'The Crown' Season 3 Trailer Shows Olivia Colman As Queen Elizabeth II

In the first trailer for the upcoming third season of Netflix's The Crown, Academy Award winning actress Olivia Colman takes over the role of Queen Elizabeth II from Claire Foy. Foy played the long reigning monarch during the first two seasons of the hit royal drama, which covered the early years of Queen Elizabeth's rule. As the show jumps ahead in time for the third season, Colman will portray an older, more experienced Queen Elizabeth.

The rest of the original cast has been swapped out for new actors and actresses, as well, and the first trailer for the new season addresses the shake up head on. "Everyone is delighted with the new profile, ma'am," one of the queen's staff tells the monarch in the trailer. "They feel to be an elegant reflection of her majesty's transition from young woman to—" the staff member starts to say, before Colman's Queen Elizabeth cuts in with: "Old bat?"

The third season takes place during Harold Wilson's time as Prime Minister in 1977 and is set to cover many prominent historical events, including the Aberfan disaster, the Apollo 11 moon landing and Princess Margaret's much publicized affair with Roddy Llewellyn and her subsequent divorce from Anthony Armstong-Jones.

Fans of the real life royal family will also be excited to see the fictionalized versions of Prince Charles' wives introduced in the third season, as well. Emerald Fennell will play Camilla Parker Bowles, while Emma Corrin has been cast as Princess Diana. It's expected Corrin will have a minor role in the third season and an expanded role in the already green-lit fourth season.

Are you excited for the next season of The Crown when it premieres on November 17?

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