The Mayor Is on Today and it's Tuesday!

MAYOR MICHAEL HANCOCK JOINS ME AT 2 And I'm asking about the airport and the Business Property Tax and some other stuff.

IT'S TIME TO BOOK YOUR COSTA RICAN VACATION WITH ME! YES we are off to beautiful Costa Rica for the next Mandy Connell Adventure! We're going to the Pacific Ocean and checking out rainforests and ziplining and riding horses and fishing and going to a volcano and you need to go too! Find out more by clicking here!

DOUGCO SCHOOL BOARD IS TAKING IT'S SHOT To go after Ascent Classical Academy because the charter school has allowed staff and teachers to go through voluntary extra training to be armed on campus. This fight is not at all surprising and is just the first of many that will come at charter schools as this board does not want parents to have options when it comes to educating their children. Period. As a charter school parent this is 100% on my radar.

I'M GIVING A STANDING OVATION TO THE DENVER CITY COUNCIL ON THIS ONE They voted last night to move the stupid scooters off the sidewalks and onto the streets. Unfortunately I believe this will lead to a spate of scooter/car collisions and possibly get one of these riders killed, but at least they won't be running ME over on the sidewalks anymore! I. Hate. The. Scooters. Don't @ me.

RTD'S RIDERSHIP IS DOWN And you know why? We like our cars better. Duh.

NEVER USE A DEBIT CARD And other good information from a former con artist who now teaches people about how to avoid identity theft and prevent their accounts from being looted. Read the rest here.

THIS IS WHY INTERSECTIONALITY WILL ALWAYS FAIL IN THE LONG RUN The notion of intersectionality is simply this: different aggrieved minority groups get together to work as one against white, straight men. Unfortunately there is often conflict about WHICH group gets to be the Biggest Victim of the Day and sometimes (read: often) the groups collide in a way that belies the unity of intersectionality completely. Mayor Pete Buttigieg, the Gay White Man running for President will NOT be supported by lesbians because they hate gay dudes and want a woman POTUS. And there you have why intersectionality will never work.

BROKE IN THE USA? YOU'RE STILL RICHER THAN MOST PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD and I'm not talking about POOR people around the world, I'm talking about MOST people around the world. The graphs in this story will blow your mind!

FLECCAS TALKS GOES TO NEWARK As Cory Booker is running to run the country, Fleccas goes to see what he's leaving behind in the city he lead in Newark. It's not pretty.

DO YOU HAVE A PODCAST? I'm thinking of doing a regular segment called "Listen to This" where I do an interview with a podcaster doing a cool show. If you do, or you know someone who does, have them email me subject line: Listen to This Podcast to be considered!

HOW OLD IS TOO OLD TO BE PRESIDENT? A new survey says that Americans think the perfect age to be POTUS is 48 years old. I think this is too young, but then again, I'm 50. We shall discuss.

DAVE IS FIRED UP ABOUT THE LATEST STUPIDITY FROM DE BLASIO The New York Mayor is not only talking about socialism, he's showing everyone how awesome it would be to all be the SAME by saying he wants to shut down New York's highest performing high schools, which are all magnet schools students must test into. Why is he thinking about doing this? Because black and latino students can't get into the schools. Because they can't test high enough. So instead of creating a program to help blacks and latinos do the work and study hard to get into the school, he wants to shut it down in the name of racial diversity.

OPTIMISTS LIVE LONGER THAN YOU NEGATIVE NELLIES And as an eternal optimist, I am STOKED to find out what female optimists live almost 15% LONGER than those with a sour outlook. Never fear, even if you are currently a pessimist you can change with help.

BERNIE SANDERS HAS PLANS FOR JOURNALISM And I read some of it but then I got bored and started to feel like the entire exercise was designed to win the media's favor so they report on Sanders favorably. So I thought I'd share it.



I JUST DON'T THINK BRIAN STELTER IS VERY BRIGHT And he's indicative of the problems at CNN. He chose not to challenge a guest who said that President Trump would be responsible for more deaths that Stalin, Mao and Hitler and then he tried to say it was a technical issue. He's just not good.

HEADLINE: BERNIE SANDERS CRANKY! At least that's what it should have been. He went to a restaurant and was a tired old crank, much like he is on the campaign trail.

CHUCK AND I MADE A VIDEO And here it is! My biggest question is how does YouTube manage to find the MOST unflattering screen grab???

YES REPORTERS SHOULD BE HELD TO ACCOUNT FOR THEIR TWEETS TOO Or at least be asked to explain them in full. This column makes hay about the oversensitivity of the New York Times when some of it's employees had done to them what they do to others, which is mine their old Twitter feeds for offensive content. And when some was found they cried foul rather than issue an apology for their careless words. This column breaks it down.

COMEDIAN HAS RANT ABOUT CELL PHONE USAGE RECORDED VIA CELLPHONE More and more performers are going to a strict "no cell phone" policy these days and one of them is SNL's Pete Davidson. He was performing at the University of Central Florida in Orlando when he went on an extended tear about people violating the no cell phone policy. THANKFULLY, someone caught it on their cell phone. Phew!

SOMEONE PLEASE TELL LIZ WARREN TO STOP And I'm talking about dancing. Just stop.

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