No Blog Today Because I'm In Steamboat Nerding Out

I HAVE AN UBER NERDY BUT AWESOME LINEUP FOR YOU TODAY! First off, I have to say that the Steamboat Institute is my favorite think tank (and I say that only because I know it will annoy Jon Caldara) because at their Freedom Conference it's not just a bunch of conservative talking heads presenting one side of an issue. There are multiple debates between thought leaders on either side of an issue and they are GOOD. Here is today's lineup assuming all goes as planned and the Creek don't rise:

1:05 Jennifer Schubert-Akin is the Big Cheese at the Steamboat Institute and she's on to discuss why they have embraced the debate format rather than the traditional talking head model.

1:35 Ilya Shapiro from the Robert A. Levy Center for Constitutional Studies at the Cato Institute and he just gave a great talk on the massive administrative state that we're going to continue shortly

2:05 Senator Jim Demint is talking about the conservative values that built this country and why we need to preserve them to move forward.


2:35 Ashley Evans from the documentary Not in Vein which I've included for you to watch when you have 45 minutes or so.

3:05 Prof. Alan Dershowitz is on to talk Red Flag Bill and more.

I also recorded an interview with Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt that I was going to play at 3:35 but we went REALLY long so you'll hear it Monday.

I AM SO NERDED OUT RIGHT NOW. I hope you will be too!

Find out more about Steamboat Institute by clicking here, I LOVE THEM.

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