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MY FRIEND COMIC HYPNOTIST RICH GUZZI IS IN TODAY And he's going to hypnotize either Dave the Intrepid or InstaGrant! He's performing at the Denver Improv this weekend, you should go see him. Buy your tickets by clicking here! Get help with a whole bunch of issues by visiting Rich's website here.

EITHER TRUMP'S CALL WITH ZELENSKY IS OF NATIONAL SECURITY IMPORTANCE OR IT ISN'T. You can't have it both ways. As of right now, I'd say Trump could reasonably be accused of a campaign finance violation at most. The notion that he somehow put national security at risk is just stupid. And now the focus has shifted in the media to the "cover up" of the call that occurred when senior White House officials moved the transcript of the call to a server normally reserved for high level national security information. This article from of all places, MSNBC, actually seems to give Trump some cover, although shaky. Trump has dealt with a significant leaking problem since he's been in office. And the leaks are never good stuff, so his staff is super paranoid about making sure that if something leaks, they have a reasonable expectation of finding out who did the leaking. Thus the move to the super secure server. But the move only occurred because of the content of the call. Did Trump order the move? Or did his Chief of Staff? Or some other high level official? It does make it seem that even they knew this was a big deal. The story gets more interesting by the day. I personally think that if Donald Trump begins to believe his Presidency is in real jeopardy he is going to BURN DOWN DC. I would imagine the collateral damage would be significant. The Democrats either are underestimating his ability to fight dirty or don't think it will work. They are wrong imo. And HotAir.com is reporting that the White House has admitted to moving the transcript to a secure server and offers a possible explanation for it, and that is the mention of the sale of more Javelin missiles to Ukraine. We'll see if the White House takes the up as a reason.

SO IF WHISTLEBLOWERS ARE GOOD AND HAVE TO BE PROTECTED WHY CAN'T EDWARD SNOWDEN COME HOME? I ask this rhetorically but now that everyone in DC is scrambling to protect the identity of the whistleblower who reported Trump, why doesn't Edward Snowden get the same treatment? Just a question.

AND ABOUT JOE BIDEN'S ROLE IN FIRING A UKRAINIAN PROSECUTOR John Solomon at TheHill.com has a bunch of formerly secret memos that sort of destroy Joe Biden's story about that whole thing. You need to read this whole story. We shall discuss it today, but if the cover up is worse than the crime for Trump, shouldn't Biden and his son be held to the same standard?

NANCY PELOSI HASN'T CALLED AN "OFFICIAL" IMPEACHMENT VOTE SO THERE IS NO "OFFICIAL" INQUIRY This is EXACTLY what I thought when I heard the Speaker of the House say there is an "official" impeachment investigation going on. No, there isn't, not until the FULL HOUSE votes on one. That's how it worked for Nixon and Clinton. And for some reason that hasn't happened yet. From the Wall Street Journal:

The issue here is political accountability. Impeaching a President means nullifying the results of a presidential election, which is the core act of American democratic legitimacy. If Democrats are going to do this, they have an obligation to stand up and be counted in a way that the public can examine.
In both the Nixon and Clinton cases, the authorizing resolutions laid out the parameters of the impeachment inquiry and the powers the Judiciary Committee could exercise. A resolution that attracted Republican votes would also enhance the credibility of the probe.
Our guess is that Mrs. Pelosi is ducking a vote because she knows such a resolution in this case would be almost entirely partisan. That would hurt impeachment’s credibility with the public. She may also be trying to protect her Members in swing districts who want to wait as long as possible to go on record on impeachment. If the polls turn against impeachment and she has to settle for censuring Mr. Trump, she’d like to spare her vulnerable Members from having to vote even for an inquiry.

This sure makes it tough to argue that we aren't seeing a purely political operation in motion, doesn't it?

ONE OF THE RECALL POLIS GROUPS RIPPED PEOPLE OFF And this is why I absolutely HATE that so much time and energy was WASTED on this effort. One of the groups who did NOTHING but collect money has now been kind enough to give some of it's donations to it's board and volunteers. How is this not criminal???

RTD FARES DON'T COVER A QUARTER OF IT'S COSTS And I swear we could almost buy everyone who used light rail a car and save money. This is insane.


I'M NOT CRYING, YOU'RE CRYING This story will give you faith in humanity. And maybe get sand in your eye.

HERE ARE THE 89 THINGS DEMOCRATS SAID TRUMP SHOULD BE IMPEACHED FOR And it begins to look a little insane when you see them all lined up like this. I'm not sure the Democrats have really thought this through.

JAPAN AIRLINES LETS YOU KNOW WHERE THE SCREAMING KIDS WILL BE And I LOVE this feature so much I could marry it. When you go to book your flight on Japan Airlines website, you can look for a little emoji which indicates where a child under 2 will be sitting! Shut the Front Door! This is AMAZING. Now JAL says that if you book through a tour company or other website it won't show up, but at least you get a chance to shoot for a child free seat. Other airlines should follow suit. And I say this as a parent who traveled extensively with Q when she was a baby.

NEW YORK CITY DOESN'T GIVE A CRAP ABOUT YOUR FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS And I sure hope someone challenges this new idiotic law banning the use of the phrase "illegal alien". You read that right. A GOVERNMENT has BANNED the use of words they don't like. How about they ban these words: morons, idiots, numb skulls and dumb asses? Because that's what they are.

EVEN OUR CATS ARE FAT And kitty obesity is a real problem. We love our animals to death by giving them too many treats and now kitties are having to go on diets.



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