In Studio: Mitch Fatel

Is that a sparkle in his eye or is he just confused?

With his innocence and friendly demeanor, Mitch Fatel quickly engages the audience and then catches them off guard with his mixture of mischievous dialog and off color comments. While laughing at observations only Mitch can get away with, we are left wondering if he truly understands what he just said. We never really know.

Mitch has been showcasing his talent to rave reviews for 30 years nows. His resume, too extensive to list in its entirety, but it includes two Comedy Central specials (one of which was voted #6 all time by viewers) and three best selling CD’s. He has appeared on almost every late night comedy show such asLate Show with David LettermanandThe Tonight Show. In 2006 Fatel took home the honor of being named the Best Comedian at the HBO Aspen Comedy Festival.

Most recently, Mitch filmed his newest one-hour special, Bad-Girls, which will be released on Netflix. He is currently co-host of the PUNCH-lines Podcast ( which studies and dissects the psychology of stand-up comedy.

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