It's a Whole New World At KOA Today!

BOY THINGS ARE CHANGING TODAY! Our new lineup is here! I'll be starting at noon today and you will notice some changes to the show and that is by design and not because things are being forced upon me. My boss Greg Foster is on at 1:35 to talk about the changes.

WE'RE TALKING ABOUT THE STATE OF THE REAL ESTATE MARKET! My favorite realtor Chad Madlom is on today to talk about the current state of the real estate market. If you're thinking of buying or selling he'll give you the latest info to help you decide what to do. Find Chad by clicking here.

DO WE NEED TO GIVE UP LONG HAUL TRAVEL TO SAVE THE EARTH? I always love it when someone who has spent their career writing about long term travel decides that the rest of you need to give up your dream of flying to a faraway location to save the planet. Yep. My answer is no.

LET'S STOP WITH THE PICKING ON THE MASCOT STUFF, PLEASE The DU Pioneer is under fire for being a Pioneer or something. Some person has decided that the Pioneer is offensive because the entire concept of Western Expansion is now offensive to some. I've had enough, we shall discuss.

YOU THINK THE PASSENGER THAT SAT NEXT TO YOU WAS ANNOYING? TRY A HORSE. I like horses. A lot. But not on an airplane next to me. American Airlines had to allow a service horse onto the plane and it's as ridiculous looking as you might expect. But apparently Flirty the horse made lots of new friends on the plane so there's that!

NO KIDS, YOU CAN'T LIVE ON FRENCH FRIES And one British teen described as a "fussy eater" has now gone blind because his diet of chips and friends and the occasional piece of ham is wildly insufficient. Much like the Australian couple whose vegan diet almost killed their baby, we need to make sure our children eat a balanced diet.


So who is with me? Let's do it!

IF YOU'VE EVER THOUGHT ABOUT LEAVING YOUR JOB AND STARTING YOUR OWN BUSINESS I just interviewed a really cool woman who helps people do just that. Check out the podcast by clicking here.

SHOULD YOUR NEIGHBOR BE ABLE TO STOP YOU BARBEQUING? One Aussie vegan (what is it with these Aussie vegans anyway) SUED her neighbors for having the nerve to barbeque MEAT AND FISH in their backyard. She says they are doing it on purpose to antagonize her. Or they just love the taste of barbequed meat and fish. She was shut down by the courts and even the Supreme Court but she says she's going to continue the legal fight. Mmmkay. Check this dame out.


THAT HORRIFIC TRAFFIC ON C-470? IT'S NOT GOING ANYWHERE SOON because the contractor is way behind. Oddly, the project on E-470 wasn't nearly this disruptive or behind schedule. What's the difference there?

WE WOULD FAIL AS DOCTORS BECAUSE WE HAVE NO PATIENCE It's official, a new study says we have far less patience than we used to. From the article:

According to a new survey of 2,000 British adults, all of the luxuries of modern life have made most people incredibly impatient— across pretty much every aspect of their lives. Three quarters of those surveyed said they believe the dominance of digital technology, such as smartphones and on-demand TVs, are to blame for this ever growing lack of patience.
Respondents reported becoming frustrated after just 16 seconds of waiting for a web page to load, and after 25 seconds of waiting for a traffic light to change.

I see myself in these respondents. So what do we do about it?

Y'ALL SHOULD NOT NEED A GUIDE TO COMMUNE WITH NATURE. Have you heard of "forest bathing"? It's a "new" thing where people go into nature and...uh...enjoy it. Only now there are guides for people so clueless they can't take a moment to just quietly appreciate the nature they are in. This is borderline ridiculous if you ask me.

YOUR NIFTY TATTOO LABELS YOU HASTY AND RECKLESS And don't @ me, it's IN THE NEWS, PEOPLE. Economists(?) analyzed a group of 1,000 people and found that those with VISIBLE tattoos are more likely to act in haste and not think through the consequences of their actions. Yes. 1,000 times yes.

WILDLY PROVOCATIVE FEMINIST UNDER FIRE BY YOUNG FEMINISTS WHO HAVE NO CLUE Camille Paglia is a lesbian feminist who has written voluminously about society at large, art and other matters for decades. I love some of her stuff, I loathe some of her stuff, but ultimately I'm in awe of her ability to think so bigly about such bigly issues. Now she's under fire at the university where she teaches because she dared to question some of the more unthinking parts of the #metoo movement. Apparently the young feminists at her school don't want to hear anything they hold dear challenged and now they want her fired. We'll see how this goes.

THE PROBLEM WITH KIDS HAVING CELL PHONES AT SCHOOL IS PARENTS And schools are now taking phones away from kids to keep their text notifications from going off in class. Who is texting kids when they're in class? Their parents are. Seriously, people.

THIS IS WHY PEOPLE THINK RELIGION IS STUPID A priest in Tennessee decided that students reading Harry Potter books could, indeed conjure up evil spirits so the school in his parish decided to ban the books. No word on if they've suspended the Quidditch team.

LET'S HEAR IT FOR PRICE GOUGING! I do this topic whenever a natural disaster strikes and everyone gets up in arms about some business "price gouging" customers during their time of need. This article lays out, once again, why "price gouging" is no such thing and is actually HELPFUL in these situations.

I LOVE DOLLY PARTON And CBS Sunday Morning did a GREAT story on her so here it is. JOLENE!

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