What's Happened to the Middle Class?

WE'RE TALKING CLASS STRUCTURE IN THE US WITH PEW Because I saw this story and wanted to see if I could get some historical perspective on where people go when they move from one class to another in the United States. The Middle Class is smaller than it was in 1971, but where did those people go? I'll talk to Rakesh Kochhar who is an associate director of research at Pew Research Center at 1 about it. Find the income calculator here!

HOW ABOUT SOME OLD WEST FUN THIS WEEKEND? Salida is celebrating it's history this weekend with Salida Heritage Days and Steve Chapman's going to pop on at 2 to discuss it. Find out all the details by clicking here.

COULD THIS WHISTLEBLOWER CLAIM FORCE DEMOCRATS TO IMPEACH TRUMP? They seem to be moving in that direction, but this isn't as much of a slam dunk as some like AOC think it is. First off, Biden has some explaining to do about how he held up foreign aid unless Ukraine fired a prosecutor to protect his son. Second, the average American doesn't want impeachment. This column by law professor Jonathan Turley does the best job in explaining why this is very tricky for Democrats too. Rudy Giuliani is now alleging that Joe Biden's son Hunter Biden got $3 million from Ukraine through two intermediary countries with no explanation. We'll see how this ends up.

WAR OR FRACKING, PICK ONE This column outlines PERFECTLY my feelings about what's happening between Saudi Arabia and Iran. For those who want to keep all of our oil in the ground, they are practically sounding the war drums. But if you don't want to have to continue to be muddled in the affairs of a regime with horrible human rights records, you need to get our oil and natural gas out of the ground. Pick one.

THIS IS A PUFF PIECE ON PROP CC BUT DON'T FALL FOR IT If you dropped in from outer space and read this article, you'd think the state of Colorado was in dire straits and about to go under if we all didn't let them keep our Taxpayer Bill of Rights mandated tax refunds not only this year, BUT FOREVER. Don't fall for this crap, people. They have plenty of money, they just choose to spend it on things like an office of the FuTure of Work or some such garbage. I can't stress how much NO I hope you all vote on this one. Amy Oliver Cooke agrees with me and writes about it well here.

HERE'S A LIST OF EMMY WINNERS Most of which I have not seen and probably won't ever see. But here.

SOMETIMES A SIMPLE KNEE DROP WILL DO THE TRICK A guy DIED proposing to his girlfriend and I blame selfie culture. I'm sure he was planning on having her Instagram out the entire thing BUT HE DROWNED INSTEAD. She did post the video of the proposal on her Facebook page, so I guess that's something.

WE'RE QUITE THE FINE PLACE TO RETIRE! Colorado is no Florida when it comes to retirees, but we just ranked as the 6th best city to retire in by WalletHub. The Springs came in at #49. California and Connecticut brought up the rear.

NO CONDITIONER AFTER A NUKE AND OTHER USEFUL TIDBITS Just so you know, when you take that first shower after the nuclear winter begins, do NOT use conditioner. Why? It could trap radiation on your hair. Good to know! But is making sure you have volume really what you're going to be worried about in this situation? But again, good to know.

NOT YOUR AVERAGE DAD JOKES...Comedian Bob Smiley talks about his dad.

THE HOUSE VOTED TO REIGN IN JUSTICE WHEN IT COMES TO POT And I doubt Sen. Mitch McConnell will bring it up in the Senate but at least the House is willing to do something to free up states to manage their own business. Here's a story about the details.

ROOTBEER FLOATS ARE OUR THING? I've lived in two states with a clearly defined set of foods that could be considered "their" food. Key lime pie in Florida? check. Mint Julep from Kentucky? Check. Now I find out that the root beer float is our food? I had no idea and I'm not sure I like it. Isn't there something better?

THIS WOMAN IS LIKE ME ON SPEED And I'd never heard of Monique Marvez until now but I'm paying attention.

THIS WAS ONE VERY FUNNY BIT FROM LAST NIGHT'S EMMYS And leave it to Bob Newhart to make Emmy magic.

DID THE GOVERNMENT IN THE SPRINGS DO WHAT THEY SAID THEY WERE GOING TO DO WITH THE POTHOLE TAX MONEY? This watchdog group is checking it out. In 2015 the residents of Colorado Springs voted to raise the sales tax rate just a skosh to fix potholes. At least that's the way it was sold to voters. Did they do that? Well maybe. The DID however spend almost half of the money collected on things like curb repair and bike lanes. Now government is asking for an extension of the tax. Should they get it? Read this and then make up your mind.

CU DENVER BLAMES THE MESSENGER INSTEAD OF ASKING WHY THIS COURSE WAS EVEN DONE THIS WAY I'm one of those people who wants the ENTIRE history of the United States to be taught in school. The good, the bad and the ugly. I think there is room to discuss EVERYONE's contributions to our nation's greatness. So when I read that a professor at CU-Denver decided to ONLY teach American Political Thought using underrepresented voices, I knew the class fell woefully short. When a former student wrote about the fact that NONE of the Founding Fathers were included my concerns were confirmed. That article on Campus Reform unfortunately spawned the usual flurry of horrible online threats and nastiness. And now CU-Denver is MAD AT THE KID WHO WROTE THE ARTICLE rather than asking why the class couldn't be completely inclusive instead, which is why people are increasingly dismissive of higher ed.

IT'S TIME FOR THE HALLOWEEN CANDY DEBATE TO BEGIN And a news anchor in Seattle started the madness by asking people which of six popular candy bars they would give up forever. The answer is obviously Twix but some of you communists chose otherwise.

IS SKULL EVOLUTION MESSING US UP? Thanks to Tammy one of my favorite emailers for this story. It seems that our skulls, they are achanging, and it's not for the better. And I don't mean slowly over time, I mean rapidly over time. Read this for the whole breakdown. Totally fascinating.

ANOTHER GREAT EXAMPLE OF WHY YOU NEED TO CHECK OUT WHAT YOU ARE SHARING Before you share it. You may have seen the photo of a bunch of garbage allegedly left behind by the recent climate strikers. It wasn't from that at all, but from a 4/20 rally in the UK. If you don't know how to right click and Search Google for the image, have someone show you!

COULD YOU GUYS BOYCOTT MY PODCAST NEXT? Because the whole boycott Chik-Fil-A had the exact OPPOSITE effect, with sales up dramatically since the so-called boycott was announced. If y'all could just boycott my podcast next, that would be great! Here's a handy link!


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