We Heard the Mayor on the Airport and Today We'll Hear The Rest!

JON MURRAY WRITES ABOUT STUFF FOR THE DENVER POST and he's been covering the huge airport debacle really well. I'll speak with him at 1:35 about what he know from the OTHER side of the issue than we heard yesterday from the Mayor. This is one of his recent stories if you subscribe to the Post.

I'VE GOT A NOT SO SECRET GUEST AT 3 TODAY Because Big Alfred Williams joins me to talk at length about his move to KOA starting next Tuesday. I had the chance to hang out with Al at a baseball game and his favorite baseball movie is the For the Love of the Game too so now we're best friends.

HERE'S THE NEW LINEUP! In this here news story: https://koanewsradio.iheart.com/content/2019-08-28-koa-announces-news-program-line-up-welcomes-alfred-big-al-williams/

OH HICK. WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU? Rolling Stone's Matt Taibbi really works over John Hickenlooper in this article about what a lousy candidate and horrible Progressive he is. This has to be very disconcerting for a guy whose status as a nice guy got him elected twice in Colorado. The world is different now, John. Here's an excerpt but you totally want to read the whole thing:

As governor, he threatened to sue towns that restricted fracking enterprises, and followed through more than once. He led a fight against a ballot measure allowing communities to restrict fracking development.
Hickenlooper just dropped out of the presidential campaign, after spending about $2.3 million to play human asterisk aside more progressive opponents. Debate moderators were glad he was there to call on when they wanted to accuse other candidates of being too radical. Apart from that, Hickenlooper’s presidential campaign highlight was probably comparing Medicare for All to Stalinism.
The fork in Hickenlooper’s back began to be visible in early June, when he was barely audible through a cacophony of boos at the California Democratic Convention. The crowd howled when he said he opposed the Green New Deal because you can’t defeat climate change by “giving every American a government job.”

Human asterisk is pretty funny though.

HOW TRUMP GOT TO THE MEDIA This column is an excellent review of how the media has made itself an easy target for Trump because they have no sense of humor about THEMSELVES and also have a very thin skin. This is 100% accurate imo. I've worked with media people who are completely unable to deal with ANY criticism, let alone criticism at the level they dish out. Not all of them of course, but enough to give this story a lot of credibility in my mind.

FAKE CHICKEN SOLD OUT IN FIVE HOURS The same people who created the creepy bleeding plant based burger have teamed up with KFC to create fake chicken. What makes me laugh about this is that the people lining up for this stuff are probably the same people shrieking about GMOs as they shove food into their piehole that they have NO IDEA how it was made or if it's even safe for consumption. Nice! Read this fun info about the substance Impossible Burgers use as "blood":

Leghemoglobin in a burger is contentious for a couple of reasons. Leghemoglobin has never been consumed by humans before, and Impossible Foods did very little safety testing before including it in their burger. The FDA advised Impossible Foods that they have not proven the safety of leghemoglobin, but the FDA has not prohibited the company from marketing their burger. Impossible Foods insist leghemoglobin is identical to the “heme” humans have consumed for millennia, but it is not. The heme portion of the molecule is an iron atom attached to four nitrogen atoms, each of which is attached to four carbon atoms, forming what is called a porphyrin ring. This iron-binding porphyrin is the foundation of a plethora of compounds called hemoproteins. The side chains attached to the heme structure determine the protein function, and blood hemoglobin is not the same protein as leghemoglobin. (An interesting side note: If the iron is replaced with a magnesium atom, one result is chlorophyll.) 
The other reason it is controversial is that the Impossible Foods’ leghemoglobin is not produced by soybeans. It is produced in fermenters by yeast that have been genetically modified. Soybean genes were inserted into the yeast that allow the yeast to produce leghemoglobin, which is then extracted, concentrated, and included in the burger recipe. They justify it to their predominantly anti-GMO customer base by saying that, compared to a beef burger, the Impossible Burger uses 96 percent less land, 87 percent less water, and produces 89 percent less greenhouse gas emissions, and 92 percent less aquatic pollutants. Believe that? I don’t. But they are making a case, intentionally or unintentionally, for the safe use of GMOs in our food supply.

But I'm sure it will be fine.


A Dollar Rising Into a Possible U.S. Recession Could Be a Bad Omen

You might miss this part of the story:

A Federal Reserve Bank of New York indicator shows more than 30% odds of a downturn in the next 12 months. Exports and investments are critical parts of U.S. gross domestic product, so a dollar that climbs as rates fall -- and traders expect the Fed to keep reducing them -- would leave just consumers and fiscal policy to power growth.

You could also read the above as "A Federal Reserve Bank of New York indicator shows a 70% odds of NOT entering a downturn in the next 12 months." but that wouldn't get clicks, now would it. The drumbeat for recession in the news media is very, very strong and I am watching the coverage very, very skeptically.

THIS MAY BE THE GREATEST DEFENSE OF FAMILY AND MARRIAGE I'VE EVER READ And I've read a lot. The author talks about how the rise of identity politics correlates with the destruction of the American family. It's long but totally worth the read. Read it here.


DOES PURDUE PHARMA GET TO BUY IT'S WAY OUT OF THE OPIOID EPIDEMIC? Because that's what they appear to be trying to do by offering a pre emptive settlement of $10 to $12 billion to stave off the wave of lawsuits they are now facing. The fact they are offering this should be seen as a tacit admission that they know they are going to get killed in court.

IT'S TIME TO GO AFTER HOWARD ZINN'S SPECIAL KIND OF GARBAGE If you read the blog regularly, you already know why I hate Howard Zinn so much. If you're new, you can check this blog or this blog for more. This column dares to suggest that Americans who love this country need to fight back. She's right. And she even provides useful suggestions of how to make that happen.

REMEMBER WHEN SKIPPING MEALS WAS BAD? NOT IT'S CALL INTERMITTENT FASTING. And a very small study showed that not eating for 36 hours straight followed by eating whatever you wanted for 12 hours lead to an average of 7 pound weight loss in four weeks. And your immune system is boosted. Take THAT "eat five to six meals a day" crowd.

Y'ALL BERNIE SANDERS JUST ABOUT KNOCKED HIMSELF OUT And I am not going to embed the video because watching an old man get hit in the face even by his own making is NOT something we should laugh at. But here's a link in case you really want to see it. You really want to see it.

AOC IS PEAK MILLENNIAL And by that I mean she truly embodies the absolute WORST stereotypes of her generation. In an Instagram video she made a fool of herself by announcing that Millennials were better because they are the first generation willing to "take to the streets" to rise up against government. She must have missed the 60's. Or the Suffragette Movement. Or the Civil War. Her ego far outstrips her intelligence.

IF YOU'RE GONNA BE STUPID, YOU BETTER BE TOUGH A 23 year old woman was practicing "extreme yoga" and fell six floors from the balcony she was hanging off of like an idiot. But it would have been awesome if she'd been ironing.

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