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I'M DOING AN ASK ME ANYTHING TODAY If you aren't on Reddit you may not know that Ask Me Anything (or AMA for short) is a thing. It works like this, you ask me anything, I answer it and that's pretty much it. I've already gotten some good questions via Facebook and Twitter. We're off to the races via the stream at 1!

I SPOKE TO SECRETARY OF THE INTERIOR DAVID BERNHARDT ON FRIDAY But the interview was too long to play on the last segment so I've got it for you today!

NO, THE AMAZON ISN'T RESPONSIBLE FOR 20% OF OUR OXYGEN And it's terrible that it's burning, but stop spreading this completely fabricated bit of news. It's actually WORSE than the stupid 97% consensus lie because this one isn't founded in ANYTHING remotely REAL. It's totally made up. Read this for more.

ARE UNAFFILIATED VOTERS REALLY TRULY UNAFFILIATED? Because Unaffiliated voters are now the largest voting block in Colorado. They have been since 2008 but they are gaining steam here. What does this mean for you and me? Nothing really because unaffiliated voters in Colorado do get to vote in primaries. I'll be interested to see how many Democratic ballots are returned versus Republican ballots, although I'm guessing since there is a primary for Dems and not for the GOP there will be far more Dem ballots at least in the primary. We shall see.

DOUGCO SCHOOLS GOES AFTER IT'S FIRST CHARTER SCHOOL TARGET And Ascent Classical Academy has been asked to leave the Districts supervision because it has trained staff members who are armed on campus. Not only did the district ask the school to leave district supervision, they also said if the school can't get accepted under Colorado's Charter School Institute for it's management the district would begin proceedings to shut the school down. None of this is surprising and I hope it wakes up charter school parents about how bad this Board really is. We'll see.

WE HAVE A LOCAL EXAMPLE OF THE ADMINISTRATIVE STATE RUN AMUCK And this one has to do with a shingle recycling outfit in Weld County. A man started an operation to recycle asphalt shingles and uses a place in Weld County to collect shingles to be shipped to a recycling facility out of state. A bureaucrat showed up and shut the operation down because he decided it was a dump site. Now the owner can't get any answers from the agency about the misclassification. And the agency won't answer any questions posed by the media or a state Senator working on the problem. Because bureaucracy.

THE NFL NEEDS TO STEP UP Because this is heartbreaking. A former NFL fullback who played most of his years with the Baltimore Ravens took to Twitter to plead for help for his brain issues. Now that the NFL has admitted that playing football can cause brain injury, what do they do for this guy?



COULD ONE PILL A DAY STAVE ON HEART DISEASE? That is the early result of a two year study of a "polypill" that combines a statin, blood pressure meds and aspirin into one pill. The results are promising, but it's still early.

THIS STORY IS INSANE And demonstrates how stupid it is to put someone else's "rights" ahead of a parent's rights to do what's best for their children. A Canadian dad is under investigation by Alberta Human Rights Commission because he asked a potential babysitter's gender and then stopped communicating after being told the sitter was a man. The dad says he stopped communicating because his plans fell through and he no longer needed a sitter, but Canada is already on the case!

WHAT, MICHAEL AVANETTI ISN'T AVAILABLE ANYMORE? CNN continues to show how much it hates Trump by hiring disgraced FBI Director Andrew McCabe as a contributor.

COULD A SOCIAL CREDIT SCORE SYSTEM BE COMING TO AMERICA? China already has social scores for it's residents, which they use to keep people they deem as "bad" from having access to things regular citizens with good scores can get, like plane tickets, loans and more. Now the same sort of scores are being deployed by Big Tech firms and this should scare us all unless they are totally transparent and easily disputed. Just think of what a pain in the ass it is getting a mistake taken off your credit report now.

OUR VALUES ARE CHANGING AND THAT'S NOT ALWAYS GOOD This is really interesting. Millenials are expressing values that are far different from older generations and some of them matter a LOT when it comes to the direction of the country. I'm going to put this here for tomorrow so I don't forget about it.

Y'ALL, THIS IS HOW FAR RACE RELATIONS HAVE FALLEN Cherry Creek School District is asking it's teachers to fill out a White Privilege Survey. It sounds awful, but it's even worse than you think. I'm sorry, but white people have to stop this by simply not playing along. If the district says this is optional I hope not one white teacher does it. It's only going to get worse if you do. Trust me on this. Just don't.

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