Could the Government Use Your FitBit and Amazon Echo To Spy on You?

I MADE IT 39 HOURS ON MY FAST Dave made it exactly 36 and Angie hasn't reported in yet. I will say it was much easier than I thought and I will totally do it again. I even did a pretty tough workout today successfully while fasting. This might be a thing for me now. Oh, and the scale said I dropped nine pounds from Tuesday night to Thursday morning.

I JUST FOUND OUT WE HAVE SIX SPACES LEFT ON OUR COSTA RICA TRIP! So YOU need to visit THIS website and get all the info! I really want to sell this out and I promise it will be the BEST vacation you've ever had.

ARE YOU A LEADER OR A BOSS? Grant Parr knows the difference and he's on at 1 to discuss the difference, as well as how you can lead even when you AREN'T the boss. Find out more about Grant by clicking here.

THEY SAY NO, BUT I DON'T BELIEVE THEM. It all starts innocently enough, with the government setting up an agency to INVESTIGATE what triggers could be prevented before a mass shooting. How will they get clued into those "triggers"? Check this out:

The document goes on to list a number of widely used technologies it suggests could be employed to help collect data, including Apple Watches, Fitbits, Amazon Echo and Google Home. The document also mentions “powerful tools” collected by health-care provides like fMRIs, tractography and image analysis.
“Advanced analytical tools based on artificial intelligence and machine learning are rapidly improving and must be applied to the data,” states the document.

Who else is wildly uncomfortable with this? If not, why not? Between this and Deep Fake stuff my paranoia is OFF THE CHARTS right now.

EMPOWER FIELD AT MILE HIGH SOUNDS GOOD TO ME The days of having a stadium with a normal name are almost behind us. Corporate Sponsorships are here to stay so let's all get on board with the new name for the field where the Broncos play, k? Dave hates the new name, but I'll bring him around!


WHAT YOUR MOTHER DIDN'T TELL YOU ABOUT HAPPINESS This is about 20 minutes long and totally worth the time.

GAY CONVERSION THERAPY LOSES ANOTHER ONE TO THE GAYNESS Another leader in the gay conversion therapy has come out as gay and is apologizing for the harm he has done as the founder and former leader of one of the most prominent gay conversion therapy programs. Gay people are gay, just let them be already.

HOW ARE THE DEMOCRATS ROBBING US OF MARIANNE WILLIAMSON? Marianne Williamson didn't make the cut for the third debate, but she's made waves by suggesting on Twitter that we use the power of our minds to turn Hurricane Dorian. Don't laugh, how is this different than the power of prayer? Maybe not as directed, but why not? What else do we have to combat a storm like this? A big fat nothing, that's what. Unleash Marianne!

REMEMBER WHEN I TALKED ABOUT HOW WE NEED TO GIVE EVERYONE DUE PROCESS? Christine Blasey Ford testified before Congress about Judge Brett Kavanaugh being a sexual assaulter 40 years ago. There was no corroborating evidence, and no one she alleges was there has any memory of any such event. Now it seems Ms Blasey Ford had a very specific agenda, at least according to her attorney. Her attorney says Blasey Ford made the allegations to insure Kavanaugh always had an "asterisk" by his name when he helped overturn Roe v. Wade. I'd love to hear the rest of the speech for context, but it's hard to deny this looks politically motivated. And let's not forget, she took home a cool million bucks from a GoFundMe account. In her last post on the GoFundMe account, she says she was donating to organizations who help trauma survivors. I have sent an email via GoFundMe asking where the money went and in what amounts. I'll keep you posted.

OUR POOR CRANKY VEGAN IS ABOUT TO GET WAY CRANKIER Because THOUSANDS have signed up for a barbeque outside her house. Not sure if they will all show up, but boy she struck a nerve in Australia with her complaints about neighbors barbecuing.


IS TELLING PEOPLE TO SHOOT JUDGES WRONG? The short answer is yes, but the longer answer is more nuanced. A local rabble rouser with a 25 page rap sheet took to the internet to advocate for the shooting of random judges. Is that a threat? Apparently enough to lead to increased security for Denver judges. But not enough to get this ahole arrested. Why don't we just charge him for the extra security? I'm guessing he doesn't have a pot to pee in. So we are left hoping no one cares what this moron says.

DEMOCRATS HAVE A PLAN FOR CLIMATE CHANGE, AND IT'S BAN EVERYTHING And I'm not kidding, Bernie Sanders even wants to ban children. Okay maybe not THAT bad, but almost. Watch the neat cut clips showing they are in favor of banning everything.

WILL THEY GET ANY WORK DONE TODAY AT THE OFFICE OF THE FUTURE OF WORK? How can I not make fun of a new taxpayer funded office with a name so stupid? the Office of the Future of Work has been created with the sweep of a pen by our fearless Governor. Remember this when they tell you they don't have enough money and need to repeal the Taxpayers Bill of Rights.

NO, THE BETSY ROSS FLAG IS NOT A FLAG OF WHITE SUPREMACY That has been debunked since the lie was first told this year. But now a stupid soccer team in Salt Lake City has banned the Betsy Ross flag from it's games because they believe the lie. Idiots.


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