My Stupid Blog Disappeared So I'm Playing Catch Up

IT'S A HYBRID SHOW TODAY We'll be starting live at noon over the air but then continuing on the stream at 1 and I'm pretty sure no one is going to be listening but we're doing a show anyway.

MONOPOLY HAS GONE AND TICKED ME OFF And if there are women who are celebrating a condescending patronizing board game created to highlight the imaginary wage gap I'd like to have a word with them. Dave the Intrepid looked to see how many Monopoly version there are and came up with this. So I have options if I still want to play this dumb game.

CAN WE ALL AGREE THAT INCITING RACIAL VIOLENCE IS A BAD IDEA? so perhaps we can all join together and condemn the Swedish rapper who is calling for people to kill white people? Because that seems like a bad idea. I wonder if Twitter suspended his account yet. I'm kidding, he's talking about killing white people so Twitter probably let him stay.

THE COLORADO RECALLS AND THE DEMOCRATIC IMPEACHMENT PUSH ARE THE SAME And I'll explain how today. Here's an article about the Democratic move on impeachment.

DOES THIS MEAN WE CAN FINALLY TELL SAUDI ARABIA TO POUND SAND? Because goodness knows they have enough to pound. The US is not only energy independent and net exporter of oil now, we just beat Saudi Arabia to become the TOP oil exporter. I don't trust Saudi Arabia. They are terrible on human rights. I'd prefer to not have them as a close ally unless they are willing to treat their people, women especially, better than they currently do.

I DIDN'T SEE THIS LISTED ON REALTOR.COM BUT I'M COOL WITH MOVING THERE SOMEDAY The search for another "goldilocks" planet which could sustain human life has been on for a while and now scientists say they've got a contender! Too bad it's 650 million million miles from Earth. And that's not a typo. y

Y'ALL I CAN'T STOP WATCHING BETA'S CAMPAIGN Because it's so bad, it's like a train wreck. In super slo mo. Good news though, he's not giving up, he's relaunching...again...his campaign to see if he can recapture the early excitement he's now totally missing. The only way that will happen is if he runs against Ted Cruz again.

THERE'S A DEMOCRATIC DEBATE TONIGHT and it's going to be a three hour endurance test. For everyone.

BANNING ECIGS IS A BAD IDEA EVEN IF SMOKING THEM IS ONE TOO And Trump is in favor of banning flavored ecigs, which is just dumb. I have words on this even as I've been telling you people how BAD ECigs are as people are now dying of a lung disease linked to them. JUST STOP SMOKING. Here's another 17 year old girl on life support from vaping.


I'M POSTING THIS HERE FOR DAVE AND HIS HOARDING PROBLEM This woman wants us to clean our closets and simplify your life by cleaning it out.

MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL MARKS A WORTHLESS RECORD SETTING YEAR Because this year we've surpassed the prior home run record. The ball is juiced, the game is horrible now and I may be out after this nonsense.

SOCIALISM BRINGS BLACKOUTS TO CUBA Or they soon will, as the government is warning Cubans that there is an impending fuel shortage in the island nation. Funny, there aren't many places in the US warning about such things.

MORE COMEDIANS ARE TAKING AIM AT CANCEL CULTURE Dave Chappelle's new Netflix special about "cancel" culture seems to have achieved it's desired effect, which is to poke the PC bears. Now Bill Burr is out to do the same in his new special. Has comedy come full circle?

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