Be the Best YOU You Can BE! Michelle Zellner is on today!

MICHELLE ZELLNER WANTS YOU TO BE THE BEST YOU EVER And in her line of work she works with people with her ten step program to being a better you. She even wrote a book about it! We've decided to roll out her ten step program over the course of ten visits, and today is the first one! Today we're talking about wellness actually MEANS and how little changes in your thinking can start you on your way. You WILL be inspired and you really should buy her book by clicking here. You can also listen to podcasts I've done with her by clicking here or here. I love this woman. Go to her event this Saturday at Athleta! RSVP for free by clicking here.

SUPPORT A SOLDIER IS PLAYING SOME GOLF! And my friend Kim Outlaw is on the show to discuss the important mission of Support A Soldier and how you can have fun and help soldiers in need. It's a great cause and you can find out more by clicking here!

IF I COULD TURN BACK TIME Admit it, you read that in Cher's voice. Scientists say a drug cocktail consisting of human growth hormone and diabetes meds can actually REVERSE aging. Not stop it, actually REVERSE it. This is pretty amazing and here's hoping they figure this out. Because if we could reverse the damage that aging does, we could all live long and healthy lives. I'm going to start planning better for a long retirement, just in case.

THE JOBS NUMBERS ARE POSITIVE OR HORRIBLE, DEPENDING ON WHERE YOU GET YOUR NEWS The August jobs report was below expectations coming in at 130,000 new jobs. That's bad, right? If you get your news from here or here, of course it is. But it's not all bad. Incomes are still rising and there are a record number of Americans in the workforce and record low black unemployment. I did two seconds worth of digging and found some neat stuff about the economy and job growth. First off, the August jobs report is traditionally the weakest of the year. In that article from 2016, it said this:

More importantly, economists expect that the pace of job growth will continue to slow compared with the last five years of the economic expansion, which the average in the chart above accounts for. That's because the unemployment rate is near an eight-year low, meaning that most people who want and are searching for jobs already have one.

Except that totally didn't happen, as evidenced by this article. Why do I tell you this? Because economists are just guessing. We need to stop putting so much stock into forecasts that are based on nothing but a best guess scenario. Just wait to see what happens next. Thank you.

GOOD RIDDANCE TO BAD RUBBISH I am relatively certain that if Hell is real, Robert Mugabe is the guest of honor today. The former dictator who took Zimbabwe from being the bread basket of Africa to a pile of corruption and genocide is dead. This man is what's wrong with humanity. I'm glad he's dead. Though he is remembered by some as the man who helped liberate Zimbabwe from colonial rule, he then instituted socialism the same way it's always ultimately instituted. From NBC:

Land reform was supposed to take much of the country's most fertile land — owned by about 4,500 white descendants of mainly British and South African colonial-era settlers — and redistribute it to poor blacks. Instead, Mugabe gave prime farms to ruling party leaders, party loyalists, security chiefs, relatives and cronies.
The economy of Zimbabwe, an African nation of more than 14 million north of South Africa and bordered by Botswana, Mozambique and Zambia, collapsed under Mugabe after 37 years of near one-party rule.

And Zimbabwe is still a nightmare today. But I'm sure it's just because the wrong people were in charge.

IT'S TIME TO LEGALIZE SPORTS BETTING IN COLORADO Proposition DD will be on the ballot to allow sports betting in Colorado and we just need to do this. I say this as someone who is not a gambler, but recognizes that people who want to bet on sports ARE ALREADY BETTING ON SPORTS and if it brings in a little tax money as it's already happening, I say good. I'm not going to pay those taxes, so I'm fine with it. We've got to stop legislating to try and protect people from their own stupidity.



WHAT WOULD BE REQUIRED TO TAKE ALL COMBUSTION ENGINES OFF THE ROAD? I mentioned this yesterday when we were talking about the Democratic field saying they would ban pretty much everything to fight climate change. Multiple candidates even said they'd ban combustion engine cars. So here is some handy info about what it would take to get ALL the cars off the road in JUST the United Kingdom. For some perspective, the UK has 30.9 million cars. In the US, we have 268.8 million cars to you need quite the multiplier to get all of our cars off the road.

SOMEONE'S GOTTA SAY IT: BILL DE BLASIO IS A COMPLETE TOTALITARIAN. Now the Mayor of New York has unveiled his plan to force companies to pay a huge tax if they automate and then having government put those people into the front of the line for new as-of-yet-uncreated union jobs. He's out of control.

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