Let's Talk About the Right Way to Arm School Staff, Shall We?

IF A SCHOOL WANTS TO ARM SCHOOL PERSONNEL, I'VE GOT SOME TRAINING FOR THEM Laura Carno is quite the dynamo. She has been active in Colorado on 2nd Amendment issues for a while now and when school shootings started happening with more frequency, Laura decided to take concrete action. She worked very hard to bring the FASTER program to Colorado to provide intense training to people who work in schools so they can carry at school to protect students. She's on today at 2pm to discuss the training at length. I sure hope the DougCo school board takes a listen. Find our more about FASTER by clicking here.

DISAPPOINTING NEWS FROM THE DEMOCRATIC DEBATE Marianne Williamson did NOT make the cut. I'd be horrified if she actually got the nomination, but DANG she is fun to watch. Here is a list of who made the 10 candidate cut. Also, Kristen Gillibrand had the good sense to drop out of the race. I thought her message on Twitter was really interesting. Watch this.

I like the part where she says, "it's important to know when it's not your time". I think that's a very good way of saying, "I'll be back" and it's pretty savvy. So we won't have Senator Gillibrand to kick around at the next debate.

CAN WE HAVE AN OUT PROFESSIONAL ATHLETE YET? this is a very interesting column written by a guy who played three seasons in the NFL before being sidelined by injury. He's hoping to play in the NFL again. But he's bisexual. And how he's outed himself and is asking why professional sports is lagging so far behind. He's got a point.

THE VAPE NANNIES HAVE THEIR KNIVES OUT! Vaping has been touted (with apparently little scientific activity to back it up) as a safer alternative to smoking. Lately more and more stories are coming out about a "mystery" illness that is hitting especially teens hard and causing their lungs to shut down. The common denominator is vaping. So maybe vaping ISN'T the safe alternative we thought it was. Now Boulder is moving to tax the crap out of vaping products AND ban the sale of flavored vape products. First off, I do know that grown people use those flavored products because I regularly walk through a cloud of sour watermelon flavored steam. Blech. Is this the way to do this? I'm not in favor.

NOW JOE DOESN'T REMEMBER WHICH STORY IS WHICH Y'all, Joe Biden is falling APART on the campaign trail. If I'm a Biden supporting Democrat I have to be concerned that he's out swearing that stories are true which are not remotely true at all. This is not good. Liz Warren has to be feeling pretty good right about now. Is it because Joe is born of a different, pre-internet political era? I think that may play into it.

#METOO'S CHICKEN ARE MAKING THEMSELVES COMFORTABLE IN THE ROOST As a new survey shows that men in the workplace are actively avoiding women in the workplace for fear of crossing some line or merely even being accused of crossing a line. I can't blame them. But how do we fix it? I have some suggestions.

SIGN ME UP FOR A 12 HOUR WORK WEEK I do find it ironic that Jack Ma, the Chinese billionaire who created Alibaba, the Chinese Amazon.com is talking about how Artificial Intelligence could lead us to 12 hour work weeks. He has been known to advocate for six day work weeks of 12 hours PER DAY so to hear him talking about a 12 hour work WEEK is refreshing. I sure hope he's right, but I doubt it will happen in my lifetime.


ANGRY SOUR PUSS CALLS THE COPS ON A KID'S LEMONADE STAND So the cops had some lemonade. It's a sweet story for sure.

I CAN ONLY HOPE THIS WOMAN IS DOING THIS FOR PUBLICITY Because how can we not talk about a 35 year old woman who is on a hunger strike because her favorite show got cancelled by Netflix. I have never heard of this show and now I'm never going to watch it in case it turns me into a moron too.

OBAMA'S TAN SUIT LIVES ON Because the internet loves the former President in a tan suit. I do not like a tan suit. On any man. My high school boyfriend was sent to buy a suit for a formal event and came back with a tan suit and I was not happy. Not a fan. No matter who wears it.

I'M PUTTING MY DAUGHTER'S LIFE IN DANGER TO PROVE WE DON'T NEED TO BE TOLD NOT TO BE DUMBASSES The water bottle I bought for Q two days ago is now being recalled by the manufacturer because one piece maybe could possible perhaps break off and maybe possibly perhaps be a choking hazard. I'm not taking's Q's back just to prove normal people don't need to be protected like mindless idiots.

LOVELAND SCHOOL DISTRICT OVERREACTS AND OVERSTEPS When a student posted a Snapchat of his family's firearms before going shooting with his mother, he didn't expect to be suspended from school over it. And yet, he was. Read the whole thing here, I'm talking about it today!

I LOVE THIS WOMAN Because Beth Hart does NOT CARE if she's in your face and her voice is incredible.

WHAT'S IT LIKE BEING MARRIED TO A HIPPIE? This comedian tells you.

CONGRATS TO THOSE IN THE NATIONAL POPULAR VOTE RECALL! Because they made the ballot and now we get to vote on whether or not we are going to allow California and New York determine who we vote for in the Presidential election.

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