Terrorists Plan an Attack in Aurora on our Hybrid Show!

WE'VE GOT A HYBRID SHOW, OVER THE AIR TO STREAMING At 12:30 we make the switch as the Rockies take over. This is almost over!

A BUNCH OF THUGS ARE PLANNING TO TERRORIZE AN AURORA MAN And I use all of those words purposefully. Johnny Choate is the warden of the ICE detention facility in Aurora. A group of Anti-ICE terrorists are planning to picket outside this man's house and visit all of his neighbors homes to let them know they live next to "the gestapo". I have some words about this and they are not kind.

HOLLYWOOD IN TOTO'S CHRISTIAN TOTO TALKS DAVE CHAPELLE He's visiting with us at 1 to discuss the fooferaw around Chappelle's latest comedy special which takes aim at PC and "cancel" culture. Find Hollywood in Toto by clicking here.

WHEN COLBERT CAN'T GET A STRAIGHT ANSWER FROM A DEM CANDIDATE, IS THERE ONE? Noted left wing comedian Stephen Colbert had Democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren on and tried to get her to answer a simple question: who is going to pay for Medicare for All? Just watch this.

WOMAN ACCIDENTALLY EXPLAINS WHY WOMEN ARE HARD TO BOOK In an effort to make sure more women are included in media appearances, some dame laid out how to make it more convenient for busy women to appear and in doing so she pretty much demonstrates why there aren't more women in media appearances. Read the whole Twitter thread here.

TRANSGENDER MANIA IS A REAL THING AND THIS PARENT IS WARNING OTHER PARENTS This column is written anonymously by a parent whose middle schooler all of a sudden decided she was transgender. It is shocking and disappointing and really sad.

LET'S TALK ABOUT A REAL MASS KILLER TODAY And that mass killer isn't carrying a firearm, it's carrying fat. Lots and lots of fat. Obesity killed 40,000 Americans last month. And we are going to follow the regular pattern, it's time we really pushed Congress to DO SOMETHING and ban sugar. And junk food. And soda. Because IF IT COULD SAVE ONE LIFE we MUST do it. I'm starting the movement today.

WE'RE EVEN MAKING OUR DOGS FAT A new survey says that overweight people are more likely to have overweight dogs.

HERE'S A FUN LIST OF FAILED CLIMATE PREDICTIONS! Remember the worldwide famine of '75? Or the 21st Century Ice Age that ravaged the Earth? No? It's because these predictions by scientists were utterly and completely wrong. We'll share some highlights today!

BECAUSE EVERYONE NEEDS A ROOMBA COMEDIAN, AMIRIGHT? This little robot is actually super cute. It's cleans the floors AND tells jokes! See Ella here.

THIS MAKES ME EMBARRASSED FOR MY GENDER Because women actually signed a petition to have words they deem sexist REMOVED from the Oxford English Dictionary. This is George Orwell truly come to life. Some of the offending words? Bitch, besom, piece, bit, mare, baggage, wench, petticoat, frail, bird, bint, biddy, filly are listed as synonyms for women and women want them changed. They don't understand that the OED is simply the keeper of the language, not the user of the language.

YES, WOMEN DO KNOW THINGS and this comedian talks about some of them but he can't know them all because he's a dude.

I FORGOT MILTON ON MONDAY So I'm making up for it today. Here is Milton Friedman on healthcare.

AIRLINE PASSENGERS THROW SHADE OVER SHADES This is so stupid. If you want to control the window shade, sit at the window seat. If you don't, you don't get a say. But here's an article outlining the new feud in the air.

COLORADO DEMONSTRATES WHY INSURANCE SHOULD BE LEFT TO INSURANCE COMPANIES The vaunted re insurance plan which will lower the health insurance costs of people living in certain Colorado communities may already be underfunded by the state. New actuarial projections say by as much as $50 MILLION. The state is poo-pooing the numbers created by people who do this for a living. I'm sure the state will manage this as well as the manage PERA!

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