It's a Free For All Friday, Friends! Because I Love Alliteration!

IT'S FRIDAY, SO LET'S PARTY! And I mean on the radio of course. Whatcha got? Because I have things.

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I HAVE A QUESTION ABOUT THIS TRUMP WHISTLEBLOWER THING It seems that a whistleblower complaint has been lodged about some "promises" Trump made to someone in Ukraine. Also, Rudy Giuliani is pressuring Ukraine to investigate whether or not Joe Biden demanded the guy who was investigating his son be fired or the US would withhold promised aid (which he totally did and the guy WAS fired and Joe Biden bragged about getting him fired). We already know the DNC and the Clinton campaign hired foreign operative to dig up dirt on candidate Trump. And that Obama was caught on a hot mic telling Russian President Medvedev he'd have "more flexibility" after the election on missile defense, so I'm genuinely confused at this moment why this is a thing. Seems this sort of thing has been de rigueur among Democrats in power for a long time. And it's been no big deal for Biden, who got a prosecutor WHO WAS INVESTIGATING HIS SON fired. Either there is more to this story or someone needs to explain why it's bad when THIS administration does it but now when Obama's administration does it.

SO WHO'S GOING TO STORM AREA 51 THIS WEEKEND? not me, because I'm not crazy. But two million people have checked Yes on a Facebook page denoting this weekend as THE weekend the hordes are going to take over the mysterious "air force station" to find out if there are indeed aliens among us. Good luck, you crazy kids, and I'm stressing the crazy on this one.

THIS IS WHAT IT FEELS LIKE TO BE CORRECTED BY CHARLES HARRINGTON ELSTER Formula 1 racer Lewis Hamilton got to have dinner with the Queen! Yay for him! Except the Queen corrected his manners when he tried to talk to her during the first two courses of the meal. Booo. He didn't seem bothered about it really.

WE WON'T HAVE BILL DE BLASIO TO KICK AROUND ANYMORE As he is giving up he Presidential ambitions to continue ruining New York. We are officially under 20 candidates for the Democratic nomination now! Woot!

IF YOU DON'T MIND LOOKING LIKE AN IDIOT YOU'LL ALWAYS HAVE A SEAT Because someone have invented a wearable chair. For real. Look at this nonsense.

Unless you have some sort of physical condition that makes standing untenable this is ridiculous.

COLT SUSPENDS PRODUCTION OF THE AR-15 BUT NOT BECAUSE OF SOME ANTI-GUN STUFF The gun manufacturer announced the suspension of production because they believe the market is saturated with the weapons and they'd like to catch up on their military and law enforcement orders so let's not make more of this than is here unless new information becomes available.

THIS CAMPAIGN WAS SHORTER THAN A HOLLYWOOD MARRIAGE Just FOUR days after she announced her entry into the Democratic primary for the US Senate, Denise Burgess dropped out of the race. Her campaign says it's not because of the exposure of IRS liens, but because they overestimated the enthusiasm for her candidacy. I've met Denise Burgess and she is an impressive woman and business owner. I happen to believe her when she says they just didn't get the response they initially believed would come.

WE'VE TIED THE RECORD FOR POLITICAL POLARIZATION! Donald Trump's approval ratings are sharply divided by party affiliation. There is an 86 point gap between how Republicans view the job Trump is doing and how Democrats view the job Trump is doing. Other Presidents who have set this bar before? Obama.

WHEN OFFENSIVE STATEMENTS ARE NOT OFFENSIVE BECAUSE SOMEONE SAYS SO This out of Trenton, New Jersey where a City Council member used the phrase "Jew them down" to describe what the city did to a woman who fell and hurt herself on a sidewalk. The phrase leaked and two other members defended it as no big deal before being forced to apologize.

SOMETIMES THEY FIND DEAD KITTENS IN A HOARDERS HOUSE, SOMETIMES IT'S FETAL REMAINS The horrific story of the doctor who kept a couple of thousand jars of fetal remains in his garage gets an explanation. He was a hoarder see, and it's only logical that he would hoard baby bodies at his house too, right? I'm being sarcastic.


EXPECT TO SEE NIPPLES IN FORT COLLINS Because the women who challenged the topless ban for women have gotten a favorable ruling from the 10th Circuit court of appeals that overturns the ban on women walking around topless. Good news, guys, the feminists got you what many of you want, which is boobs out for your viewing pleasure.

WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU USED A SEMICOLON? There is a new book about the lowly semicolon and how it has fallen out of use.

ANTONIO BROWN IS THE STUPIDEST MAN ALIVE Because he thought is was a good idea to send threatening and intimidating text messages to the second woman to accuse him of sexual impropriety. Text messages. Which can be shared with everyone. And the NFL is oddly quiet, as are the Patriots.

COMMUNIST UTOPIA HAS GAS LINES AND BLACKOUTS And it's Cuba I'm talking about. Cuba used to rely on it's cozy relationship with Venezuela to get it's gasoline, but now Venezuela is collapsing and the oil has stopped flowing and now Cuba is screwed. I sure hope Michael Moore heads down there to talk about how great the hospitals are when they have no power.

HERE'S HOPING REX REED NEVER REVIEWS ANYTHING I DO Because he can savage a move like nobody's business and he HATED the new Demi Moore movie.

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