Don't Look at Me To Defend Trump on This One

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I'VE GOT AN AUTHOR WHO WRITES ABOUT THE PSYCHOLOGY OF THE JOKER And it's not as nuts as it might seem. I'll talk to Travis Langley, Author of The Joker Psychology: Evil Clowns and the Women Who Love Them right when we jump to the stream at 1. Buy this book here.

I'M NOT SURE WHAT TRUMP DID RISES TO THE LEVEL OF IMPEACHMENT BUT if any of you are discarding what he did as no big deal, I ask you this: what if Obama did it? What if Clinton did it? What if any Democrat President did it? Then it would be a BIG DEAL. It is a BIG DEAL. Whether you like it or not, asking a foreign president to dig up dirt on your political opponents is as bad as paying a former foreign intelligence operative to dig up dirt on your opponent. Actually, it's WORSE. WAY, WAY worse. Trump did this to himself, 100%. He could have used intermediaries like Hillary Clinton did, but he doesn't believe he's going to be held accountable so he did it himself. This was just really, really stupid. The only saving grace is there was no direct quid pro quo offer of aid for dirt. That's really the only saving grace. The thing that gets me is that much of this is very, very similar to the language Trump used about General Michael Flynn with Comey that created a HUGE problem for him before. I get it that he's a negotiator and a wheeler dealer, but HE'S ALSO PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. He can't play fast and loose anymore. It matters too much.


DID TRUMP'S PRESS CONFERENCE HELP OR HURT? Watch for yourself. He certainly wasn't his normal bombastic self.

MILLENNIALS ARE JUST LIKE THE REST OF US! And they are moving out of cities for better schools and more space and affordable housing just like every generation before them. You guys weren't listening to my show back in 2006 when new articles were saying things like "millennials will save urban centers" and cities like Denver were bending over backward to build massive infrastructure projects like light rail because millennials were NEVER going to own cars or move to the suburbs and whatnot. It was stupid. Because people change their habits dramatically when they have kids. They always have, they always will. And millennials are having kids.

GUESS WHAT? THE GOVERNOR'S AGENDA IS COSTING US A FORTUNE Anyone with half a brain who watched the last legislative session in Colorado knew that multiple bills were going to be budget busters. And now those chickens are coming home to roost. Budget writers are already sounding the alarms about how we are going to pay for the grandiose plans of our current Governor and Legislature. Remember when you voted against all those budget busting issues in the last election cycle? Well they all got passed anyway. This is why we should all be grateful for the Taxpayers Bill of Rights and why Prop CC MUST DIE. Because if the legislators won't listen to us at the ballot box then they can figure out how to make due with what they have. Jerks.

THE GOVERNOR'S OFFICE WANTS TO CONTROL THE NEWS TOO As they don't like newspaper articles that point out the free spending Governor created THREE new tax payer funded offices this year and his office reached out to newspapers to have them UNpublish an article to that effect. Seriously.

THE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT SIMPLY MADE INSURANCE LESS AFFORDABLE FOR A DIFFERENT DEMOGRAPHIC And I'm speaking about health insurance here in Colorado, where more people are covered than before because more people are covered by their employers. Young and poor people have better coverage, but middle class people and people over 50 are covered LESS because they've been priced out of the market. We've simply shuffled the deck chairs on the Titanic.

WHAT IS IT ABOUT THE JOKER MOVIES THAT ATTRACT LUNACY? The new Joker movie is getting stellar reviews as a super creepy origin story of the Batman villain, but it's also creating controversy. The director has a great point when he asks why other violent movies don't get the same treatment. Considering our connection to a real life villain inspired by the comic book villain, I am not sure I'd go see this opening weekend. Just admitting the truth here.

I DON'T KNOW WHY THIS STORY MADE ME LAUGH BUT IT DID A Tesla police car (don't get me started on why a police department has a Tesla) ran out of electricity during a pursuit. Heh.

I DIDN'T THINK IT WOULD WORK, BUT IT DID I made fun of CEO Dan Price of Gravity Payments when he raised the salaries of his workforce to $70,000 a year. After an initial flurry of a few people quitting, he seems to have done it. Now he's offering the same wage for employees in his new Boise, Idaho office, where I'm guessing $70,000 a year goes a lot further. I am here to offer a mea culpa on my initial mockery.

SUMMER READING IS ALL ABOUT RACISM At least according to a study done by the National Association of Scholars. The surveyed almost 500 colleges and universities to see what they assigned as summer reading then evaluated what the central themes of the works are. Unsurprisingly, the overwhelming theme this year is race, slavery, and racism. And they wonder why some people view colleges as indoctrination centers. This column breaks it down. To be clear, I am not opposed to students reading and learning about racism, slavery and race, but can we have just a bit of balance? In trying to fix the imbalances of the past professors are now doing an injustice to their students by not presenting a fuller picture.

THIS COUPLE LOST WEIGHT WITH MEAL PREPPING and this is one of those things I am trying to adopt, although not quite this extremely. But hey, it helped them lose a crap ton of weight so I thought I'd share it.

MATTEL HAS LAUNCHED A LINE OF GENDER NEUTRAL BARBIES And I honestly can't wait to see how well these sell. I'm genuinely curious.

I'M A LITTLE BIT OBSESSED WITH THIS STEP DANCING GROUP and so you need to watch them too.


I LOVE THIS GUY Matt Falk is a comedian you've probably never heard of but I'm having him on the show soon.

WE CAN'T CURE THE COMMON COLD, BUT WE MAY HAVE AIDS BEAT To be clear, that is a very, very good thing, but THIS COLD IS HORRIBLE. I'm done venting. It seems that doctors have found a way to prevent HIV virus infected cells from replicating, which could amount to cure for the deadly disease. Here's hoping the cold is next.

IF YOU LOOK AT NOTHING ELSE ON THE BLOG YOU HAVE TO LOOK AT THIS You have GOT to look at this article and check out the graphs of progress in the world. For all the gloom and doom that poor scolding miserable teenager preached, she need only look at where we've come from to understand how silly her viewpoint is. And yes, it is silly and horrible that people around her have lead her to believe she's living on a doomed planet. THEY robbed her of her childhood, no one else.

WILL DENVER'S $15 MINIMUM WAGE CRUSH RESTAURANTS? The move to ensure workers make what politicians call a "living wage" (but always at someone else's expense, mind you) is on and restaurants are usually at the center of the conversation. Why? Because the margins in most restaurants are very thin. Razor thin in some cases. And let's face it, people don't have to eat out. And when prices rise because wages do, people may make other choices. Read this for more.

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