It's. A. Free. For. All. Friday!

WHATCHA GOT? Because I declare a full fledged free for all today. Let's get it on!

I'VE GOT #METOO BLOWBACK I had this story yesterday but it's certainly worth talking about it so we will today. Men in the workplace (at least a good number of them) are actively avoiding women in the workplace because of the #metoo movement.

YOU MUST BE DUMB TO FOLLOW A VEGAN DIET Because you're missing a key nutrient for brain health that comes mostly from animal products. This article says veganism can actually worsen a nutrient deficiency that helps us develop healthy brains. *** I made the headline for this especially inflammatory in the hopes vegans will read the accompanying article for the benefit of their health, so don't @ me.

A PROFESSOR IS PUNISHED FOR PUNKING ACADEMICS A Portland State professor was one of three academics who sent papers that were completely made up and utter hogwash to scholarly publications working in the so-called "soft" sciences that some refer to as "grievance studies". The papers were published, the joke was made known and all hell broke loose. Now the professor is being prevented from getting any research dollars or being allowed to conduct experiments until he's "retrained" by the college. Read about it here.

ARE THESE RULES TOO STRICT OR REFRESHING? A bunch of Pueblo parents have their knickers in a twist over some classroom rules handed out by a middle school teacher. I honestly see nothing wrong with them and this teacher likely has these rules because kids have abused his classroom before. These parents are whiny jerks and a huge part of the education problem.

THE NATIONAL POPULAR VOTE IS ON THE BALLOT! And it's getting national attention so don't doubt that other states are watching too.

A TRANSGENDER ATHLETE IS GOING TO BE COMPETING IN DIVISION I TRACK AND FIELD THIS YEAR And since she was a very successful (if not top tier) cross country male athlete just two years ago, I'm guessing she should be dominant and cause more of a ruckus about how unfair this is. Read about it here.

HER FIRST APOLOGY SOUNDS LIKE I'M SORRY, HER 2ND SOUNDS LIKE GO AWAY The Governor of Alabama has apologized for appearing in blackface once but has declined to step down. Republican Governor Kay Ivey wore blackface in a skit WAY BACK in the 1960's. She has resisted Democratic calls to step down. Can we stop trying to go back in time to find every mistake anyone's ever made so we can try to have them cancelled?



THIS IS A GREAT ARTICLE ABOUT HOW TO MOVE YOUR FOLKS IN WITH YOU And as one who did this, this is GREAT advice on how to make the transition as smooth as possible for EVERYONE. Trust me, it's going to be harder than you think, but totally doable.

PLEASE DON'T LISTEN TO SOCIAL MEDIA WHEN IT COMES TO THE AMAZON Because a man who was named a "Hero of the Environment" by Time magazine has called out celebrities on social media and news outlets who are spreading falsehoods about what's going on. He lays it out here.

DUDE. JOKER GOT DARK And here is the new trailer for what will surely be the creepiest Joker portrayal ever.

NO, BABIES AREN'T THE PROBLEM ON AIRPLANES It's definitely the adults. This article calls out some of the worst behaviors and honestly they don't even begin to scratch the surface.

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