It's a Free For All Friday! And the Democratic Debate and Stuff

I DIDN'T FEEL LIKE DOING WORK TODAY So I'm making it a Free For All Friday! We can talk about whatever you want to talk about, including last night's debate.

DEMOCRATIC DEBATE WAS LAST NIGHT. I watched some of it. I have some thoughts.

JOE BIDEN LOOKED REALLY OLD LAST NIGHT From his slightly pink hair to this unfortunate dental incident.

He didn't need that, he needed to be bright and vibrant. CNN says he was still a big winner.

WE'RE A BRIGHT AND SHINING BEACON ON THIS MAP OF OBESITY And it's no surprise that America is pretty fat, although finding out that two states have populations where almost 40% of adults are obese is pretty depressing. We are under 25% so we can be smug and stuff.

OUR FICO SCORE IS REALLY, REALLY GOOD! And I say "our" because the AVERAGE American FICO score is currently over 700. This article explains what this says about our current economic condition and spoiler alert: it's good news.

DOES IT MATTER THAT CHRISTINE BLASEY FORD'S DAD SUPPORTS BRETT KAVANAUGH? Some hay is being made of this and I think yes, it does matter. See, if my father thought for one second that some guy had tried to sexually assault me, he would not only NOT support his nomination to the Supreme Court but he would have been very vocal about his disgust. But CBFord's dad didn't do that. And now the story is out that he offered congratulations to Kavanaugh's father in person and via letter. If he doesn't believe his daughter, why should we? Furthermore, does this weaken the next accusation against a nominee? I think it does, which is where the real harm is.

THIS IS WHY THE REPUBLIC WILL FAIL 20% of Americans can't name a single branch of government. And I'm not kidding about the headline.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MR. LAWRENCE BROOKS! He's our oldest living veteran!


MEN AND MILLENNIALS DON'T TIP And this goes against the standard norm that women don't tip. It's not that simple though, when men and millennials do tip, they tip well. They just don't tip consistently.

ROBOTS BUILT A HOUSE AND IT'S HIDEOUS and you should really click here and see it for yourself. If I were a construction worker I'd be feeling pretty good about my job security after seeing that train wreck in Switzerland. But I'm sure someone will move in so they can be first in the ugly house.

STUDENTS USING CHARCOAL MASKS MAKE DUMB COMMENT ON FACEBOOK AND NOW ARE IN SUPER TROUBLE And it all happened at CSU, where four students with charcoal masks on posted a photo on Instagram. They captioned it "Wakanda Forevaa" in a reference to Black Panther and now they've been accused of donning "blackface" and being racists.

Dear Anyone White,

If you ever have anything black on your face, do not take a photo and reference anything related to black people.

You're Welcome,

Another White Person Who Knows Better Than This.



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