We've Got An Appointment With the Cable Guy today.

BUT AS LARRY THE CABLE GUY ALREADY STOOD ME UP ONCE We'll see if he arrives on schedule at 1pm. You can see him perform this Saturday by clicking here for tickets.

ANGIE NEEDS YOUR HELP (AND I DO TOO SINCE I GOT HER INTO THIS) I sort of made Angie sign up to the the Over the Edge fundraiser for Cancer League of Colorado and part of the deal is that she has to raise $1,500 for the Cancer League. I've put down some cold hard cash and I would love for you to help too. Just click here!

DOUGCO SCHOOL BOARD BOOTS CHARTER SCHOOL FOR ARMING TEACHERS Last night the anti-charter Douglas County School Board voted to allow Ascent Classical Academy to leave the supervision of the district and apply to be overseen by the Colorado Charter School Institute over Ascent's decision to allow it's teachers and staff to VOLUNTARILY take training to be armed at school. As I am charter school parent in DougCo, this concerns me greatly and I'll be watching this process unfold to see if my school is next.

DEAR VEGANS, EVEN PLANTS EAT MEAT And those plants are being reintroduced back into the wild in the UK, where their numbers have declined as wetlands have declined. They eat bugs and stuff and I had a venus flytrap when I was a kid that I used to give bits of my hamburger to.

IT'S NEVER TOO LATE TO REINVENT YOURSELF I LOVE stories like this one! A 52 year old former SEAL is heading back to school...Yale no less... to get the degree he skipped to serve in the military. Now he's heading off to college with his service dog to being the next phase of his life. Have you switched gears late in life? I want to talk to you about it.

FORMER GOP CHAIR STEVE HOUSE JUMPS INTO THE CD-6 RACE He wants to take on Democrat Jason Crow, who currently holds the seat. He first has to beat Casper Stockham for the nomination. We'll see if CD-6 is indeed in play this election cycle or if it is a reliably Democratic seat now. House has some work to do with some Republican voters who don't like him from his time as Chair though. My prediction is that he easily wins the nomination, but I'm not making any predictions about the general. Because I'm not an idiot.

HOLY COW THE BAHAMAS WERE DECIMATED BY DORIAN Not all of the islands, but Grand Marsh is a shadow of it's former self. I have a feeling we are going to get a much higher death toll than we are hearing about now.

STORM CHASERS SUCK Did you see any of the tweets about a storm chaser who flew to Grand Marsh to be in the center of Dorian? Well guess what, he made it off the island to Nassau so he survived after "going dark" for a couple of days. That means he took up space where a displaced resident could have been. Storm chasers should have to stay behind and help clean up if they survive. Jerks.

SHOULD A MAN NAMED IN THE JEFFREY EPSTEIN CASE BE ALLOWED TO BLOCK THE RELEASE OF HIS NAME? Upon first blush, my initial reaction was NO HE SHOULD NOT because if he's named in this he's probably a scumbag and deserves what comes to him. HOWEVER, upon further consideration, I've changed my mind. If a man is named by one of the victims in this case, he deserves due process. And in our current climate, you don't need proof, you only need an accusation, amiright? Alan Dershowitz was also accused and he says HE PROVED the woman was lying (there are emails that seem to back up his assertion) but no media outlets want to cover his exoneration. If this is true, why should a man be accused in public when there is no proof? Find OUT if there is a reason to name him, THEN name him.

SOME PEOPLE SHOULD JUST STAY HOME If you go to the Grand Canyon only to complain about the lack of wi-fi there, you need to stay home.

HOLLYWOOD CELEBS SUPPORT BLACKLISTS BUT THEN TRY TO TELL US THEY DON'T Eric McCormack of Will and Grace fame (has he even done anything else of note?) took to Twitter the other day to ask to know which Hollywood types were going to go to a Trump fundraiser so, and I quote,"the rest of us can be clear about who we don't want to work with. Thx." He got rightly called out on this, and now he's backtracking and saying he's NOT in favor of any sort of blacklist. He just wants a list so he can refuse to work with people. Which I'm sure would NEVER be called a blacklist. Would it?

JOHN STOSSEL TACKLES THE PROBLEM WITH AFRICA And this is becoming our future in our overly regulated society.

THE SOUTHERN VITTLE UNIT IS ON THE CASE And this is hilarious and horrifying to those of who have treasured cast iron skillets.


NEED HELP FINDING FOOD IN THE BIG CITY? The New Yorker has some tips.

THAT'S ONE WAY TO SELL A HOUSE A Nashville realtor "accidentally" posted a photo in a home listing of him getting...um...pleasured by a woman. Whoops.

MORE STORES JUMP ON THE OPEN CARRY BAN And straight up, I have no issue with this. I support one's right to carry a firearm, but I also support a business' right to ask it's customers to behave or dress in a certain manner. So when I hear that Kroger (King Soopers) and Walmart have asked their customers not to open carry in their stores, I'm cool with it. There is very little chance you're going to be attacked by a mountain lion in either location, and neither store is trying to deny conceal carry so you can still be armed if you want to be. Blame the a-hole who walked through Walmart open carrying right after the Walmart shooting for this one.

I FIND THIS SUPER CREEPY FOR SOME REASON BUT I DON'T KNOW WHY I was thinking about privacy in light of the big story on Drudge about some sort of "social credit" score being used in the United States which gathers data using Amazon and Google spying technology. Now we have a story about Amazon working on technology that would allow someone to simply use their hand to charge goods at Whole Foods. We are SO quick to give up any and all privacy to tech companies. How do you feel knowing that government is now cozying up to Tech to get access to that data? What is the tipping point for you? I am rethinking some recent choices in my own life on this.

SAN FRANCISCO WATERS DOWN THE MEANING OF TERRORISM They did so by naming the National Rifle Association a domestic terror organization. Regardless of what you may think about guns this sort of language modification does two things. One, it diminishes the label to mean far less than it currently does. Two, it allows people to characterize the millions of NRA members terrorists, which gives some the impression they have license to hurt or even kill them. I'm looking at Antifa on this one.

THE LEGAL GRAY ZONE OF BEING A GREEN STATE WITH AN AIRPORT I'm sure you've seen it, the ski bums at DIA patting themselves down before they get into line at security to make sure they have properly disposed of their legally purchased weed before they hit the TSA. This article talks about how different and confusing the rules can be airport to airport, state to state.

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