I was told that a certain employee didn't LIKE pepperoni so he had a tendency to undertop MY pizza. This pizza robot solves that problem completely. Check it out:

THIS WOMAN IS A SPECIAL KIND OF STUPID And she's lucky she's not dead after she did this.

REP. RASHIDA TALIB SAYS ANOTHER RACIST THING But it's only about white people so no one cares. She says all white people think all black people look alike. Yawn.

WE SPEND MORE ON TAXES THAN PRETTY MUCH ANYTHING ELSE And it's not just me saying it, read this. That's more than food, clothing and healthcare COMBINED. But the corporations are our problem, right Bernie?

NOW THE ETHNIC FOOD SECTION IS RACIST AND I JUST CAN'T This is not a drill. This is real. The Washington Post did a long article about how the ethnic food aisle at the grocery store is racist. Just check out the opening paragraphs

To millions of shoppers, the supermarket is just a place to stock up on produce and pantry staples to keep the family fed. But to others, especially children of immigrants who may already feel pushed to the margins of the American mainstream, the supermarket can be just another place to experience the sting of their outsider status.
The sting occurs whenever they walk down the “ethnic” food aisle, the section of the supermarket that, to some, plays out like a remnant of the Jim Crow era, when laws established separate facilities for African Americans in the post-Reconstruction South. Sometimes known as the “international” food aisle, or even “Asian” and “Latino” aisles, these rows can come across to the shoppers they seemingly target as de facto segregation, another kind of “separate but equal” policy that marginalized African Americans for generations.
“If you go to the ethnic food aisle, that is sort of the last bastion of racism that you can see in full daylight in retail America,” David Chang, the man at the helm of the Momofuku empire, said onhis podcast this summer. “It is something that’s got to go.”

Got that? Finding an easy place to find lo mein noodles easily is a full on aggression against Chinese people or something. This is an article ABOUT the article because the article itself is pay walled.

WHY ARE WE APPLAUDING THE 70TH ANNIVERSARY OF COMMUNIST CHINA? David Harsanyi and I disagree with this. He says so strongly here.

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