Please Tell Me I'm Right and the Guru of Intermittent Fasting Today!

CHARLES HARRINGTON ELSTER FOR PLEASE TELL ME I'M RIGHT! So get your grammar and word questions ready for him at 1! Find out more about Charles and buy his books by clicking here!

INTERMITTENT FASTING IS HAVING A MOMENT RIGHT NOW And I'm very excited to have a doctor who has been advocating IF via his book The Obesity Code and his very active YouTube channel on today. Dr. Jason Fung joins me at 2 to talk about how you can change your health with IF Watch his YouTube channel here or buy his book here.

SO CANADA'S PM IS SOME RACIST, EH? For the record, I do NOT think Justin Trudeau's stunning bad judgment from years ago makes him a racist. But boy howdy is it fun to apply the same standard to this darling of the Left Wing as it is applied to President Trump. PM Trudeau has not only ONE blackface photo, but TWO photos, one of which was from that time he performed in blackface singing Harry Belafonte. This is so rich. But maybe this will be enough to stop immediately jumping to the WHAT A RACIST card every time a white person does something dumb. Nahhh, this is too much fun this way, amiright?

WE ARE ABOUT TO WITNESS THE END OF THE GLORY DAYS OF STREAMING SERVICES Because the Big Boys are about to launch their streaming services and it's going to quickly get to the point where it's going to cost more to stream everything than it would to just have cable. So enjoy it while you can.

I HAD THESE YESTERDAY BUT I MUST SHARE AGAIN Because it's always fun when someone gathers up all the failed climate predictions in one place.

YOU PROBABLY MISSED CHRISTIAN TOTO ON YESTERDAY TALKING ABOUT ENTERTAINMENT So here's a handy link to the podcast so you can listen! We talked about cancel culture and Dave Chappelle's new special.

WANT FREE FOOD? THEN HEAD ON OVER TO LONG JOHN SILVERS AND TALK LIKE A PIRATE You heard me right, LJS is GIVING AWAY a free piece of fish if you go there and talk like a pirate because today is National Talk Like a Pirate Day.

THIS IS GOOD NEWS FOR COLORADO KIDS WHO VAPE I GUESS We have the highest rates of teen vaping in the country, and yet ZERO cases of the mysterious vaping illness that has hospitalized dozens and killed six. Why? No one knows but they are sure trying to find out.


HOW THE AUTHOR OF RICH DAD, POOR DAD LEARNED ABOUT MONEY What a great interview and I'm playing Monopoly with Q this weekend.


A DAVID MAMET REVIVAL GIVES BROADWAY THE VAPORS And not because American Buffalo isn't worth revisiting, because it most certainly is, but since playwright David Mamet is now out as a *lowersvoice* conservative. So now he's the devil instead of one of the best dialogue writers of our lifetime. And theater types couldn't get to Twitter fast enough to express their disdain. This is so tired. If you work in theater and can't appreciate the genius of David Mamet's writing you shouldn't be in theater.

GM PLAYS SUBTLE HARD BALL WITH THE STRIKING WORKERS AND THEIR UNION About 45,000 GM workers are currently on strike, and GM decided to allow the union, who pushed the strike, to take over the cost of their healthcare. I find this entirely reasonable. The Union does not. Tough.

NOW AI CAN HELP DETERMINE IF YOU ARE RISK OF DYING OF A HEART ATTACK And this is really cool. A new artificial intelligence can use 15 minutes of an EKG of a patient who has already had cardiovascular event and figure out what risk category they are in for imminent death. And then doctors can use the most aggressive or effective treatment depending on category. This is just cool.

AT THE END OF THE DAY, SOME OF THESE CLICHES NEED TO DIE And this article reminds us of the importance of having a conversation before we reach a tipping point.

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