It's a State of the Real Estate Market Kind of Day!

JUST HOW IS THE REAL ESTATE MARKET DOING THESE DAYS? It's pretty clear I'm obsessed with real estate. No, I don't own much, but I love knowing what the market is doing at any given time. As I'm seeing a WHOLE bunch of price drops I thought it would be a good time to check in with Chad Madlom to get a feel for what's happening out there right now. He's up at 1 to discuss. Find Chad by clicking here.

YES, THE NEW YORK TIMES COMMITTED JOURNALISM MALPRACTICE And Mollie Hemingway started the firestorm of criticism when she pointed out that the New York Times left THE MOST IMPORTANT PART out of their story on so-called "new' accusations against Justice Brett Kavanaugh. And the fact that Democratic candidates are still out there saying that Kavanaugh should be impeached or investigated based on accusations that the alleged victim doesn't even remember occurring is just shameful. And that journalists are not pushing back on them is even worse. Meghan McCain wasn't having any of the stupid crap the book's authors were selling on The View.

YEAH, DRONE ATTACKS SHOULD BE A WORRY NOW And I said it yesterday, but we need to worry about bad actors using drones to attack pretty much everything. Are you going to feel super safe sitting in Mile High Stadium if a drone is lurking overhead? I'm not.

ANDREW YANG'S SILLY FREE MONEY PLAN IS TRULY GENIUS And now he's gathered up a cool 500,000 signatures of people who want the money. Of course he's gathered up a bunch of name of people who don't have any money, so I'm not sure how valuable a list like that really is.

YES, WE NEED TO UNDERSTAND THE ROMAN EMPIRE TO AVOID BEING JUST LIKE THEM This is one of my favorite nerd topics and it's important. The Roman Empire was magnificent until the people decided to vote themselves the Treasury. Read this article for more.

THOSE DASTARDLY SCOOTERS HAVE COME TO BERLIN And the Berlin, Germany police are calling it a disaster so far.



THIS HEADLINE SHOULD SAY "WHEN POLITICS RUINS EVERYTHING" Because it does and this column makes a great point about how EVERYTHING in our lives is now viewed through a political lens. The only way to stop it is to dramatically shrink the size of government and since that won't happen, we're screwed.

AND NOW POLITICS RUINS HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL As a former cheerleader, I can tell you coming up with a snappy "Beat Whoever" slogan week after week is not easy. So some Arkansas high school cheerleaders used a play on words involving our President and a Democratic politician had to make it ridiculous.

DO GUNS HELP PEOPLE DEFEND THEMSELVES? There isn't an easy answer but this column is very well balanced using what data we do have. There is no short answer, you just need to read this.

NEW WAYS TO MONITOR YOUR KIDS ONLINE Apple and Google and Amazon have new ways to control what your kids see and don't see online. This article does ask if there is such a thing as too much monitoring. I'm on the fence about this. On the one hand, I want my daughter to have the chance to feel like I trust her online. On the other hand, PORN. So I'll stick with the heavy monitoring of her online activities.

OH LORT SEAN SPICER. JUST STOP IT. It's so sad to see a man so desperate to be liked. Sean Spicer is on the Dancing with the Stars and it's...well it's something.

HAPPY CONSTITUTION DAY! Here's a quiz for you to take to find out if you know as much as Dave.

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